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Panasonic GX7 aka GX2, with IBIS topic
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  • @16pads Great video. I have this Fotasy too and it is amazing how good this little thing is for video (I hate the lens for pictures, hehehe).

    (and this last Arctic Monkeys album is amazing)

  • Nice work @16pads! Looks a lot like the GH3 to me, great to see out of such a package.

  • The GX7 truly delivers. We can say it has the superb image image-quality. Noise, color, WB are all good and metering is outstanding. Dynamic-range is one step behind, as is critical sharpness.


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  • Thanks Guys,

    Marciok, I actually enjoy shooting photos with it too. But mainly for personal little experiments. I love the expressiveness of this lens. Whenever I switch to something "new" and clean which usually costs 10 or 20 times more, I miss the flavour of those little gimmicks.

  • Mr.Vitaly, any plans for hacks for the GX7 ? :)

  • @16pads

    No, try to keep topic free from hack discussions.

  • The GX7 vs the OM-D E-M5

    I think that both cameras are great cameras. The deciding factors really come down to the interaction with the camera as well as the features as a set of tools for me, and in that, I do prefer the Panasonic GX7. The GX7 has the great benefit of being a year and a half younger though too, so I would certainly assume that it would perform compared to the EM5.

  • If this guy Tyson is right about the IBIS performance i will 100% go for GX7 ... If IBIS will somehow work in video ... also no doubt what i am gonna buy ...

    ... but i think there will be more reviews and clarity until i got the cash together ;)

    • Panasonic Lumix GX7 (& the Nauticam GX7 housing) underwater *

    All I can say is that the stills and video footage are very impressive indeed and on an equal footing to the GH3 but without the higher data rate and frame speed options. Since the GH3 is the standard by which a lot of SLRs are judged for video performance that puts the GX7 on a high pedestal and all this in a sub $1000 body.

    For me, as a mainly video shooter, the final attraction is the tilting LCD screen (rather than articulated as on the GH3 and GH3). This allows the camera to be held in a much more ergonomic way with your elbows tucked in rather than at arms length which is rather like shooting with a 2 legged tripod.

    It’s just nice to have everything built-in unlike the early Sony NEX and Olympus Pens with their add on viewfinders and flashes.

    There is also a little heralded feature aimed mainly at video shooters called ‘Extra tele conversion’. For video shooters underwater the 8mm fisheye would become a 38mm with very close focus capability and the excellent Olympus 12-50mm would become a close focus 57-240mm!

    NA-GX7 is smaller than their [Nauticam] GH3 housing yet there is still room for a leak detector/vacuum system and a most ingenious control to raise and lower the built in flash.

  • image

    It is a simple yet very complete package which could satisfy advanced amateurs and professional photographers who engage in a wide range of photography, including reportage, street, wedding, portrait and event. With its excellent video performance, it is an especially interesting option for those who also enjoy hybrid photography and video.



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  • pass:12345

    Another try.

  • Holy Cow, someone leaned on the saturation slider.

  • Holy Cow, someone leaned on the saturation slider.

    LOL. Btw, it is not simple saturation, more complex shit.

  • Hi, i am looking to buy either the g6 or the gx7 for video. does anyone have any comparisons? i know that the gx7 has larger pixels on its new sensor but does that really make a difference in the video? mic input on the g6 isn't that important to me as i would use external sound. I have heard the g6 is less sharp in 60p, is this the same for the gx7? according to the specs, both cameras have a lower bitrate for 60p which could be the reason for that. finally gx7 has the tilt screen and the g6 has the articulated screen, would either be good for filming? thanks so much!!!!

  • Sensor wise the gx7 is definitely (approximately 15%) better, as you can see at the dxomark. Others especially the form factor are personal preference.

    Or if you believe the clowns at the dpreview who rated the gx7 relative low but gave the gm1 the "gear of the year", you would think the gm1is the best m43 cam

  • clowns at the dpreview who rated the gx7 relative low but gave the gm1 the "gear of the year", you would think the gm1is the best m43 cam

    Something tells me that GM1 has bigger margins for Panasonic (and Amazon), so, it was easy choice.

  • @16pads, Hey that video looks good. Nice film aesthetic.

  • Updated firmware version 1.2 for GX7:

    1. Manual focus operation is now available for the interchangeable lens with no focus ring, such as H-FS12032 lens (GM1 kit lens), by pressing "</>" arrow-keys in back of the camera

    2. [Flash Adjust.] (Adjustment of flash output) now can be assigned to the Fn button in the [Custom] menu

    I guess, it's matter of time to add 1. to firmware of the rest of Panasonic micro4/3 cameras.

  • Let's hope for the best. As I understand GF5 is last m43 camera without public firmware.

  • The Consumer Reports, in contrast to the Dpreview, goes the other way giving the GX7 the highest score of 75, way ahead of all other cameras listed there.

    Some examples: E-M5: 68, Canon D70: 72, Nikon D7100: 72. Interesting way of rating cameras

  • Consumer reports - for a normal consumer, a GX7 is really better than a D70. :)

    The DPreview review put a lot of weight in the EVF tearing - an issue that do not affect everybody (never was an issue in my GH2 EVF, which is a sequential field one too). And disappointedly‎ the reviewer was Jeff Keller - former owner of the, I always liked his reviews in dcresource.

    But I'll get my GX7 in the next week. :)

  • I got mine last weekend, precisely because of Jeff Keller's negative review on the EVF, as I was so curious about it.

    After playing it for a while, my opinion is that the EVF is not quite as good as that of the EM1 in terms of the size and resolution, but I could hardly see any of the bad things (rainbow, tearing) that bothered Keller so much.

    Have been thinking that Jeff Keller either got a defective sample, or has developed defective vision himself (e.g. dyslexia), or both.

    BTW, the Consumer Reports rates GX7's EVF higher than that of E-M5 (excellent vs. very good)

  • @16pads footage looks question ..did you us some grain preset in post or is it the original gx7 grain? ..if yes ..what iso did you shot with ?....

  • I think, Panasonic did a very good job with GX7, and, as a GX1 owner I welcome all new features GX7 has, especially fast shutter speed 1/8000 sec and manual video controls with higher maximum bitrate MP4 recording, upto 28Mbps. Also new 16Mp image sensor, which double ISO performance. I was looking for those improvements. What's left. Same, few years old AVCHD 28Mbps codec, oh yeah, correction 2.0 version with better sound options support.... AND same Colour Filter as in GX1. I red many reviews and I know GX7 is very good performer in Day Light, but when it comes to Low Light, like GX1, it has some issues. I can't find any side-by-side videos proving that GX7 works better then it's predecessor GX1, but I've got this video: