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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • Hello guys! Sorry if I write here, but it seems more appropriate: I'm working on a long movie just 1 minute. So really short ... I shot some scenes with my gh2 and the hack v7 cluster apocalypse now sharp 2 version .. I edited with sony vegas and exported the movie without compression to avoid losing quality ... but weighs 8 gigs! And the 8-gigabyte file is too .. I can not even see fluid on the pc .. It 's normal? Where did I go wrong? Tips on how to compress without losing too much quality? thanks

  • It has been a while since I was here now, been focusing all on post now and very little shooting so I'm not up to date with the hacks. I have a question and would appreciate any advices you can give:

    I'm going for a shooting gig tonight and will shoot in 25fps with my GH2. What's the best hack for now that is pretty reliable, but most of all is giving the best amount of details and overall image in general? Any tips on what I should try?

    I know all hacks is good at different things but is there some hack that is overall good and that you would suggest me to use?

  • @davidhjlindberg All the excitement has transferred over to Driftwood's Cluster X thread. The Moon one is pretty highly revered right now. I'm an NTSC man, so I don't know how it is in 25fps, but I'm sure it's worth a try.

  • @2many I use Intravenus V2 and like that it isn't too sharp. But if you want sharper, maybe you should try the Moon Trial 5 hack setting by Driftwood. It can be found on this forum in the thread on Cluster. Some peoole also like the hack setting called Flowmotion, also available on this forum. Both of these should give you images that look sharper than Intravenus V2.

    In terms of lenses I think the consensus is that the Panasonic Lumix lenses tend to be the sharpest. There should be a thread on that somewhere on this forum.

    Best of luck finding your prefect image style.

  • Sorry if this is the wrong spot to post this, but alot of experts seem to be in this thread I have a quick question about shooting at lower bit rates, such as between 30 and 40. I do a lot of event filming so shooting at super high bit rates is not economical at the moment. Will the hacks still look better than stock shooting at these bit rates? I have not purchased a sandisk 64gb 95mbs card yet, so I can't run a test.

  • @matt35.. you might wanna check out Sanity patches... they are very nice for your type of requirement at low bitrates..

  • The GH3 matrix trial 2 looks to be on a whole other level to my eye. The improvements (mainly colour and tonality) I have noted with the GH3 now appear to be on the GH2 for the most part?

    I have tested an arse ton of patch settings but this seems to be the holy grail for me.

    It's like a completely different camera! No more muddy colours!

  • Short doc shot entirely with Intravenus II. Love this hack.

  • Is there any patch that uses the matrix of IV 2 but in 3gop or similar modest size setting?

  • @Aashay Take a look at @BKMCWD 's thread. I believe he makes a lot of settings/patches that are similar to @Driftwood 's in function but are often lower bitrate. I think his focus is also on stability as primary goal, so they should be reliable.

  • @rorykane Yeah IV 2 is great. What lens and camera setting (standard.or smooth etc.) were you using. Thanks for posting

  • @matt_gh2 cheers matt.. I have tried Valkyrie Lite and now planning on tryin TZ3. Is it using the same matrix as IV2? I haven't tried IV2 because of its huge file size but I love everything I see from that patch. Have you tried IV2? Is there any particular setting you would recommend from bkmcwd's pot of patches?

  • Getting ready to start a new project and wanted to ask a question here first.

    I have a 32gb San disk Extreme Pro card. I want the best quality but I really need rock solid stability. I've mostly stuck with the original 44mb hack as it provides great stability. But I feel like I'm missing out on image quality with some of the newer stuff that's out now.

    I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the direction of the best options for my scenario.

    Sorry if this is misplaced, thanks for your guys' time.

  • @Aashay I've used IV2 for awhile now. Bitrate at 100-120 if I remember my last streamparser check.

    I don't know which of @BKMCWD 's settings/patches are similar to IV2. Maybe try to PM him - seems like a friendly guy and I'm sure he'd let you know best advice on how to get the IV2 look with lower bitrate.

    You may want to test IV2 to see what kind of file sizes you get. Maybe its manageable....hard drives seem to be getting cheaper by the minute!

  • @Aashay i love boom and IV2 but I've needed in camera playback recently, so i tried out the valkyrie lite,... it was alright, lovely small files but something was missing.

    TZ3 on the other hand is the perfect balance, looks great, incamera playback, file sizes not ridiculously massive so i've got quite a bit more record time now :)

    no idea if its the same matrix or not, but i would be quite happy mixing footage.

  • @brucker I've been using IV2 and playback has been fine so far. Curious to what problems you have with playback - will IV2 just straight up not play at all, or is audio choppy, or something else? I had some problems with choppy audio on Boom and believe that's the camera havibg trouble handling the bigger Boom bitrate when trying to playback (it's all fine once I bring into video editor...its just the in camera playback).

    Thought I'd get your 2 cents since I plan to use IV2 for project where I'll need playback in cam while in field. Thanks

  • In camera playback decoder doesn't have the necessary power to operate playback at these bitrates. Well known fact.

  • IV2 i used ages ago so cant quite recall,... might have had to switch the camera off and on again. Boom would sometimes work and sometimes require you to switch the camera off then on again. it would say that the image could not be read or something like that. it would normally play right after powering up, but sometime sthe audio was choppy,... but bear in mind i was using it for short clips of around a minute or so.

    @driftwood yes i knew about the playback decoder not being able to handle the massive bitrates going in so it doesnt bother me,... the quality for the footage is worth the minor inconvenience,... if i could afford a dozen 64gb sandisks i'd shoot boom all day every damn day :D

  • Forgive me if this has been covered elsewhere but has anyone had the chance to try matching GH2 with GH3 footage (picture profile settings,GH3onaGH2 patch or a post workflow?)

  • @driftwood... Is there any possibility of IV2 setting existing in long gop like you did with Boom Drewnet setting?

  • @Aashay

    Is there any patch that uses the matrix of IV 2 but in 3gop or similar modest size setting?

    It is very "Valkyrie Cinema Smooth TYPE-ZERO1". The same matrix is used in this 3GOP setting. However, since artifacts appeared in other than 24p, it was improved in the matrix of TZ2.

  • @bkmcwd.. Would it be possible to pm me the link. It is kinda hard to find exact setting on your page. (One critique If I may. When you get time, try n get it bit more organized.) Thank you. :)

  • @Aashay

    OK, I'll send PM later. :-)

  • @matt_gh2, that piece was shot Smooth (all -2) with 25mm Voigtlander and 50mm Nikon Nikkor AF-D.

  • Recent edit shot mostly on GH2 (except water angle stuff) using AN cinema smooth and GH3 matrix patches. Still need to sort out better export settings to minimize obvious compression issues. Big thanks to VK, Nick, cbrandin, Per Lichtman and countless others that have contributed so much useful information here. Just donated again. Sincerely appreciate all the knowledge you've shared.