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Triumph of meanness
  • NOTE This topic is kind of personal topic. Contains only specific films that I watched personally.

    Limited discussions are permitted but are removed with time, so only films remain.

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    All three films can be expressed in this three words - triumph of meanness. People who deserve to die, who have no real value and no real attachment to audience. People who do all they can (and something outside their abilities) to die fast - somehow survive (mostly due to complete logical and technical idiocy of everything around them). And we are not only supposed to be on their side but even pay for watching this crap. It must be all in reverse, such films must be shown by force in special camps were new breed of hamsters will be created.

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  • Unhinged

    Quite good movie with strange feeling. As it feels like script had been written by some pink feminist tolerant girl and after this almost transparently tweaked by some traditionalist right wing man. I think such feeling happen due to sad fact that it is the only way you can widely show huge problems in modern US or EU society.

    For starters. We have nice big white bearded guy (BWBG) on big Ford truck (without Ford logo!). His wife cheated, despite hard work went to other man, live with this man in his house that he cherished and want to sell it. Hence he is just burn it down while killing ex wife and her lover. Why? Well, because system is broken beyond repair. All it provides as alternative is to get along, find another wife who like to cheat, get her and her house and live happily ever after until death will set them apart (in his case - until she cheats again).

    Next. We have female unorganized service industry worker with lazy non working brother and new income idea being renting their mom house while they sent mom to cheap elderly house. She divorced with her ex husband because he did not bring enough income and changed jobs too frequently and worked too much. Son is quite stupid guy who mostly plays computer games. Main reason for divorce, as we get to know later - talks with her good "friend" who happens to be divorce lawyer. She is also really hysterical and emotional.

    So, this unorganized girl miss her main client, chooses wrong road and at final do not like that BWBG stopped at intersection to think about his recent doings. Well, he carefully asked her to apologize. This is important moment, as script idea is to show that BWBG can be only horrible psycho, so start doing were not enough - conflict must be also rising from one side and from exactly nothing.

    Next he started to solve her life problems, step by step. Lawyer did not make it, as well as her lazy brother and his completely useless girlfriend.

    Final part is cliche, of course. Yet the only guy you care about in the movie (and this is the transparent tweak) is the BWBG.

  • Coriolanus

    Very interesting adaptation that has huge issues, unfortunately.

    Director (who is also lead actor) managed you to not care about main character. Because they failed to understand how real war hero looks and behaves, how ancient Rome politics worked in practice and they it seems that actually they did not care. They just wanted nice theater like experiment. They made some mad idiot who fight with people for nothing, talks with some hipster looking protesters and do lot of unreasonable things.

    Issue is that war and politics in original had nothing to do with depicted scenes.

    Also note that english version is worse of them all due to idea to stick to original text :-)

  • Small update to previous post

    Convoy HX-25 shown in film had real prototype - convoy ON-67.

    In February 1942 he had 4 US destroyers and Canadian corvette. During their mission for two days they had german U-boats attacks. Absolutely no radio threats. Total radio silence, total inefficient sonars. Convoy lost 7 big ships and made zero damege to any german U-boats.

    Little different to this propaganda shite.

  • Superb new member - Greyhound

    I'll start from paid for bots reviews that Sony spent so good money on. Just ignore this shit as well as IMDB and RT scores for all new films since around 2018.

    Movie is about Tom Hanks playing Tom Hanks and looking at Tom Hanks inside and out.

    Yes, did I told that screenplay is written also by Tom Hanks?

    He is playing captain who absolutely can't be captain (or even be aboard the ship) in this or any parallel reality, as he can't sleep at sea (at all!) and also can't eat. He also can't get suitable boots for himself. He is like some sick underdeveloped child.

    You ABSOLUTELY and definitely do not care about anyone but German U-Boats crews, such bad the film is shot. Of course, film authors made them very hard to care for also (aka stupid idiots breaking all rules and laws of physics) but at least you hope that they are not such morons as depicted characters.

    Captain is like some stensil character without any human qualities or charisma.

    CGI sea and ships are really not good and they kill the atmosphere instead adding to it. This means that team failed to deliver.

    We see horrible and complete degradation of Hollywood, and it is normal as empire is falling and it is hard to make good nice films during this time.

    Film looks like some Twitch stream of bad online sea battle game while some 10 year old is playing it and it is so boring for him and all 2 viewers.

    Watch one more time Das Boot and pray that this time they'll sink one more courier, it really deserves to lie on the sea floor. Note how suberb Das Boot is, how it depicts each and every character and how you really care for them at the necessary moments, right where director intended you to care.

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Another new pro Nazi film that tries to turn everything into bad joke with sudden jump to cheap drama and back.

    All is usual, stupid Nazi, proper US troops, bad USSR ones who shoot everyone and absolutely required part - jews, nothing will work without one.

    Film is horrible pro Nazi propaganda in the clothes of anti Nazi film.

    Horrible pace and lack of any good humor. And lot of paid for reviews.

    Watch "Life Is Beautiful" as example of proper superb film.

  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    The next Terminator needs to be gay black T-5000 against an Asian Trans woman T-7800 and it should take place in Haiti for the inclusivity.

    Film is total disaster, made according to new Star Wars recipes and ode to feminism.

  • Topic cleared, all missing trailers restored.

  • The King

    If you imagine history as nice girl this is just 2 hour long extreme rape movie.

    Almost everything twisted, moved to opposite or lied.

    Characters from some 21th century hippies company who just stopped smoking weed became medieval kings and knights.

    Dialogs and overall film pace are horrible, as director seems to be self obsessed man who was formerly focus puller and who likes nice shots over any content.

  • Ouch re:Bong Joon - I liked memories of murder and developed a soft-spot for Snowpiercer after the ending

  • Another horrible swearing meaningless thingy

    How about make aristocratic family to swear like drunk sailors? Funny?

    How about to add little Satan rituals without any logic? Funny?

    How about to make main character bride without any backstory, character development or even reasonable acting? Not funny.

    All of this is very sad shite.

  • New stuff after long pause.

    Perfect example of horrible, but high acclaimed, movie that use horde instincts to prevent people to tell that they really think.

    Family of people without almost any skills and jobs turns overnight into team of extremely skillful con artists who also have lot of good paid skills.

    Almost all other parts of the script have no meaning at all.

    Looks like some advanced student exercise in making movies just to spend money.

    Comes from the guy who made Okja - previous idiotic entry in this same list.

  • New, better shit coming

  • A Quiet Place

    Interesting movie made for imbeciles. Whole concept of creatures who are able to manage interstellar travel and come to new planets to just sit in grass and hunt few remaining stupid local citizens. And btw, they have exceptional hearing (it also means that it can hear only that director wants it to hear), no vision or any other senses. Actually it is only original thing in this movie.

    None of happening things make any sense. None.

    None of the emotional things are done right, in right time and in right order.

    None of the things that must be scary looks such.

    Such movie is possible only in degrading class society where normal social science and materialism are being hunted down and replaced by celebrities. Where scared people with lot of debt and problems need similar movies to prove to themselves that it is much worse situations somewhere.

  • 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

    Film about drug addicted idiot that manages to survive by accident.
    Whole film is big waste of time and money.

  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

    Extremely good sample. With (as usual now) high ratings that studio paid for.

    Film about lot of useless people who swear constantly without any reason.
    None of them have any value to society. None of them you can empathize.
    Lack of good story, lack of logic, idea to force emotions using cheap tricks.
    Horrible pacing and editing. Frequently out of place music.
    And, of course, as usual for modern horrible films - triumph of idealism and individualism in worse form, by worse I mean it is individuals who must not be on screen at all. But this is that ruling class want to force to you. One thing I am glad for. As this shit is nominated for 7 Oscars it is good indication that end of this degradation is not too far.

    Remember original starting paragraph of this topic:

    People who deserve to die, who have no real value and no real attachment to audience. People who do all they can (and something outside their abilities) to die fast - somehow survive (mostly due to complete logical and technical idiocy of everything around them). And we are not only supposed to be on their side but even pay for watching this crap. It must be all in reverse, such films must be shown by force in special camps were new breed of hamsters will be created.

  • The Mountain Between Us

    Two stupid people survive in the stupid plane crash caused by stupid decisions.

    After this they do various stupid things but survive.

    Go watch Discovery, their animal films have much more drama.

  • Geostorm

    It was very hard task, CIA wanted to transfer around $120 million USD to their drug plantations.
    How to do it without being noticed?
    They come with amazing plan.
    They paid $1 million to Indian firm to make cheap and bad CGI.
    And another $150k to shot all other locations.
    Last $150 had been paid to script author whom they found in nearest bar.
    All the rest money went to proper destination.

    You can check result. If you just want to waste your time, of course.

  • Triumph of cowards and traitors aka Dunkirk

    Good exemplar in collection, outmatch the triple that started the topic.

    Main story short.

    Around 400000 people not willing to fight much was guided by their commanders to Dunkirk for evacuation and had been surrounded by German forces. German forces had been stopped for some time during negotiations for possible peace treaty or sign of good will as others historians think, some others think it was plot to leave to Germans huge armada of completely pristine vehicles, artillery and tanks. Such stop still considered worst Hitler decision in WWII. As it gave around 350000 people time to evacuate to UK, small boats was used mostly as way to boat people on larger vessels.

    Director had hard task to explain behavior of this set of people (hard to call it army). So, to make task easy he scaled things down, like around 100 times. So you will see evacuation of around 3000 people, most of the time it'll be much smaller.

    But it was not enough. So, he appealed to filister inside you. To little gray slave with animal like fear. He needed to rise this little freak to gigantic size to have an excuse.

    In this film we follow cowardly people who do not care about anything but their ass, and we really do not care about them. They are just strange puppets, like set of cockroaches.

    We even do not care about one superman pilot who hit most of German aircraft around by himself in completely unrealistic air dogfight. He is same fake puppet as everything else around.

    And of course horrible small boat story about fake "patriots" was added.

    Add to this lack of any meaningful script, and completely horrible artistry editing and music made without any real point. Just for the fun of thing.

    Watch the amazing Das Boot directly after this shit to understand my title.

  • Blade Runner 2049

    I'll tell you whole film in less than a minute.

    Film starts. You see picture shot by one static camera of old guy on a toilet.


    He couldn't do it for almost a month.
    His teeth periodically clench.
    And he is doing enormous effort to do it.
    But could not.
    Besides him he also has some old magazines with tits of Japanese girls.
    Somehow he think it'll help. But it is not.
    After 3 hours, old guy stand up, make small nod to thank you for watching and go out of the frame.

    Now just add almost $200 millions for CGI and bad music, and you'll get Blade Runner 2049.

    549 x 500 - 39K
  • Bright

    Imagine yourself The Firth Element, but few things happened before production began and after this.
    First, scenarist jumped from the bridge with the script in his mouth, so script was written by his home cat, do not ask me how.
    Second, NSA with FBI made join background check on everyone among actors or crew, all with any sense of humor had been fired within a day of this check completion.
    Third, during production special monkey squad was used to decide the scenes order and also money given to each individual (biggest problem actually was to transport piles of money from the set).
    After production was finished five special anti suicide teams had been called to preview room.

  • Kingsman: The Golden Shower Circle

    Film set new height in mocking poor buyer of tickets to watch Hollywood products.

    After script writers, actors and director finally managed to go out of cocaine overdose marathon, they finally watched the picture they made and loved it. It is strong suspicion that during marathon they moved to more heavy drugs as special investigation under CIA supervision failed to find any other human being outside drug rehabilitation center who managed to watch this without vomiting.

    Whole film story in short version:

    • Positive hero here is the head of drug cartel, she is stylish, do not think that money is the goal in life, so she set real good goal in life - finally get rid of all junkies in parallel destroying her cartel.
    • She also has secret friend - Donald R Duck, president of US, who share same high goal.
    • On bad boys side we have Statesman - US guys who are interested in drunks, and remains of Kingsman, I guess this guys actually sell natural heavy drugs and do not like competition.
    • As usual, bad boys won, junkies saved, Russian hackers took responsibility for arranging all thing.
  • The Foreigner

    Old Jacky Chan kicks ass of old IRA guys.
    Very subpar script with big holes.

  • 5 Headed Shark Attack

    F&^#%$#g S^$#%t.

  • Jungle

    Film for hipsters about hipsters. Horrible script breaking all the rules.

    In short - one complete dumbass want to go to jungle with strange guide and 2 other hipsters.
    For pure fun of thing.

    As in all usual bad scripts, they split. And our dumbass due to strange random events becomes wet and alone.

    From now on he become dumber and dumber each hour and director to overcome this adds some fake horrors only citizen of some large city can imagine.

    Final result - he almost dies but only almost, two other guys die for real, but out of camera range.
    All as result of fun hipster trip..

    But he was Jew and son of respected parents it become famous story in close family circles.
    It seems that exactly one year ago family become so rich so they paid to make film based on it.

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Poor little SW fans.
    Only now some of them noticed that Disney trilogy is fully opposite to originals being pure farce.
    And it is not coincidence, it was original intent.