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SANITY 4 and 5.1
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  • Call me dumb if you like ,but I did not know you can upload the (.m2ts) files right from the camera to YouTube. saves me time in Sony Vegas rendering just for a test. Here is a short test of sanity 4.1. Panasonic GH2 Hack ..SANITY 4.1( by Ralph_B) 1080 24 FPS ,average 68 MBS , Vibrant -2-2-2 0 mode

  • @peternap Set off an M80 to use as a slate.

  • @AKED

    "Can we gt your evaluation for the Sanity 4.1 as well, once you havbe tried it?"

    Just a first quick test with Sanity V4.1 ...

    As expected at first glance footage looks super (24h & HBR/25p). This goes for the PAL version.

    However HBR/25p on a death chart produces "only" 22Mbit/s with I-frames below 700K in a GOP-18 stream (see attachment), while for instance 24p25p-NINE produces around 42Mbits and I-frames above 1MB (also larger P-frames and B-frames) in a GOP-9 stream on the very same death chart (see here: )

    I've shot a static texture (to moderately stress the codec) containing deep blacks. When I lift the blacks on HBR/25p in post I notice the noise pattern is "pulsing". So I think something is not working quite right yet (in HBR/25p ... 24H looks clean).

    I've not yet tested real world scenes in daylight ...

    746 x 398 - 38K
  • @towi I need a reliable and high IQ patch (using Sandisc 64GB) for some upcoming wedding shoots. Thanks for your evaluation. On the basis of it I will probably lean towards your 24p25p-NINE patch or else Cake v2. Have you had a look at the new Cake yet? What would you recommend. Thanks for your help.

  • @rorykane

    in what mode? For 24H you have plenty of great choices. For HBR/25p the choices are more limited (HBR/30p I don't know).

    "Wedding" asks for long takes and probably also for spanning, right? So I would use a setting with moderate bitrates (Sanity or 24p25p-NINE). I have not yet tested "Cake". This version of the former Sanity patch is rock solid (in PAL mode!): ... or just take Ralph's original patch for NTSC-mode. 24p25p-NINE does not span if the codec is stressed (it will span if only moderate bitrates are utilized).

    Generally ... I would NEVER use a patch for an important job (you can't repeat a wedding...) that I have not tested by myself under a lot of different shooting scenarios on my camera with my lenses and my SD cards (we are talking about consumer products with a relatively high sample variation). In case of doubt just use the stock firmware (really!).

  • @towi You've used Flo Motion a fair amount. What's your comparison of Sanity and Flow Motion? Coming from a photography background going back 50 years and struggling with video, I like your evaluation methods.

  • @peternap

    "@towi You've used Flo Motion a fair amount"

    Actually I didn't. I need 25p and the Flowmotion patch doesn't cut it in HBR/PAL mode IMHO. I do like the look of Flowmotion at 24H, but then again even at 24H it shows more artefacts on fine edges than bkmcwd's GOP3 patches. YMMV ...

  • @towi Thanks! That was my impression too although I do like the patch. Time to toss another donation in the kitty I think!

  • @peternap

    "Time to toss another donation in the kitty I think!"

    very true and great advice!

    How much would you spend on a good lens? Think about it and evaluate how much the great work of Vitaly and all the busy patch creators (driftwood, cbrandin, bkmcwd, LPowell, Ralph_B, balazer etc.) is worth to you in $ ...

  • @towi Sorry, I should have prefaced that by saying I will be shooting PAL 25p. I will give your patch a thorough work through this week to make sure it's fail safe (enough). Thank you.

  • I loaded up Sanity 4 and took it down to the beach. Standard -2-2-2-2 with a Nikon 50mm 1.8 Transcend class 10

    I had no problems recording or playback. I'm loving what I see. I've graded different scenes with different looks, the patch grades very nicely.

    Thanks Ralph_B this is great work you have done.

  • @towi. I have already tested a hybrid patch with Sanity 4 for 1080i60, HBR, 720p60 and Sedna A Q20 for 24P but using the Sedna matrix for Sanity instead of the stock matrix. Image quality is great and the bit rates are anywhere from low 30s to high 40s which is pretty high. You should give it a shot.

  • @Imaginate Those are some interesting looks. Where is that beach? Very unusual to see a railroad track running along it.

  • @Ralph_B That's White Rock, BC

  • I'm giving Sanity 4.1 pal a try now :) But just to be sure, do I understand it right that HBR won't span at all? In other words, when recording in HBR I'm always limited to approx 15 minutes?

  • If it doesn't span on HBR, then the patch is almost pointless.

  • I just tested with Lexar class 10 133x card, and it didn't span in HBR (Sanity 4.1 pal). Not sure if it's any point testing faster cards, but giving sandisk 95mb/s a try..

    UPDATE: It spanned in HBR with my Sandisk 95MB/s Card. But I'm not sure how reliable this is, was just filming a static scene.

    UPDATE 2: It failed to span in HBR with my Sandisk 45MB/s card.

  • Noticed my histogram disappears after about 10 min..any one else?..I am using Sanity 4.1

  • @Ralph_B I'm not sure about similarities with Cake 2.0 patch, but it seemes like it spans in HBR with 30MB/s sd cards. Do you think this is achievable with Sanity? Anyways, thanks for your efforts on this patch :)

  • You da man @Ralph_B! Freaking fantastic....

  • @evero I only tested Sanity with Sandisk 30M class 10 cards, and with these cards, HBR did not span. I see you had success with a Sandisk 95mb card. So, keep us posted with your results.

  • HBR25 doesn't span on Sandisk 64Gb 95mbs cards on either my Japanese GH2 or my OZ GH2. Need to get this one working.

  • Can anyone mention on best patch for 720p? Looking for highest detail. Is sanity where it's at? In firmware 1, I was using the NiNE patch and it was running at 80mbps on 720. With 1.1 and new driftwood matrices it all changed. So best 720?

  • Sanity 4.1 is absolutely great for 720p. Having B-frames turned on takes it to another level, especially for motion. And it spans, too. Try it.

  • @ricker That's a hard question and you have to look at all your requirements. These patches come fast and require a lot of testing. Right now Driftwood and Ralph are running a dead heat for king. Driftwood's Mysteron is damn good and maybe a tad better in low light and perhaps a little more detailed. It's a very small difference if there is any and I don't have two GH2's to compare side by side. It does have a few quirks I haven't weeded out yet but I like it overall.

    Sanity 4.1 is the undisputed winner in the stability department. Image quality and post friendly traits are near perfect for me. It is a little higher bitrate in 720 but I also don't use bitrate as the ultimate test of settings.

    To give a bottom line of my opinion right now, I can't decide but if I was told I could not change after picking one, it would be Sanity 4.1...but you have to do a lot of testing for yourself.