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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • @act : Great editing on what seems to be an amazing party.

  • @LumixUser looking forward to your test, I have the same feelings about sedna. I wouldn't say it doesn't hold up, just that you can't push it as much as say orion 4b. But I've only had experience (and brief too) with the Q20 versions. It could just be I've not stared at nor pushed enough sedna footage though.

  • For Q20 B..

    60fps FB2 = 472000 60fps Frame Limit = 1600000

    Isn't FL = FB2 x 8 ??? 472000 x 8 = 3776000 (not 1600000) or 1600000 / 8 = 200000 (not 472000)

    So shouldn't FB2 be changed to 200000 for Sedna?

    Or does this formula for Frame limit and FB2 not applied in Sedna?

  • @Kihlian Yes. It handles red noise better and does slightly better with green noise in gray areas.

  • Latest project I did using Driftwoods Orion Patch

  • Sedna is working well for my workflow so far, need to make some field tests this week. but its looking promising. still torn between the looks of Orion 4b though. first thing is to get a new ND filter mines starting to reflect sun light big time.

  • A quick note about diffraction...

    This may be of some use to some of you, especially those newer to DSLR (or EVIL) video.

    Lens diffraction translates into meaning that when you stop your lens down past a certain point -- the image gets soft. In very general terms this usually means your lens is sharpest between f/8 and f/11.

    So -- I was just outside playing with stuff and I had the Panasonic 14-42 "kit lens" stopped down to f/22. When I came back in the footage looked soft -- as if the people complaining about sharpness with Sedna were right. Then I placed an ND filter on the lens and went back outside and filmed the exact same stuff at f/8. The difference was HUGE -- beyond anything I've ever encountered on a Nikkor or Canon lens. Really -- HUGE -- like two different cameras. This was the worst lens diffraction I've ever encountered.

    So, if you're using these Panasonic lenses (especially this "kit lens"), be aware that diffraction appears to be a MAJOR issue (far worse than Nikkor or Canon). You not only need an ND filter for wider apertures -- but you REALLY need an ND filter to keep your lens at or below f/11.

  • @onionbrain I tend to stay around f8 on wide shots from my photography days i have always liked to keep my aperture around there its just translated into my video work. good shout though, my footage has been sharp enough so i was wondering why people where commenting on soft footage.

  • @onionbrain do you mean Variable Range Neutral Density ND filter ?

  • I've just ordered a 6-stops ND filter. Really needed for outside when the sun shines! :)

  • @onionbrain : It should! However with all the binning and reduced resolution in video, I though this might be almost a non issue.

  • @Tifose It doesn't matter. You can use the cheaper old fashioned non-variable, or you can use the relatively new variable. Both have strengths.

    @conscius Yes, in a big way. I only own two Panasonic lenses -- but that was absolutely the worst softness from lens diffraction I've ever encountered.

    @duartix Definitely not a "non issue" with that Panasonic lens.

  • +1 on the f8 thing. I think diffraction looks horrible on images but an ND stops you having to increase shutter speed, which is the only other alternative, and that also has its own weird effect on video. I guess with most lenses there's a happy middle range of apertures which work well but the Panasonic ones seem particularly bad.

    I have a video camera lens which I adapted from an old tube camera, and that has a continuous aperture which can close completely (most video lenses do this on older cameras). At the point just before it closes it creates some VERY strange effects.

    EDIT: While not strictly relevant to these settings, actually in low light, you also have to stop down a bit on some lenses (to sharpen them up a bit) and now I'm finding that with the better settings you can do this in low light with very little noise penalty - and what noise there is can often be pretty much eliminated with Neat NR.

  • Think of how sharp pin hole cameras are, and not just due to movement, and there you have a perfect example of diffraction.

  • Sorry if it's boring or well known to anybody except me. I was looking for a topic but I couldn't find any. Is there a well-defined recommended patch for 25p/HBR with best image quality? If I understand right most of these settings focus on 24L but I sometimes I need the GH2 as a second simultaneous unit with an other 25p PAL camera. Thanks!

  • First off, thanx for everyones awesome work. Wish I had the time to help out but I am just an end user. With that being said I know this may be an open ended question.

    What is currently the best driftwood patch? I mean the one that has the highest detail. I have the 64gb card and I dont need long record times.

    I recently just patched my camera with the latest release of driftwood's but Im not sure if that is the highest quality one.



  • @Imaginate Hey! I am shooting with a Transcend 32GB (blue card) class 10 and I get a write error every time I try to shoot with 24H in Cinema Mode. Did you tweak or change anything to get it to work, or does it just work for you?

  • @kenoah , i think Sedna AQ1

  • @kenoah - the Quantum X (v4d Orion) Dark Matter V3 provides awesome details and handles low light situations superbly as well as well lit situations too. I've experimented with most of the Driftwood settings and so far I'm favoring Dark Matter. Experimenting with Sedna now.

  • have you tried very a very high ISO on v4d? Till which iso can you go to keep a nice picture? (with sedna, 3200 isn't a problem, still very nice image)

  • Here's a wacky film from this past weekends 48hr Film festival. Since it was made on such a time crunch there are plenty of flaws, but DAMN I was pinching myself at how good the footage looked and graded. Shot with Sedna B, 24p, standard, -2-2-1-2, 14-140mm lumix lens. I'll have to post some grabs because the vimeo doesn't do it justice. Thank You Driftwood!!! and VK.

  • My camera stops recording at 4'25" with Orion v4b. Is it normal?

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