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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 3: VY Canis Majoris, Mysteron, Sedna, Orion, Cluster...
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  • @proaudio4 My genuine thanks for your kindness!

    @LumixUser Regarding your question between the two for use on a "feature film," I prefer the Q20 version, but the differences between the two aren't overwhelmingly apparent on a visual level. Regarding your comment about Sedna not holding detail -- it's not the most outrageous thing I've read in this thread -- but I respectfully disagree. Sedna A ("wide") Q20 absolutely matches Quantum 9b, and actually beats it in certain areas.

  • Yes, If someone feels it falls short in the details, please post examples that support it.

  • Nice work @ishvar.

    @jhero We're working hard on sorting 60p and 30p HBR... it AIN'T easy. 50p is looking good to me but then to others... its a crock.. you can't win em all... but we can keep trying. ;-)

  • @jamesgh2. I have used Sandisk Extreme 32GB 30mbs class 10 with Sedna A Q20 for 24p settings and it works fine. It works in ETC mode also. 1080i60 and 720p60 however, have write errors.

  • @driftwood Thanks for the update! I'm definitely working with what I have and making use of all at my disposal. There's nothing perfect right now (and to be expected with this type of development) but what works, works really well :) Can't wait to share the music video I shot utilizing both your Orion/Sedna patches :)

  • 20mm Lumix 1.7 Variable ND 1/50 shutter Standard -2-2-2-2 Sedna A AQ1

    My Transcend 16gig card worked fine, played back in camera too. I didn't try any 720p settings.

    Throughout the video I'm wiping back and forth between a color saturated version and the ungraded file out of the camera. At the time I thought the grade was really drastic but on vimeo it appears very subtle.

    The Panasonic lens is normally very sharp but I like how the Sedna patch really tones that down, I'll definitely have to turn sharpening up with my Nikon lens.

  • @driftwood Does it means that even Orion v4b will not keep its quality and details for all the shots? It do loose the result? Only Sedna is constant and will keep its max in all the shots?? Its bit confusing now, if Sedna is the very max and constant one why I shld stick to Orion v4b? Sedna A's sharpness I love but same time the look of Orion v4b is Sooo good just like out of film camera. do I really need Sedna A why can't I just merge Sedna aq1 setting with Orion like u suggested?

  • Well, might be I post to the wrong topic, but too much test video we watch... All new patches need editing and it takes some time.

    It was "old" cbrandin 66 patch without spanning on SDHC at 24L(44Mb/s)

  • Cinema -2-2-2-2 is good for filmmaking or it's always best to keep nosta -2-2-2-2 ??? Any profile alternative which is more post production friendly especially Orion and Sedna users???

  • @rajamalik Its a personal taste, and personal experimentation thing. Try things out and see what you like best. There is no 'make it look good' button or settings and every project/shot is different. When you've shot more and got experience then you'll change the in camera profile settings based on the shot, and what you think you'll do, or need to do, with it in post.

    See, I'd never use nostalgia, don't want to deal with the yellow tint, nor the noise. I'd very rarely use cinema either. Also, I will often tweak the contrast based on each shot because I know thru experience that some shots will be easier to deal with in post with a little nudge (things can be too flat sometimes, particularly with the range of this camera). I will also, dependent on lens, and hack matrix, alter the sharpness setting too. But thats just me, it is not a set of rules, its not even advice, its definitely not a series of recommendations. Experiment, find out what works for you. Finding out what works for you is a mixture of methodical aproaches, gut instinct approaches and what you're prepared to do. If you want to shoot with a single profile, and settings all at -2 then thats fine. For me, its better to try and get close to what you want before you go to working with the footage with post tools. I also believe strongly that taking that approach will give you a better feel for the camera, whichever hack your using, your glass, and the effect of the settings.

    As @driftwood put it, have confidence in yourself.

  • @rajamalik Driftwood suggest for sedna standard -2-2-2-2, (look at onionbrain firmware 1.1 colour chart test, somewhere earlier in this topic series) (btw Stray it´s right!, but if someone have not more confidence with the camera or editing, neutral suggestions are a good point to start)

  • @kihlian, true enough, neutral is probably a good place to start, but whats 'neutral' ? ;). Oddly enough I was looking at some shots I took with Orion 4b today, (still attached taken from the raw file). This was shot on an overcast day with a tweaked WB, smooth profile 0,0,-2,-2 with an old Auto Paragon 28mm, and it looks like its been processed with Magic Bullet Mojo.

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • Is there any point in the Sedna "low" settings or should they always be avoided?

  • Sedna AQ1 24H

    Canon 24-105L F4

    Sorry for the Poor Quality bad converting

  • Guys, "best" is so subjective. You've got to get out there as DPs and do your own testing, or view other people's test result....research, research, research.

    Fact is, I'd have been happy shooting a feature on SeaQuake. I've been happy with Orion, and then Dark Matter, and now I'm going to try Sedna. From what I've seen so far, it's the first that I'm happy to go back to VBR style Q. I'll try it with Smooth, Standard, Nost and Cinema in a combination of -2 through 2.

    I've already seen what a lot of other folk have done, some magnificent posters. There was a trend the other week for Vibrant, but personally it doesn't sit with me too well. But others it does, as does Nost. I lean toward Smooth, but I'm always testing and being subjective. I'm learning, I'm researching. What I do know though, is that there isn't a single "killer" setting, just like there isn't a single killer stock, lens, codec or camera.

  • @onionbrain Great flower shots. What lense did you use to shoot that stuff with?

  • @itimjim Well said - I can only add that I think it's good to stick with one setting for a while and get really used to what it does otherwise there are so many variables. I stuck with Cake for a long time, briefly tried Sedna and realise it changes quite a few things and at the moment I don't have time to devote to trying out a whole new set of variables (so went back to Cake). As you say, there isn't a "magic" one, it's about really getting used to what they can do in different situations. And yes, there's some great work on here.

  • @LumixUser 244 was a Wow for me, Sedna is great but i wish someone would do side by side with the two

  • if Driftwood say Sedna is better then it's better!

  • I think Sedna is way better filmic-wise The others are closer to a sharp digital look

  • Remember to buy some milk for those words, they're quite dry without

  • @LumixUser can't wait for the Test. :)

    Anyway shooting a movie with Sedna!

  • @LumixUser Remember that conditions need to be identical for any "testing." I've thrown out over 90% of the comparisons I've done because of a change in some condition. One of the most frustrating issues I encountered is that the camera makes certain changes when you update the firmware -- including screwing with custom white balance settings on some occasions (so dial in a number or use one of the fixed settings).

    In an ideal world you can stare at the same subject under identical conditions -- and use a split screen for comparison. It's a challenge and problematic to accomplish this -- but when it's done right -- those are the results you can trust.

    Simply filming stuff at different times of the day and "eyeballing it" and calling that a "test" is essentially useless in terms of a comparison.

    And, it's precisely because of a properly done test as described above that I'll tell any of you with confidence that Sedna beats 9b on a range of levels. 9b was superior to the original Orion, and 9b was essentially indistinguishable from "dark matter."

  • Hi guys, I still didn't understand why some people prefer Sedna q20 to Aq1... Why someone would prefer to have less infos in the file?

  • @onionbrain I'm not playing wery long with the GH2 and the hack settings. Have a beginner question, is Sedna also better in low light than 'dark matter'? i mean less noisy? Thanks in advance.

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