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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • 'Swim to Land' Promo 2 shot on 'Boom' Flat 4s.

    'Swim to Land' Promo 2 from Nick Driftwood.

    Attached is my Compressor settings for Swim to Land

    SWIM TO LAND compressor
  • The Web series shot using "Intravenus2" and F3 footage. First 2 minutes is Intravenus2.

  • @Cinexa Great concept for web-series. Good casting on preacher. What lenses did you use on GH2 footage? Also curious, were you using Smooth setting? Best of luck with series. Great title as well.

  • Thanks Matt_gh2. I used several lenses. The Samyung 35 1.4, Nikon AIS 85mm f2, and Nikon AIS 28mmf2.8. On the Sony F3 we used a Zeiss 24mm ?/35mm 1.4 I believe. Yes , I did use Smooth all -2. The GH2 foorage looked like film right out of box. The F3 footage was nice, but had a video type look that we had to try hard to match to the GH2. That was the hardest part of the post production so far.

  • We are shooting tests with Moon T7 now to see if it is a better fit/look going forward. Looks promising so far.

  • Yeah I shoot Intravenus2 Smooth -2 myself so recognized the look. I could see the difference between GH2 and F3 here, but I was looking for it, and once I got into story I forgot about all that. My work with GH2 also shows film look right out of box - no or very little color correction needed. Maybe try smooth all -2, except put saturation at 0. Works for me. I don't like Moon for classic film look. At its best Moon is a really great "modern" look. But I like that 80s film look, and liked how the 1st 2 minutes of Te$timoney looked. Very cool stuff.

  • thanks nick - I think boom 4444 is a good choice

  • cinexa how you get the footage on the gh2 so clear whats your lighting setup

  • Blackseedz, I used home depot flourescent lights and natural light combined. I out a little minus green on the home depot lights. For outside shots, we used natural light and moved the actors to where the shade was and the sun was not singing directly o n us.

  • GH2 with zeiss contax 28mm anamorphic (AG LA7200) running -2-2-2-2 (smooth) intra (moon)

    Just did a quick mash-up of some footage for a short.

  • Great shots Gateway_Media


  • Cinexa i put people on to your show bro your work is dope if you can hit my with your number i would like to work with you one day god bless.

  • MJPEG 2K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CAMERA DOLLY LOW COST 1€!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am pretty new with Panasonics. I have used the GH3 earlier for a few music video shoots but now I got a GH2 for a good price and I just had to buy it. I tried immediately almost all of the apocalypse patches and the picture looks good for sure. I found out tho that the video playback in the camera is not working with the files shot with any of these Driftwood apocalypse hacks (I tried 24H and HBR modes with different apocalypse pathces). That's not a problem tho and I actually read from somewhere that these video files might be too heavy for the camera to playback. I can live with that. The main problem is that I'm not even able to delete any of these video files from the camera. I have to delete the files I want via computer. Is this normal? What should I try next? Thanks!

  • A featurette filmed with Cluster V9. The band won a recording session from a public radio station, but they had to find a record label on their own As a result, he CD will be released e x a c t l y one year after after the filming took place, on March 14 2014. Filmed with the standard 14-140 and SLR Magic Hyperprime 0,95/50mm. I guess this video is a good example of the limitations of the GH2 which I regard as a benefit of shooting with the GH2: You´ll have to be careful and work with a WYSIWYG dogma, because there is almost no room for tweaks. But I like this, reminds me on shooting with film. Some shots were plagued by the noise bug and falloff in the shadows. Still I am amazed how well I could get rid of the green cast of the flourescent lights...

  • @Frame Looks nice - has a very nice natural feel and look to it.

  • Sparlampen in the Siemens Villa! They also have to save money lol. Kenny G look out. Nice work @Frame

  • I wanted to use candles exclusively , but the NASA/Zeiss did not provide me lenses :)

  • @filthy Hey do u live on Maui? I live on O'ahu!

  • Finally bought a Sandisk Extreme Pro 64gig card, which means that I can probably span with the high-bitrates hacks. So, I tested out Moon7 and Intravenus 2 today, but shooting out my window at brick houses and tree branches. I couldn't tell much of difference, generally, and both patches seemed a bit noisy to me... except for the Intravenus 24fps footage. That one was a lot smoother, and much nicer.

    Does this match what others have been getting with these patches?

  • @MisterBank Looks nice. What hack setting did you use? Were you on Standard film profile (vs Smooth, Nostalgia etc.)?

  • Sorry, I was on Intravenus II shooting on Smooth.