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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • @driftwood Your patch are AMAZING!!! Thanks @rikyxxx Grazie! la patch di towi la sto già usando...volevo solo capire se sbagliavo qualcosa o se c'era modo di avere una medio/alta qualità per lo spanning con le patch di Driftwood. Aspetterò Quantum X v5 'ß Pictoris per fare altri test! :) Grazie anche per la risposta in italiano!

  • @kingmixer I'll do a closer comparison this week. I think the best test would be a still shot comparison between the two. But my guess is you would notice a difference in the original footage, but probably not much on Vimeo since it's been cut way down in bits per second... the ultimate equalizer.

  • @Mrrikyxxx and everyone You are right sir basically the Brighton boffin has opened a GH2 can of worms - if you want it to work use recommended cards i.e. the 95 Meg ones - full stop - still chuckling at the quality you lot have rinsed out of this little box bravo.

  • @driftwood I'm thankful for your work and not to add any more pressure that you already have onto yourself...:p But are you planning to transfer over seaquake to a v1.1 quantum x? I know you've been focusing on the max 154 bitrates but what about the older 176 bitrates? Thank you, I hope i'm not prying to much.

  • Hi guys has anyone experienced this message "Motion Recording was cancelled due to a limitation from the writing speed of the card" with Orion 24H and 16gb Sandisk 30/mbs. I can only get about 2min chunks, which for me is fine for music vids and narrative work.

  • @driftwood. Nick, in an earlier post you mentioned that if 1080i60 & HBR go long GOP instead of GOP1 then 24P won't be an intra. If that is true then how do you explain the following scenario. During my testing, I replaced my Seaquake 24p with the Orion 24p settings. As for 720p60, 1080i60 and HBR 1080p30, I used Ralph-B's Sanity with FSH/SH at 44mb and FH/H at 28mb. I tested all NTSC settings including your MJPEG settings using my Transcend 64GB SDXC class 10 card. All the setting worked with no problems including spanning of 24h and HBR (format the card in camera first). Your settings and Sanity worked independent of each other with no impact from Sanity which is long GOP to Orion which is iframe only. I verified that in the Streamparser. I checked all the bit rates and they were correct (24H=140mb, 24L=76mb & Sanity including HBR ranging from 15 - 45mb depending on the detail). BTW, I used Panasonic 14-140mm and 100-300 including ETC mode with zooming all the way and panning. Subject of my shooting was a freeway traffic which I was filming from 1/4 mile away and a golf course with people practicing in the range. For Sanity settings I used SCN/Sport mode and 24P standard film mode with ISO 160. Of course, I haven't tried any death charts yet.

    EDIT - one change I made to Orion was to change the AQ=3 instead of 4. That helps in spanning for some reason. On Sanity 720p60 I changed the AQ=0 (all to motion) for smooth motion in fast panning.

  • A quantum X Orion V4 SkinTone Test

  • @Zaven13 Did I say 60? Uh, mustabeen tired. Well Im talking about 1080i50 (PAL) shares 24p settings so if we're doing an overall patch, you can never split the GOP between 24p and 1080i, but yes, for NTSC users its easier, 1080i60/+HBR on 30p GOP is on separate settings.

  • @driftwood what abt the test i uploaded sir?

  • Its very very very good ;-) !!! Are YOU pleased with it? thats more important

  • @driftwood you stated "Take two or three settings (on separate sd cards) with you on a shoot - that way you can get everything right.".

    I definitely agree with you but wood add "and one extra fully charged battery to use when switching firmware" just to make the procedure as safe as possible.

    I have tested Rocket v3 and that will stay on one of my sd card. The other two will have my more "standard" settings found in "Basic Ptool settings for end users".

    For those having GH2 and GF2 or some other Pana like GH1. Put the GH2 firmware on your GF2 sd cards and the GF2 firmware on the GH2 sd card. This way the risk to start an update by mistake gets lower.

  • Hello Nick, Vitaly, Lee and other!!! I'm on the forum for a long time but i don't post so much... So much more to learn than to teach about encoder... ( english too, you know!)

    Just to say thanks for your very serious work, and overall for this active and informative forum.

    Hey Nick, HBR 25P is getting better since ROCKET and ORION... Now not so far from 24P... more noisy i think .

  • Wouldn't call it more noisy – IMHO the noise is just grainier, not as fine. This is to be expected with the somewhat lower bitrate.

  • Who did already compare Rocket V3 with Orion?

    My first impressions are that Orion doesn't last 50 seconds on my Deathchart on a Transcend 32GB Class 10, v3 Rocket does and they have equal bitrate (my motion death chart results in 100% adaptive bitrate usage). Sandisk 8GB Class 10 30mb/sec and 64GB 95mb/sec have no problems with both settings. Both are spanning on the 64GB 95mb Sandisk card. This is with Olympus 45mm 1.8 lens (sharp!) with AF off.

    @driftwood What was your goal with above settings? Do you think Orion wastes a lot of bandwith or does it really put it to good use? I am trying to decide which setting (Orion or Rocket v3) will be my base setting.

  • People, Just use SanDisk Extreme HD Video 8gb and you have absolutely no problem! XD Orion working perfectly! costs 27.90e in local store here in Finland ;)

  • Thank you very much Mr Driftwood! My opinion about your new patch.. ehm... your new SETTINGS show in the picture below. ;)

    I did take the time to create some custom noise profiles with Neats own calibration target (not scientificly nor perfect). They are useful for those who record with Orion, -2, -2, -1, -2, non-ETC, proper white balance, shutter 50 (dunno if shutter matters). If they are to strong for your taste try lowering the noise reduction Y component first. Iso 160 - 640 work out very well and can be mixed after denoising. 1250-2500 still useable for some tasks.

    400 x 400 - 50K
  • What is the best approach to lowering the bitrate for 720FSH? Increase the quantizer, change GOP, or lower the bitrate? Or is this just not a good idea and I should use another settings patch?

    thanks in advance!

  • @Meierhans on your file I do not understand this language? ;-)

    " Qcìåï~Ž;ß±§ ¸Ù{rÃÚá¥Jà;)sØ. Ï»(¯"bó’αŸ@à´øZǸ²|¬úœap|Ô Î¯ 0³^ñú)QèDßO€1ErJò!f¥ô¤n¨…¹,€Þ¤  ôÄ#éÍè8êeo§9kùǯsÜn†ýØdÕľܗŠ<xZ|Æ«Àg¯,™Zk5ôÛNÐ1”ái5ÞÕ0£I÷抿)A=Œ×â!ÖÍá0®Sö=J2†Ðƒ>C£7[¶Ûìœð‰…½Â»­”e3~öìw€Ù×ÑÌÿ!‹^;êDèÜ=öÿ¼íº\1þ^žPSé\©ø†ýq±²-?tŸÊ&ddñÕ©oõ„5¢š¦VIµ+.DLA³xóLÈtá1Äèr¹„¥éЃ­rƒÒÑà$Ë&üGþQ°yMvpÑ«&é$‰9Ëä7hÆ™]:ôôrªÎÝŽäCá¢ÓNÄc¢¨žŽ'Ý™åÉÐçzÌ‹â ©-̏<sWÖNDj6£Í·q)ùƒ>Ë÷ä¨s(6ùYðK…!2*‚ʟж¸Ã"ú14¯ "

  • Its a zip file.

    Some comment on the neat video settings: The reduction amounts are very strong, pretty much the max. Just checked with real footage. Make sure to dial them down to your needs.

  • @islanders66 try either changing Quantiser (initial Q and Q 1080/720 modes to 2 up -e.g. 18) or AQ = 3 or 2 or 1 - depending on Rocket or Orion first. Or lowering frame limits and divide by 8 and insert rounded result in FB2 (50fps or 60fps)

  • @LumixUser Good luck mate. Hope you win. :-)

  • new QuantumX v3Rocket, Vers. 25.02.2012, 16.30

  • @Meierhans Brilliant tests, thank you. @Butt Love those blues. Nice one.

  • @driftwood, I have been doing some testing with your Orion settings and they are looking great solid clear skies. However the AVC-I matrix seems to produce a softer image witch with my panny lens looks very filmic now and not videoish but I shoot predominantly with Canon fd and NIKON non-ai lenses and to my eyes with these lenses it seems too soft like I am losing detail. I am not here to complain I would just like to know where you found info about the matrices and what I need to adjust to try and mod your settings to try to come up with something that will fit my tastes a little better. -Thanks-

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