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Panasonic GX7 aka GX2, with IBIS topic
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  • Hdmi Monitor you can use only for playback. no live feed. It's only thing beside No audio input that I really don't like about GX7 and I will switch to GH3.. Beside that is lovely camera for both Photos and video...

  • Yeah i know i was just in denial :)

  • Can anyone please confirm that these options are available in 1080@24p and 1080@60p in EVF and LCD? I want to replace my GH2 with GX7 and manual f-mount Nikon 400mm F3.5. I shoot wildlife and need very very accurate focusing at large distances ExTele and even sometimes with additional 1.4x TC. Focus peaking and focus assistant would help a lot. If these features are all available then that would help a great lot. Image quality of GH2 is great, but when focusing is slightly off it doesn't really matter much. Lower IQ and spot on focus is just better.

    1080p24 EVF

    a. Focus peaking

    b. ExTele

    c. ExTele with focus peaking

    d. ExTele with focus peaking and focus assistant

    e. Live histogram and highlight flashing (100% zebras)

    1080p60 EVF

    f. Focus peaking

    g. ExTele

    h. ExTele with focus peaking

    i. ExTele with focus peaking and focus assistant

    j. Live histogram and highlight flashing (100% zebras)


  • @RKM I've put a FD 50mm in my GX7 and made these tests. Results:

    1080p24 EVF:

    a. Focus peaking - works full time (both in preview and during recording);

    b. ExTele - works, full time;

    c. ExTele with focus peaking - works, full time

    d. ExTele with focus peaking and focus assistant - works in preview, but focus assistant is not available during recording, only peaking

    e. Live histogram and highlight flashing (100% zebras) - works full time. The highlight flashing are not zebras, the whole area blinks, just like in the GH2.

    1080p60 EVF: works exactly the same than 1080p24.


    - The focus assist window is called pressing the rear dial (just like the GH2);

    - One press in the rear dial (or tapping twice in the LCD) activates the focus assist window, that is draggable through the screen, moving the focus point with it. One more press in the rear dial makes the focus assist window full screen (just like the GH2).

    - The magnification factor of the focus assist could be altered, when engaged, rotating both control dials - the front changes the magnification in 0.1x steps, and the rear in 1.0x steps. The range is 3.0x to 6.0x for the windowed focus assist, and 3.0x to 10.0x for the full screen assist.

    - Live histogram is draggable through the screen, too.

    - Basically the EVF and the LCD always display the same info all the time - I saw one or another info different in same modes, but all the important info is the same;

    - Focus peaking - works, but needs a lot of contrast; hence, is much more effective with lenses made for digital. Compared to my NEX f3 (that have 3 sensivity levels for peaking), it appears much more less in the screen (at least with low light), but is much better than the Fuji's peaking. It have two settings ("low" and "high") for peaking but until now I saw no difference between both. Each one of these "levels" have 3 colors of peaking to choose.

    - One thing not often said in the reviews: the LCD screen have a stunning resolution. I am a viewfinder addicted, but I'm using much more the LCD to compose than any other camera that I have. And in some situations, even preferring the LCD to the EVF.

    - And regarding the EVF: until now, no signs of the "horrible tearing" that some reviews said - but I have not used the camera much yet.

    (in fact, even had not the time to dig through the user manual yet, will do it in Christmas; lots of info to discover - now I've found the touch shutter, that I've thought that only the Olympus cameras had)

    If need some more info, just ask. :)

  • @MarcioK

    Wow thanks a lot. This is pretty much everything I want in a camera. I'm on the hunt for a NTSC GX7.

  • @RKM I'm liking it very much - windowed focus assist is something that I though once when shooting photos with my GH2 and I was truly surprised when they came with exactly the same idea, almost mind reading. :)

    I just can't say right now if the movie quality is on par with the GH2 - as I said, I haven't used it much yet due to lack of time; and I'm not a professional like most of the people here, just a curious enthusiast. Preliminary impressions are that my GH2 with Sanity 5.1 is a little bit sharper, but with a little bit more noise - and since I was on vacation in NY when I bought the camera and without my lenses, most of the tests that I've made were shoot with the kit lens, that is better than the previous 14-42mm but far from being top glass. Probably in the next month I'll have more comparison basis.

  • The Panasonic Lumix GX7 is a nice upgrade from the GX1. The tilting EVF and interface upgrades alone make it worthwhile to step up.


    This is the first Panasonic with a sensor-shift image stabilization system, the kind of IS Olympus employs—notable, considering that they share a lens format—which works with any lens you mount on the body. So if you love legacy glass, sensor-shift is the way to go.

    307 x 331 - 26K
  • What about aliasing/moire in video mode on GX7?

  • It is somewhat better than GH3, from my observation.

  • Little test with the Fujian 35mm.

  • I bought a GX7 last week from the PV deal and as a D7100 owner I must say I quite liked it. I haven't had much chance to test it but it seems auto white balance is more accurate on GX7. This is my first panasonic camera so there is going to be a learning curve.

  • IF ANY OWNER OF GX7 KNOW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW- this is driving me crazy. i'm in hurry (yes, not ideal) setting/buying up my new micro 4/3 gear for videoshooting in india, where i'm leaving in one week. i got gx7. it's perfect. expect one thing- i can't find how to set ISO (or also iso limit) for video and i'm scared to death that it is not possible ! because i just found this in camera's manual: "The [Sensitivity] will be set to [AUTO] (for motion pictures) when recording motion pictures. Also, the [ISO Limit Set] will not operate."

    and voigtlander 17.5/0.9 is on the way...i'm getting this combo to be able to keep iso's at minimum (200-400) at all times, because it is easely done with gh2/gh3 as i've seen in vimeo/youtube videos (and it is just working with my gh2). but it seem to just not be possible with gx7, rendering is useless for more serious work, if there is only option for camera to judge the iso (i think that it goes up to 3200 in movie mode). anybody any clues ? if it is really like that, i'll just take the gh2 or try to quickly sell/return gx7 and get gh3............

  • @gondar I've started to play with the movie mode on the GX-7 and I have set the ISO in manual mode. In the movie menu you can choose from A, S, P or M for exposure. Unfortunately there isn't an AutoISO mode in M mode, so you would need to set it to 200-400 and then play with aperture to keep it properly exposed. In M all you need to do is press the ISO button and you can set the ISO just like you would for photos.

  • short video from Moscow GX7

  • My latest with the GX7, shot handheld and hand focused in 1080p@24fps with the Panasonic 14-140mm, 20mm/F1.8 and the Olympus 12mm/F2.0, 45mm/F1.8 and 75mm/F1.8. Colored by Film Convert's Kodak 5207. GoPro Hero3 for Ski bike shots in Protune. Used the S1 Shark slider from iFootage for slides, dollies and jib shots.

    Loving this little guy.

  • @grsnjam ...

    Looks like a marvelous time was done by all. Hand-focused even? Brave soul ... :)


  • Incredible tones, the camera lens, filter, or a combination of all? Can get these colors with the Panasonic pancake lenses?

  • Initial reports are craving the video of both the GX7 and GM1 over the GH3. However I haven't seen any information or donations open for these ones. Doesn't it make sense without doing the GH3 first? I haven't been around for a while. Have I missed anything? Like the new h.264 profiles on these cameras being much better than the older ones (GH2) and not justifying the effort?