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Panasonic GX7 aka GX2, with IBIS topic
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  • Looks pretty damn nice in 1080p, wow!

  • I can see that the GH3 pulls out a trace more detail in photos, but the question is which one has the best video?

  • From 43rumors:

    'I’m once again, filming everything on a GH3, but also a GX7. In fact the two explorers are actually taking two GX7 with them, as the camera of choice for the whole 4 months. Here is a short film I’ve made so far, of the flight from London down to the tip of Chile. It was shot on the GX7...' Temujin

  • So anyone here done video comparisons between the GH3 and GX7? Also, have it been proven that the GX7 doesn't have an AA filter?

  • Hi ,really think about getting a GX7 even if there are no audio jacks :(

    @Manu4Vendetta lovley GX7 footage. Great sounddesign.Great Edit.Is there more GX7 Eyecandy out there as proof of principle.


    @Vitaliy_Kiselev I am GH2 enthusiast. Do you think there is the possibility to unleash the GX7 IBIS for video recording and hack the 28Mbps limitations ?

  • @PauloTeixeira - I'm working on testing a GH3 and GX7 using the same lens, problem is the weather hasn't been good here for the last couple of weeks and I don't feel I've gotten the best results I could from either camera. I also don't have two of the same lens so can't test both cameras side by side at the exact same time which makes it a little harder to get really scientific results...if anyone wants to send me a matching lens I'd be glad to use it and send it back!

    Once I have good samples to share I will post the original files for everyone to download, so you can come to your own conclusions on the two cameras.

    PS. I hope the GX7 can be hacked!

  • I've actually seen that video and have read thoughts from Ken on AVSforum. I'm just trying to learn more for the heck of it. With a lack of AA filter and Panasonic using an alternative way of correcting, that could make up for the higher bit rate of the GH3 if all else was equal. I did hear that the gamma is better on the GX7.

    I also wonder if anyone ever done testing of the resolution, moire and aliasing compared to the GH2 and GH3.

    Anyway, I remember being very pissed that the GH1 wasn't the same kind of body style as the Olympus EP1 but the better video modes and the articulating screen of the GH1 sealed the deal. Fast forward and I see that Panasonic finally put GH type features into a body style that I've wanted in the past.

  • Looking at the blunty vid there does not seem to be any difference in the video Q. Since the GH3 is cheaper maybe I will go with that one for the difference in the stills.

  • Finally got the GH3 vs GX7 testing done, you can access the test photos / videos through my site -

    I posted all the original video files and RAW photos for you to download and compare. Please be aware though that my testing procedures were not scientifically accurate due to only have one copy of the lens I was testing with. I did my best to get everything the same.

  • @Matt, well the GX7 appears a lot better? using both 0-255, and 16-235, latter for GH3, the GX7 appears superior in every way? That is a shocker?

  • Looking good!

  • Camera has 1080/60p and 24p resolutions, with bit rates of up to 28Mbps, using the AVCHD codec (MPEG-4 is also available). You can adjust the shutter speed and/or aperture, as well as the mic level. Unlike many other mirrorless cameras, you can use focus peaking while you're recording a movie. The same 'tone curve' shadow/highlight adjustment tool is available, and you can apply the same special effects that are available for stills.


    Bad news is that highly touted in-body stabilizer cannot be used while recording video. And, there's neither a microphone port nor a headphone socket.


    GX7's photos have vivid color, with a sharpness level that's right in the middle, so you get plenty of detail, without artifacts. Panasonic takes a conservative approach to noise reduction, which means that photos will be a bit grainy at higher ISOs, but detail smudging is less of a problem than on its competitors.

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  • Found some comparison (ESPECIALLY of the IBIS) EM5 vs GX7. Its more about stills - but for me also relevant.

    Nevertheless GX7 is my dream.

    Lets all hope IBIS can be used for video some day ... but I think they will keep it like it is - only to push the sales of their lenses -___-

  • Looks nice for video, but the panny lenses are really over-sharpened like before..

  • @umla I've saw that Tyson's series about the cameras, but it was the only one that considered the GX7's ibis superior than the E-M5's - all the other reviews are the opposite, claiming only 1 stop gain with the GX7's ibis.

    But I'll get a GX7 nevertheless. As an overall package (movies and stills) I think it is amazing.

  • Check the built-in mics on the GX7?

  • @adventsam - I had to look up what the numbers you referenced mean, I don't have any formal education when it comes to the intricacies of video color spaces (I studied commercial photography and only transitioned into video a few years ago). I looked at all the videos with another person I work with who is more knowledgeable with videography and on our work computer (a late 2012 27" iMac) the GH3 footage actually looked slightly better in just one way, the blacks didn't clip on the GH3 as quickly as on the GX7, which I was guessing was a benefit of all-i and higher bit rates of the GH3. However...

    I just took a look at a few video clips again on my computer and it is the complete opposite, the blacks are clipped sooner in the GH3 footage than in the GX7. I also changed my player settings from 0-255 to 16-235 and it was the same result (16-235 was flatter / had less clipping all around, but GX7 still had less black clipping than GH3). So now I'm wondering why the footage looked the exact opposite on the iMac compared to my PC (or is that the reason? Windows vs Mac)? I used Quicktime on both systems to view the video, so hopefully the player is rendering the videos the same on both systems. The only other thing I know that is different is my system is calibrated using a hardware colorimeter, while the iMac is only calibrated by eye using the built in software calibration.

  • Hi Matt, I am no pro either, but discovered no end of issues with replaying video clips accurately on PC's! I think you are probably getting a much better result on macs, as they appear to interpret the footage better? The reason I mentioned it was that the GX7 clips seemed good, both colour spaces but the GH3 appeared wrong as if it was being interpreted wrong with the usual 16-235 issue! In any event, I just think the GX7 look better, I will check on a retina MBP at some point to for interest. GX7 is one hell of a camera.

  • image

    The video quality of Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds cameras has a reputation for being excellent, and the GX7 is no exception. It can record Full HD (1080p) video at up to 60p (as well as 30p and 24p), with an ISO sensitivity of 3200 (up from ISO 1600 on the GX1). In addition, full PASM exposures can be used while filming. Videos shot with the GX7 were sharp, smooth and pleasing, across the board.

    Camera won over predecessor, the excellent Panasonic GX1, in terms of detail, dynamic range and high ISO performance, while also providing in-body sensor shift image stabilization. In addition, the GX7 steps up with Full HD video recording capability with frame rates up to 60p and stereo audio for shooting sharp, smooth movies.


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  • Little tests I did with the GX7.

    password : 12345

    Overall I am very happy with what it does. Somehow the image feels cleaner and more controllable than the GH3. But this might not be true, I guess it is too early to know.