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Triumph of meanness
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  • In time

    Good concept, shitty script and badly spent money, err, time

  • Clearly this year Hollywood is setting absolute record

  • It's, uh... it's a downward spiral... to the end of all times and uh... there's no chance that we can survive. I mean 70 million people every year are brought onto this earth. What are they doing? Sucking up our resources. There's too many people. So, what do we do? Just keep them around? Let's kill them! Let's get rid of them! Good, thanks for coming out! But, uh, you know what? We're at capacity. We're at capacity now. So, uh, sorry. No more. No more. So, that's what I'll do. I mean, why not? That's my plan. That's what I wanna do. Let's just CLEAN the world... so that maybe some of us can sustain a little life! So, that's maybe what I'll do... in the future. I'll help you out. I'll help you out... and I will cleanse... make more room for you. I will exhibit my own brand of population control... for you. That's it.

    Two film made intentionally such, where things put in extreme in some parts :-) Not bad films, btw, contrary to crapshit above.

  • Champion of shit, record holder among meaningless dump

    Please, welcome:

    P.S. Luc, it is time to stop using heavy synthetic drugs during making movies.

    P.P.S. You no longer need to make decent film, you need large enough budget to buy reviews (including user ones on major review sites). Usually it passes for some time until actual reviews start floating among all the paid ones on top. And in this time it does not matter anymore, next same shit is in cinemas.

  • Un prince (presque) charmant

    Film about dominant hairy male monkey (who does not understand that being dominant is his only real advantage), hairy female monkey, their very ecological electric car and dominant monkey slutty daughter who slept with three guys, got pregnant and select one to marry randomly. Authors thinks it is good for family viewing (do not ask me why).


    Whole new level.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Usual lot of CGI things, one angry raccoon, lack of any meaningful script and shitty dialogs. Avoid.

  • With a budget of $150,000,000 THIS is what they come up with?!!!

  • Predestination

    You though that ZOMBEAVERS and Lucy will be hallmark of 2014? Nope. Meet new candidate.

    It is meaningless in its best, meaningless multiplied by meaningless and added with meaningless.

    And all this with big importance on actors faces.

  • Well, 'Zombeavers' is on the next level

    True brilliance there

  • I, Origins

    I do not know why, but some people think if you shoot low budget film you must not compare it to anything except ulta budget horror shit.

    It is not a good film, shot wrong, has no more or less logical story, and even pretend that it has some science in it.

  • Gone Girl

    An attempt to make something like criminal drama (just without much logic).
    If you want to see good one, watch Crime d'amour, and skip this.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I overall agree with this page list, but I liked Gone Girl.
    I'm not a Fincher fan by any means and Afleck vision give me rushes; with $61 mill budget one would expect a well done flick and strictly from a technical standpoint Gone Girl is pretty solid. What I personally find more interesting is the part left after the twist and that IMO Fincher under explored; that's something a bit more complex yet hidden that a crime drama; it's relationship/marriage hypocritical carnage circus. Also didn't like so much R. Pike's impersonation (seemed a bit shallow) but man, did Fincher manage to put Affleck's ticks to good use. Anyway with Zodiac this is the Fincher I liked more so far. Cheeeers sip

  • The Judge

    It is good core sample for collection. Actors and directors try hard to inflate balloon that has huge holes.

  • Fury

    Landed version of Gravitation, on tanks. Same unfit guys. Facts not matching with history and reality.
    Inability to show real tragedy of war (writer and director try hard but as they are unable to understand it they just do it all wrong).

  • Taken 3

    Going down even more than Taken 2 was. It is hard to find any positive.

  • Whiplash

    Well, quite highly rated movie in this topic.


    Because it follows previously stated principles:

    I think that directors, script authors and actors without proper people to see after them just directly transfer their life, skills, ideals, knowledge. And it is rarely anything that deserve public attention (of course TV and tabloids think otherwise, but their place is in hell).

    Film has nothing to do with real music orchestras, how they work and how people are doing inside them.
    It is just stupid director fantasy with usual directors idea to add "more conflict and drama, more blood".

  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

    If you add to bad foundation (books) bad scenery and bad acting you'll get this.

    Plus it is perfect example of meaningless shit.

  • Theory of everything

    Film is seriously lacking, being good primer of same old thing:

    I think that directors, script authors and actors without proper people to see after them just directly transfer their life, skills, ideals, knowledge. And it is rarely anything that deserve public attention (of course TV and tabloids think otherwise, but their place is in hell).

    Bad films and books just can't spot thing making someone unique and spot just mimic and looks. Is it hard to show work and ideas of physics, what make this guy unique? Well, yes. But the more difficult the task - the bigger is the reward, I do not mean awards.

    Better check old good A Beautiful Mind, still full of fantasy and things, but at least acting and script was good.

  • House of Cards, season 3

    Perfect illustration of something where original foundation ended (good UK series and book) and stupid writers started to write their fantasies and directors implementing it.

    Poor pace, horrible dialog writing (obvious shit with supposed big meaning) and too much unnecessary dialogs, average acting, characters inconsistency, cheap stunts, huge logic issues (like president and candidate without any actual team, at all, just insulting people whole series) politics shown now from the POV of drug addict in terminal state (in previous seasons it was just dumb drunkard). Season 2 was already badly lacking, this one is utter disaster.

    P.S. One good thing - they greatly scaled back unnecessary sex shit (yet that is left is even more unnecessary now).

  • The Imitation game

    Film is even worse than Theory of everything.

    Actually it is extremely inaccurate depiction of very interesting man and very interesting project ( ).
    Idiots always like to dumble down things, scale down everything, add non existing personal (and non personal) drama and conflicts, and think in absolutes and add some completely false facts.

  • Into the Woods

    How bad can be thing if it gets all top IMDB reviews to be one start only?

  • Exodus: Gods and Kings

    Improved and enhanced (as script writer and director think) version of original story rendering most of it meaningless, making bad movie, and leaving just few good visuals (3D recommended).