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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • 2 questions. Answers will be appreciated:

    1) My camera stops recording at 4'25" with Orion v4b. Is it normal?

    2) I recorded some footages on a card with Sedna C settings. Then I changed the patch to Orion v4b and recorded some more on the same card without formatting it. Now both FCP and Adobe Premiere are recognizing Sedna files, but don't recognize Orion files. FCP can't log and capture them; Adobe says they are unsupported format. I can't even copy the MTS files with the Orion patch from one folder to another on my MAC.

    Actually then I changed the patch to Dark Matter and recorded again on the same card without formatting. Same problem as with Orion files.

    Any tips to resolve these problems? Thanks a lot!

  • Yes ..SEDNA Q1 AND Q10 ARE THE TOP!!

  • PATCH CHANGES WHEN YOU EVER FORMAT THE CARD. Then you have used an external card reader? Try connecting the USB camera. Let me know. Hello Andyvia68 Check out my youtube channel and subscribe:

  • Uz Try avchd recovery tools. Google. Always keep the entire private folder backed up and copied to your computer. That way you keep all the header files too.

  • @andyvia68 yes, I used a card reader, I will try now connecting straight to the camera. @driftwood I will do that as a last resort. Thanks.

  • See my video parody of 'Exorcist! GH2 SEDNA Q20 _20MM LENS Subscribe and comment

  • sedna q20 are the best

  • The USB camera method didn't work either.

  • @andyvia68 Looks great Andy!

  • Trying out Sedna B Q20 and the results are amazing! What do you Sedna users do if you need to record a shot that longer than ~5 minutes?

  • @lumixuser Just a note: I found that when doing such tests and using extreme enhancements to see the noise and artifacts that it was VERY sensitive to the exposure at the time of capture, (beyond what could feasibly be controlled) and I felt that it rendered the test practically useless. I'm not saying your tests are invalid, just something to think about.

  • @LumixUser Thank you much very for the useful test!

  • First off thanks to everyone's hard work! Second I love Sedna 24p but the 720p 60 as @Driftwood states wasn't really a priority on this patch. I am wondering if I can use the Sedna settings and then manually enter the 720p 60 settings from a good 720p patch? Would this effect the 24p setting? I could care less about 1080i. What's everyone using for 720/60p? Again big thanks to everyone involved. I'm too dumb to contribute anything as of yet but if I do find anything out that hasn't been mentioned that helps the cause I will post about it. Thanks!

  • @chazzmoe, yes unfortunately I think there's overlap between settings that affect 60p and 24p which keeps 60p from being as stable as it might otherwise be in most patches.

  • Ok Oedipax thanks for the Headsup. So Orion v4b might be a good "compromise" I guess.

  • @leejb4 I didn't change a thing to the patch, what shutter speed are you shooting?... I was locked at 1/50th the whole time. None of my takes were that long and backgrounds were soft a lot of time which might have stressed the codec less. I'll test more.

  • @Imaginate Thanks for the reply! Do you shoot with I.Dynamic on?

  • @leejb4 it was on the medium setting. One thing I did notice was that any attempt to use touch screen focus crashed the take.

  • Sedna A or Q20 fot running through a forest run and gun style? Will cut with a RED taking tracking and locked off shots?

    Any advice welcomed. Thanks in advance :)

  • @rajamalik

    I fully understand your enthusiasm about the GH2 (or I wouldn't be here). But for the shots in deep forest I would consider renting a Scarlet or Epic with HDRx, DR can get very tricky in tropical forests. I have filmed in Brazil in the jungle and nothing but analog negative or HDRx would have covered the contrast – I suppose it's the same in India.



  • @chazzmoe. You can use a different setting for 720p60 than the 24p. For example, I am using Driftwood's Sedna A Q20 for 24P with Ralph_B's Sanity patch for 720p60, 1080i60 and HBR. 24p settings are tied with 1080i50.

  • @Zaven13 thanks man that's what I hoped.

  • here's a quick comparison video between q1 and q20 in motion they're indistinguishable. In stills I can just barely tell that the noise in q1 is less aligned than in q20. standard -2-2+2-2

  • I also noticed that during this test q1 Dynamic 0-0-0-0 was by far the least noisy of all the styles i tried. but i didn't try it in q20 cause I had read bad reports about it and did the q20 test shots 1st and now have q1 on my camera and don't feel like staying up do change firmware and do another test. so it looks like dynamic might b the best for greenscreen shooting i'll give it another try tomorrow.

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