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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • @onionbrain I've got time. Any ideas on how to measure this?

    Any of these any good? I'd like to come up with numbers...

    This one looks more complete but overkill for the purpose since diffraction will set in the corners at the same time it sets in the center... I'm just wondering if I should worry about color.

    (EDIT) Don't forget I have to print this at A4. I'm thinking of shooting one (or several) from a distance.

  • @yeehaanow Hahahaha So funny mann, all done on one len? what did you use for the mic

    God I Hate this F%^& Woman best Line

  • Great new @LumixUser can't wait too see El Dorado Rum Ready shoot

  • @LumixUser All seem sharp, but Sedna and 9b seem to have the least noise (look in upper left region)

  • @LumixUser I would also like to see the stock settings at this point. Thanks to test!

  • @LumixUser Version increment checked?

    Sedna definitely has the least/finest noise. I doubt that any regular viewer will notice any difference between all these settings.

  • Thanks for the test! About stock:You will need to run it trough ptools and just check version increment to cheat the cam into thinking its a newer version.

  • @lumixUser uncheking all the boxes in ptools (or by clicking any unused red button, A to J)and saving the edited firmware back to your sdcard and reupdating

  • @duartix Those are resolution charts, usually used on lenses.

    The question is what do you want to evaluate and compare? Send a PM and I'll do my best to be of assistance.

  • i'm confused why the most filmic videos from the gh2 on vimeo are these with the 44M patch.

    especially these :

    this is no hate post, i will only know why appeal is so different. i can't produce something similar with the newer patches like orion or sedna.

    this old patch wasn't Intra or something like this.

    maybe these new patches are the wrong way like @LumixUser says. or is the solution something different for this?

  • @LumixUser The question that comes to mind is -- exactly what were you testing? Resolution?

    For noise handling or compression characteristics we'd need to see the video side by side.

    I'm genuinely not trying to be a smart ass or difficult -- and all tests are meaningful and appreciated by everyone. I just honestly don't know what I'm looking for and/or evaluating and comparing. Also, those images look like they were shot using Nostalgic -- and the chroma noise is different in Nostalgic than all the other profiles.

    Again, I'm not trying to be an ass -- I'm just honestly responding.

  • @cinemon

    try Cluster v1, i think it will work ...

  • @Tifose Thanks! Yes, all with one lens, sometimes at f20 it was so bright. Pretty much never went over 200 iso. The mics were sennhieser wireless lavs into a zoom h4n.

  • well we have a lot of nise noise control in the red and blue gamma with sedna also a very pleasant grain. thats why i'm liking this.

  • Now thats a test thats dropped my jaw to the floor, I'm going to have to make some time to try the AQ1 sedna settings.

  • @LumixUser Very good static testing. What's nice is, it shows how well my Dark Matter and Sedna matrices fare against the official AVC-Intra adapted matrix of Orion 4B! ;-)

  • holy shit, Sedna AQ1 - is this real?

  • Sedna looks to be excellent at minimizing Macro-blocks. Very Impressive!

  • @cinemon Well lets all give up now shall we!!! To my knowledge nobody has yet to complete a feature film with any of the Intra settings...yet... However, there are a few of us in the process of making one. If 44M was best, I think people wouldve given up long ago building new settings. 44M is very good but do the tests. If you cant produce something similar or better with Sedna then stick to 44M.

  • @LumixUser: Thanks for the revealing test. I´ve been using Sedna only because of its fancy name so far, and because it´s brand new. I didn´t have time for tests and actually testing is not my favorite pastime. Just trusted in driftwood´s skills and fed my GH2 with Sedna. But now I can finally see why this patch is said to be very good! Thanks a lot for your efforts in making this camera becoming my darling, mr. driftwood.

  • great!

  • @cinemon To get the filmic look isn't just down to the camera as it has been mentioned many times before so may other variables in post production produce those videos. Its also down to what you would consider as filmic. Im beyond happy with where Driftwood has taken these GH2 hacks.

  • @driftwood Holy fuck, thanks, AQ1 Sedna A is incredible. I'm kicking myself for not getting around to looking at it properly a couple of days ago. Huge difference to Q20. I reckon you could pull a decent key shooting with this. Couldnt resist giving it a go after seeing that test, glad I did. This allows me to try shots and comps I wouldn't have dreamed of trying before.

  • @lumixuser great tests, but again folks, don't always take it as gospel. I prefer motion rendering, cadence and detail over noise profiles.

    I think Sedna (without my own tests yet) looks closest to ticking all the boxes thus far. I love, love, love dark matter though, so we'll see.

    Filmic? The GH2 is plenty "filmic" enough with the right lenses, light or combination of both...even stock.

  • @itimjim +1 I agree, having good lens and good GH2 settings also good shooting skills (vision) gives you a "filmic" results ... I'm sure if i used @vesubio 's (Musgo Trailer) camera i cold not do same shooting ...

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