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Triumph of meanness
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  • 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

    Film is really waste of anyone time.

    US and EU destroyed most infrastructure, except oil and gas facilities. Turned country with best life level in Africa into tightly controlled criminal gangs heaven. Made never ending supply for organs, prostitutes and cheap workers for EU capitalists.

    They also made in Benghazi (home of their best criminal friends) embassy and "secret" military and CIA base. Both had been used mostly to organize energy, resources and above mentioned traffic to developed countries.

    So, we come to out "heroes". Our "heroes" want to rescue ambassador, but did not make it. No one know why, as they are supermans and each killed at least hundred or more idiots with AK-47. "Heroes" return to their base, and continue very hard shooting exercises killing 2 or 3 thousands of complete idiots. Yet 2 or 3 had brains and finally used mine-thrower. But they only had 3 or 4 mines, sadly. Final. Titles. ISIS and "failed state", blah, blah, blah. Our "heroes" are safe and with their loving families.

    Yes, complete and utter bullshit.

  • London Has Fallen

    What happens if you add cheap bad CGI to very stupid script? This shit.
    What happens if you get around 2000 terrorists and one brave American security agent? Lots of fire, 2000 bodies and one brave American security agent, slightly tired if all this shit.
    And all this with horrible editing and pacing (go watch 24 for how it must be done).

  • The Finest Hours

    Perfect sample for collection.

    You have one big tanker, sinking. One hysterical girl of no use. And four idiots on amazing rescue mission. Almost forgot. They are also performing rescue mission on a boat that are unsuitable for this mission. As they know that mission is doomed anyway - they don't give a fuck and behave as elite yacht passengers during complete silence.
    With time it became boring, so they played some time in "be submarine" game.
    Without any navigation, just by pure luck and some gods help they found sinking tanker and got all people on board. Not all, but it does not matter, some did not love god good enough. Three times more than possible for boat, god helped and supported them.
    God also silenced storm one minute after they asked.

    Thanks god! Amen!

    And all this is based on real story. Fuck.

  • Independence Day: Resurgence

    And now they have money and computers to put as much CGI as possible and drown in it.

  • Where to Invade Next

    Stupid America elite always do stupid things, invade countries just for fun and always looses, as author of this film state. But..
    Michael will do smart thing, he will bring home "smart ideas" to save America.

    Well... shit. Film is stupid ode to idealism. Horrible misunderstanding that to make something you need huge number of real things to be present, huge number of restrictions to be met and you also need to do real(!) things. Just ideas do not worth anything. Thing that are referenced as bad in US are not bad because lack of idea, almost always they are bad because someone have profits from the way it works.

  • Deadpool

    "Fun" film about so called super heroes.
    Main advantage - one of the best and costly marketing comagins.
    All else is big one disadvantage.
    Humor will do if you sit more than 10 hours daily consuming media shit - , in any other case it won't.
    Do not spend your time on this.

  • The Revenant

    What can be result if some good camera operator living in Sahara desert and his always drunk and lonely wife wanted to shoot a film about bears and Alaska all by themselves?
    This film.

    No normal script, no even remote resemblance to actual survival in tough places (Mexican director was wise choice!), just lot of nature shots and DiCaprio... again (it should be Samuel L. Jackson as they planned it, I told you, Sahara tribe ideas are always wise).

  • In the Heart of the Sea

    Main advantage - good looking whales.

    But all of this just feels and screams CGI. I much better like "Michiel de Ruyter" picture.

    Characters are badly made, you just do not care for them.
    Do lots of stupid things (mostly invented for effects). They do not fight for their life, do not use anything long time mariners could use.

    Film really needed another script, another director and main actors, using much less effective, but actual shots instead of CGI for most time.

  • The Last Witch Hunter

    It is just impossible to explain all idiocy here, but if you are up to some particle effects you can watch few minutes.

  • Incidencias, Spain 2015

    Very good member in collection.

    Can look quite boring sometimes, but some ideas are nice, interview interruptions idea is also interesting.

  • Steve Jobs, 2015

    Dream of theater actors is to do something like this.
    Lots of strange "dramatic" talks without much reason and with pretense to get some nominations.

  • Instinct, 1999

    With some good performances it is good example where idealistic and unscientific point of view can lead. We have scientist who is surprised by natural selection and people behavior (btw, shown without possible reasons behind their actions) and somehow made up some idealistic thing from real gorillas life. Good documentaries, films and stories exist about this - read them instead of this.

    And last part with director wanting to repeat Shawshank Redemption is quite funny, but badly made (some references to other movies are present in a film also).

  • Home Invasion

    Another good minimalistic and cheap sample.

    Movie about non working criminals family without farther, who is.. well.. criminal, living in big house. And about bunch of morons who wanted to get very valuable something, just do it using weirdest approach possible. Yes, authors used everything possible to keep it longer than 5 minutes short (this is the length they have actual content for).

  • The Martian

    Very good sample for collection.
    Lots of people you do not care for ( due to horrible script and acting), do extremely stupid things with exceptionally serious faces.

  • Cellular, 2004

    Idea had some potential, but script and executing really fails.
    You never care for anyone here. Just wish that Stathem kill each one.

  • The Intern

    Pointless film about meaningless people doing stupid things.

  • The Brand New Testament, Le Tout Nouveau Testament

    Real masterpiece of meanness.

    Benoît Poelvoorde as god really delivers, really accurate god depiction according to George Carlin .

    It is something like Amely just done to the limits of absurdity.

    And as usual ToM masterpiece it is uncontrollable playground for "creativity" (it means that no sane adult ever saw the script or interrupted shooting process).

  • Two future members

  • This comments are better than the movies all together ;-)

    Absolutely agree on the rise of stupidity on movies, it looks like someone somewhere is trying to make ignorance and lack of reason a new human value...

    Absolutely wise phrase in all senses "triumph-of-meanness", lets hope it doesn't propagate to all the cinema around the world.

    There are still good movies around.

  • Fargo, Season 2, updated

    What can happen if you add more of the same and also bunch of everything around? Well, something you don't want to eat.

    With each series it degrades to new depths. Perfect case where producers do not understand that made previous season so good.

    To the end it converted into second rate trash.

    • Criminals, criminals everywhere, actually everyone is idiot, criminal or potential criminal here
    • Bad music and bad sounds
    • Complete lack of logic
    • Lots of character that make no sense and no one care for (made to spend money)
    • Idiots who consume like 90% of all film time
  • Bølgen

    Norway attempt to make disaster movie. Good visuals, but horrible lack of logic.
    Nordic people make scientific station to prevent any disaster to happen, but only idiots are working on it (except one imbecile that have necessary papers with data in his trash).
    They have sirens and such, but no such thing as evacuation plan.
    But all end up good, except like 90% of town dead, but this does not matter really.

  • Vertical Limit

    Fantasy about climbers as some cheap script writer thinks about them.

  • Schneider vs. Bax

    Bizarre dark drama (not comedy, and not a bad movie).

    Story about idiotic killer and completely fucked family. Very sad that some of company stay alive at the end.

  • Victoria

    Absolute horrible shit about one dumb cunt and four drunken criminals.

    No editing (as film is advertised as shot in single take), no dialogs (actors can make up them, right? wrong!), no story, no nothing. Just pure idiocy and pretense.

  • House of Sand and Fog

    Highly rated and perfect exemplar for this collection.

    Former Iran military who participated in helping stealing oil and other resources to US and western countries and had been granted US citizenship for this (to avoid proper resolution). Shown with some real caricature parts. This is one side.

    And quite young cunt, stupid as hell, never working, not having any money, drunken smoker, emotionally like 3 year old child. This is second side.

    Both fighting for cheap looking old house.

    Horrible police (each and every part of it), horrible tax agency, and many other horrible idiots as background.

    All this with good spice of modern US capitalism on top.