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Triumph of meanness
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  • Interstellar

    Really bad film with inflated ratings. Excellent example for our collection of bad films without meaning, sometimes good visuals. Story makes no sense at all if you stop and think a little. Horrible script, horrible pseudo science. Just all this made for big money and with big pretense.

    Btw, they constantly tell with huge importance on their faces - "Gravity!" (I think they mean this shitty film we have here).

    And it could be real fun film. Imagine. They are finding secret NASA base, all is rust, except few thousands of cryogen capsules with manuals (made for some part of elite who did not make it on time). They get capsules and start new worldwide show with old name - Jeopardy! 100 people are put into the sleep for very short time, each at random length (you choose only low bound). Show starts and ones who get up first (issue is that chance of wake up dead or severely injured is in inverse proportion of sleep time for such short values, hence why you can choose minimal time) have time to kill sleeping competition and collect their meat (remember, food is scarce). Solves all problems - population reduction happens fast and all is fed with healthy food.

  • @Vitaliy It's funny because I started to read the script for Interstellar but had to put it down after about 40 pages in and switch to a novel.

  • Wild

    Perfect example of the movie like ones that started the topic.

  • The Water Diviner

    Another high ranked movie. Gallipoli due to educational programs and media is still big in Australia and NZ.

    Thing is, movie authors made a mess instead of film.
    We have Crowe talking with Mustafa Kemal , being friends with him and saving his life (according to history can be him, despite attempts in film to prove otherwise). Well, shit. Such thing just could not happen at a time.
    Crowe has super powers, as he perfectly finds where his sons are. Without any reason (same shit goes with initial water thing using dowsing).
    For the people of the time it was perfectly understandable why Australia and NZ was part of this (contrary to film statement). Btw Australia and NZ still do not have any independent foreign policy :-)
    British and Turks are shown almost as friends (not very good generally, but). And it is only bad Greeks that make all shit in the film. Later in history they become close (and now are part of NATO), so it is easy to understand.

    All war parts are just usual Hollywood bad stamps (plus made such to save money and require less people).

    And last. People at the time were much tougher guys (you can just check number of the children in family and how many of them died due to natural reasons).

  • Inside Man

    Try to watch only after full bottle of Vodka (warning! it can be required to drink two or even three bottles).
    As without turning off your brain logic parts it can end in utter failure.

  • Inside Man is similar to any experience with vodka. After a few years you don't remember the whole event but you believe it had some good parts and you forget the bad.

    Bonus: Did you know that vodka originated in poland ;) hahaha.

  • Fallen

    Note - Vodka won't work with this film. You need more concentrated version - 95%. Put 30ml and drink in one gulp at the right moments (your poor head will tell you). Just remember to have someone around so they could call the emergency during, or, if you are very strong, after the process.

  • The Admiral: Roaring Currents

    Film about Battle of Myeongnyang and about one of Korean heroes.

    As usual director and scenarist "improved" things a lot. They though that available battle description and facts are kind of boring, and need improvements. And as educational level of this artists clearly was lacking we have that we have (whole whirlpool fantasy, depicting admiral as religious idiot and super warrior, ship boarding and badly made fights, adding unnecessary things). At least we have grand grandfather of Darth Wader here.

  • American Sniper

    Just bad film deserving no other words.

  • The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    Insane shit "based on true story".

    Check andКниги for sane and much more interesting thing (in Russian).

  • Jupiter Ascending

    I think it is best ode to free capitalism and stupidity. Example of money waste.

    Two in one, as Head&shoulders. But I am not sure that head was used during production of this.

    Life is an act of consumption. To live is to consume.

    Now, the human beings on your planet are merely a resource waiting to be converted into capital.

  • Into the Wild

    Good sample for collections, almost forgot about this one :-)

  • Kidnapping Mr. Heineken

    Not very good movie. With some good idea to show only one perspective.
    But also with trying to slightly mix up reality (as in reality someone told police everything).
    And in reality most of the money where never found.
    We do not know if actual guys were just used by someone.

  • Fifty Shades Of Grey

    This shit comes from the book that "originated as fan fiction based on the..... Twilight novels".
    Mine fucking god.

    Good advice - do not spend even minute of your precious time on this shit. Better go and download some porno movie. At least it has content, clear target and extremely simple logic. This shit lacks all three of this things.

  • Haven't seen 50 Shades of Gray, and I won't...but I get the feeling it can be summed up by "The Oprah-fication of recreational S&M".

  • "The Oprah-fication of recreational S&M".

    It can be summed up by one just one word - shit. Yet original book has very clear audience - average, unattractive, quite old woman with family and children, lack of education and any knowledge about sex. Someone who thinks that human value are given to us by god, and who are 100% certain that she does not have that she deserves.

  • Chappie

    Extremely good fitting member in the list. Stupid robot with "intelligence" made by the company where only one young guy is not stupid clerk or manager (another one more or less smart guy is just nuts). Of course, company compensated it, by setting salary of only one man who know something to be minimum allowed. And placed his desks in center of support call center.

    Even more stupid gangsters. And why he was not in the family of top bank managers? They are more criminal, but at least they have few brain parts undamaged by drugs still.

    Now, tell me. What is simpler? Invent method of transforming all the mind contents in completely another form (all in few hours)? Or replace battery or find good doctor?

  • Btw, most people do not get what Chappie is about. Well, it is about modern people, stupid and believing that mass media tells them (despite publically stating how smart they are :-) ).

  • Focus

    Criminals, stars, big pretense, good cars and.. horrible script with bad acting.
    Whole thing make no sense from start to finish, being set of overused stamps and foolish turns.
    Guys, put this motherfuckers in jail and make from it good drama about their hard life.

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

    Real triumph of meanness. Lacking script, bad humor and lot of money wasted into shit. Whole crew with director used heavy drugs here. Ending is especially sad, as this alternate reality had at least one good idea (I mean killing all the stupid people they showed us).

    Last year Hollywood perfected methods in making shit and buying them big ratings.

  • Ex Machina

    Another attempt of stupid writers to make something about AI.
    I have no idea why it always results in super dumb films with high pretense.
    Horrible dialogs, horrible pacing. Everything here is horrible.
    And always with naked robots you can fuck (main feature!).

  • The Illusionist

    Good idea (original story) made into nonsense describing drunk director with absence of logic using 21 century computer effects and lot of characters talking about "magic" in the same time. Btw, it is now cliché used in any modern film about illusionists.
    Almost forgot, we also have typical view considering ruling and power from writers and directors POV.

  • @VK Watch "The Prestige". Great film, great story. "About" magic but really just involves two competing magicians.

  • The illusionist did a fair job of replicating what Houdin's blooming Orange Tree or the Pepper's Ghost would have looked like to the audiences of the time using totally alien methods (cgi). The Prestige made up a fake set of 'rules' and mechanical devices that illusionists don't use, and then took things into the realm of sci-fi. I used to be a professional magician. Both films came out in 2006 and great debates erupted in the magic community at the time.

  • Home Sweet Hell

    For dark comedy you need good script, good actors and you need style (Keeping Mum as example).
    Sometimes actors tried to pull it from the mud but it was too heavy work.