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Triumph of meanness
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  • Happy-Go-Lucky

    Exceptional specimen. Of true rare breed conceived by writer and raised by director without any adults to oversee.
    True artists madness. Paired with some good parts, full of aping and some horrible casting.


    All in one.

  • She's Funny That Way

    Film has huge issues with script and dialogs writing.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Well, it is not masterpiece, far from it.

    But if you have big 3D projector or TV and want complete 100% brain rest during watching - it will do fine.

    Finally moved to Triumph of meanness topic (just due to complete lack of logic), but as authors never attempt to use your brains, I think it is quite safe for them.

  • Jurassic world

    Whole movie you live with only hope... that all main characters (preferably with director and film crew combined) will be eaten.

    And this all end up with huge disappointment.

  • Run All Night

    Very bad script, same quality dialogs full of stupid stamps, badly written and acted characters.

  • MR. Robot, series

    Compilation of so otter crap, it is just strange how it was released to such wide audience.

  • White Squall, 1996

    It could be good proper film, but it is not. Something is wrong with every part - scenery, actors, performance, idiotic scenes, bad editing. Focus on looks also ruined everything, as looks is not all. You just do not care for anyone and in such film it means total disaster.

    Better check Wolfgang Petersen films instead of this.

  • Big Game, 2014

    Film is intentionally made ridiculous, some dialogs really deliver.

  • Self/less

    May be not so bad idea, badly executed and turned into bunch of events happening with people for whom you do not care.

  • Southpaw

    Perfect example of meaningless stuff.

    Everything from start to finish is wrong, inaccurate, bad and about someone who deserve it all.

  • I got roped into watching 50 Shades of Grey, By far, that was the worst piece of crap movie I've ever seen. I can't imagine anyone enjoying that film.

  • All is bright

    Utter mess.

  • San Andreas

    What happens if you write lame story, hire wrong director, not suitable actors and even save on some SFX? This!

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Horrible shit for small children written by 3 year old.

  • Papa ou maman

    Example of horrible trash "comedy"

  • Who Am I - No System Is Safe

    Another thing about "hackers" (as totally dope directors and script authors see them).
    Mix from shit, piss, cock, motherfucker and tits.

  • Trash

    Capitalist elites wrote and filmed fairy tale how they want you to "fight" with corruption.

  • Tomorrowland

    It is impossible to write or make complete list about things wrong with this film, as everything is wrong and out of place. Trashy "future" presented to idiots as heaven, same usual stories of abstract global warming, nuclear destruction, saving planet. Guys, remember prophecy - planet is fine, we are fucked! (c)

  • Terminator Genisys

    Another in the series of "CGI plus some cheap unnecessary dialogs in between".

    I only wonder that can happen if Hollywood finally replaces Indian slaves with AI and bad actors with their AI+CGI versions? Will it be 5 hours of CGI with constant bad dialogs during it and each new series will come on Monday?

  • Cooties

    We really needed some competition to ZOMBEAVERS.

    You can't eat the teachers!

  • Cop Car

    Not bad film, nope. Simple, sometimes realistic.
    But characters are very close to ones in films that started this topic.

  • Star wars: The Force Awakens

    Who are you? - I am no one. (c) Game of Thrones
    I was raised to do one thing. Wax my carrot. (c) GC
    The Dark Side, the Jedi. They are real. (c) cocaine adept
    The Force, it is calling to you (knock knock!). Just let it in! (c) new absolute high of marazm

  • The Final Girls

    Fun thing is that film is quite good and have some good ideas. Add it to the list if you liked Cooties and ZOMBEAVERS.

  • Mr. Holmes

    Again artists without someone to oversee, looks for nothing, acting without purpose.
    And good illustration how Conan Doyle and poor imitations compare in reality.