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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • @Karon no problem with autofocus. I am using 14-140 and 100-300 panny with Sedna A Aq1 now used Orion v4b for almost 6 shootouts. autofocus works superb. the problem is only the low light if exposure us below -3 lens fails to focus on subject keep lights up well try to keep exposure in 0 all the time you will be fine with af servo and cont

  • Not so happy with Sedna A aq1 I am patching back to Orion v4b Sedna is good but dont know sort of attachment. I am happy I tested it for one day. Anybody merged v4b with aq1 setting??

  • @rajamalik what differences are you seeing between Sedna A aq1 and Orion v4b? I'm really liking Sedna. Recorded a man catching on fire saturday (controlled of course :) using sedna and it looked great

  • @AmandaNL Amazing, well done!

  • @rajamalik, what is it that you are not so happy about. Seems pretty great to me. Very sharp and beautiful. I ilke it indoors especially.

  • In post I found few problem in color grading and near video in Vegas pro 11 seems to works well with Orion v4b than Sedna A aq1,..did any one tested these? then the darkness is but high than normal,..Orion v4b does natural,..Sedna A is not stable to Rec showed different tone Incam monitor after 4min of continuous recording. I feel it's great but not the one for me. I will better stick to Orion v4b never had a problem so far,..very good in post

  • @rajamalik did you have auto white balance turned on? if so, the tones will change over time, especially on outdoor footage.

  • @woodybrando @liquidify ya Sedna is great but sure with some bug. Record continuously for 5 min indoor set ISO to 1250 shtr 1/50 f4.0 see after 4 or 5 min in cam monitoring gets different color tone patches here and there in the scene. Set iso to 1600 try neat video doesn't goes so clean even after 100% set,.. Color grading in magic looks was better in Orion. the cosmos response is less may be due to more darkness and sharpness in the skin. I don't know tried full day. and patched back to Orion v4b an hour ago.

  • @5thwall no I set it manually it was 4200 with my building lights,..set with a white a4 paper usually I do that i never leave it in auto .

  • Flat light test of Sedna A.

    "GH2 Shooting. Flat light. Testing for texture and noise. Sedna A holds together well. Shot 24MM Canon FD. ISO 200.No treatment in post. More directional light will tell the truth. Focus holds well. Shot at f 8 at a 60th. Vibrant setting.Cinema, 24."

    1373 x 795 - 534K
  • @rajamalik Try q20 Sedna A. The AQ1 version will push it and could spread the overall Q too wide from each other and is perhaps better left alone for now. You have to remember the actual matrix is very sharpe already THATS WHY I SET IT TO Q20. Its like AQ3 or 4 of old in places. But tuned overall.

    @AmandaNL That lil' film looks very promising. Good acting, expertly shot, Beautiful detail. Very watchable. Nicely composed. Well done.

  • hmm, weird, my optical stabilizer (on 14-140) just doesn't works well.. the image jumps from left to right, etc.. I know this is not ontopic, but is there somebody who knows what it is?

  • @onionbrain That video was amazing.. Man, you really caught the "magic hour".
    I may need to try Sedna A Q20.

  • @feha, good to know Cluster is working well for you also. Orion vb has also done well with a 45mbs sandisk.

    Orion reds didn't appear to be quite as consistent but they all have a very sharp image. I got some really nice shots with Cluster so using that for now because it doesn't use as much card space and don't have more time to test them out.

  • Never being so proud of my little GH2 than today. Over the weekend, my buddy requested my help for a music video shoot. He had a 5D and an AF101. I tried many times to have him let me use my GH2 but he gave me only a very limited number of shuts with it. I was using the Sedna A Q20 and after we were done, I gave him all the footage and instructions on how to use 5Dtorgb to convert them. I just got a call from him just now and first thing he said was "holyshit dude, I wish we had used your camera for all the shuts" I had the biggest smile on my face, thank you @driftwood and all that have made this little camera a monster. I will post footage as soon as post work is done.

  • Hi Nick (@driftwood),

    Regaring your last comment to @rajamalik - "Try q20 Sedna A. The AQ1 version will push it and could spread the overall Q too wide from each other and is perhaps better left alone for now."...

    Does it mean that for those who intent to use their footage in post (color grading etc.) it's better to keep on using Sedna A Q20 instead of Sedna A Q1?


  • Is Q20 recommended over AQ1?

  • I have a feeling it "may" be. I need to look closer, but onionbrain's video above certainly looks amazing.

  • Is there anyone using Sedna Q20 with a Sandisk 30mb/sec Class 10? Should I even try?

    Could I lower the bitrate to 1/2 and still get good quality or am I asking for a crash? Thanks!

  • Q20 for safety and great footage. Best all round Q. remember Sedna is already pushing Q to the max, and I have spent some time measuring low and high frequency. The only reason I added AQ1 was for those who want to ensure max Q on lesser detail. We're not going backwards! I also made three settings scaled off the A setting. B is bloody good all round and C is for more softer looking footage - great for skin tones. Try them out. If you don't like them, you can go back to Orion 4b or Rocket v3b and then there's Dark Matter. YOU HAVE CHOICE...

    The quantisation is very low ensuring amazing detail. Adding AQ1 is about max. You'll get much broader diversification range if you put it on AQ2,3 or 4. This is why I keep stressing Sedna A is like a high AQ already but more balanced.

    If you don't trust the matrix use stock and push AQ upto 4 or whatever suits you. Film away and make subjective visual tests. Listen to noone until YOU feel happy. Also try a bit of grading on test footage if you're doing an important job. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

    If you prefer Quantum 9b, Orion 4b - Great, If you like Sedna's matrix set - also great, they each have their subleties. But I can tell you personally, Sedna A has the highest sharpeness settings together with great all round low pass frequency settings. However, none of the settings really should be competing - each have their look.

  • Orion 4b test:

    Orion 4b small prj.:

    Sedna Q20 test:

    @driftwood - thank you for all your hard work and inspiration!

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  • @driftwood thanks for the clarification! I haven't done a head to head between AQ1/Q20 but from what I've tested with AQ1 B, I like it (minus the buggy 60p)

    I was curious about the 24L settings in Orion/Sedna… I'll be doing some docu shooting this week and was wondering if the 24L would be just as good as Pictoris in 24H for this type of application

  • Stick to the job in hand. Its difficult with only one GH2, I for good reason use 4 and its easier to mix up settings, but Im not suggesting you go out and buy more cams. With one cam, take two or three settings with you on a shoot and explain to the client why youre swapping settings!

    I don't promote any of my L patches, FH, or H in my high quality settings Orion, Sedna, etc... I have specific patched settings for lower bitrate coming off a lowered frame limit. SMBU v2, Pictoris, Cluster v1 and quite a few other earlier patches have been made by me to tackle long duration and spanning with good looking results.

    I reiterate. Stock settings are pretty darn good. cbrandin, lpowell, bkmwcd, RalphB, towi and others' settings are also excellent. Again, whatever floats YOUR boat, I suggest use it.

    A lot of the queries about quality stem from the fact that a lot of people are used to AQ4 (Auto Quantiser 4) which promotes high bitrate. Indeed, this is a great feature and works by trying out Q on the fly. But its not the Be all and end all. I believe its NOT perfect. Whole lines of macroblocks in the picture can be 'misinterpreted' next to a correctly quantised raster line. Then on another time filming the same subject its fine and other artefacts happen elsewhere. Its very hard to predict whats going to happen!

    However, tuned matrices like Sedna can help and are designed in such a way to handle frequencies and offer closer matching quality overall for a 'desired' setting. We're trying to wrestle a bit of control back here!

    Where in the past you might get razor sharpeness in one area, you could actually get a very blurry Q 'decision' in other areas of the picture. Some matrices work well with AQ4 because the matrix design is employs average use of low pass filtering compared to some of the newer higher settings shown in Sedna. Things can go wrong when you're pushing it with AQ on top of your matrix. Hence, from now on, why I design from a starting point of IQ/Q = 20 (Q20) and push it from there.

    In the end though a lot of other factors come into play and can blind your judgement. For instance, are you correctly exposed? Has the lighting changed? f stop, shutter, picture profile, etc... etc...

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