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Panasonic GX7 aka GX2, with IBIS topic
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  • Here is a nice tip for spare batteries- the Panasonic DMW-BLE9 is 100% compatible (only trade-off is 940 mAh vs 1025 mAh), and can be found for under $9 shipped on EBay:

  • Thanks. I just ordered a couple...I'm hoping they're genuine Panasonic batteries.

  • I ordered a couple of weeks ago, pretty sure they are 100% genuine. May as well get 2 or 3 I guess...

  • Got mine in the mail earlier today. They definitely appear to be genuine.

  • Another question, for a good preview with a tablet, when Im recording in 1080, I need a tablet 1080 or a 1024 or 1280 can work?

  • GX7, that great unknown...

  • Premiere dont let met import audio, only import tue video.

  • @Manu4Vendetta With AVCHD, you have to import all the directory structure (the PRIVATE folder and all the subfolders). Importing only the clips (which are in the STREAM subfolder) will cause this in Premiere (no sound).

  • @MarcioK, Thanks. I thought that after the GH2 and that has been overcome.

  • I have a question about my GX7 and is the fact that I'm not able to do multiple exposure, and I can't find any info related, so I'm hoping someone can help me. As fas as I understand you have to go to the "Rec" menu, select multiple exposure, choose a photo you've already taken, and once is "set" you can do multiple exposure, right? The problem I have is that when I try to do that it always says "cannot merge using this photo" I've tried every thing I could think of (raw, jpg, manual, s, p, a, scenes...), but nothing seems to work, any ideas?

  • Hi guys, one question please...someone knows exactly why metabones SpeedBooster for canon ef lens does not fit on GX7?

    Thank you

  • They are 3 versions :

    Canon EF Lens to BMCC Speed Booster

    Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster S

    Canon EF Lens to Micro Four Thirds Speed Booster (Not support Olympus E-M10, E-M1, E-M5)

    I've never heard GX7 wasn't supported. I thought at least the M4/3 & M4/3 S versions were OK.... But you're right, it's not listed...

  • Metabones answered me "Sorry, we don’t have speed booster for GX7"..."The space of the Panasonic GX7 is not enough for the Speed Booster, it may damage the shutter."

  • Strange - I have a GX7 and a RJ Camera speed booster and had no issues at all (at least that I've seen).

  • Yeah, I saw somewhere that the user used the metabones SB EF with the GX7 but just with the electronic shutter. @Marciok : which RJ do you have? I plan to buy the Minolta MD one....

  • @Keno40 I have the Nikon G one.

  • Looking closely to the metabones SB pages, it seems that the incompatibility is just with Canon EF versions. Minolta, Nikon, Canon FD, Leica.... should work. I'm surprised by metabones answer : "we don’t have speed booster for GX7"

  • The issue isn't the EF mount, but the focal reducer optics reaching into the camera mount and getting close to and probably obstructing the shutter. But that issue only exists with the special Speed Boosters for the Blackmagic cameras and with the new Speed Booster XL.

  • I shot this video one Year ago and want to share it on this Forum. I am quiet a GH2 enthusiast.This forum and Vitalis work was very helpful. As a small upgrade i decided to get the GX7. I am quiet happy with it even if i still wait for a Firmware update that enables the IBS for video ;).(this will never happen) And some flat picture or fake LOG profiles would be wonderful. For now i do what is possible with the Highlight/Shadows curve and the Contrast,Saturation and Noise reduction settings to get a image as flat as possible. I am not happy with the Color correction of the Clip at all.I messed up with Colorista and did some wrong WB on set.For me it´s to warm overall. I shot with the 14mm Pancake lens and the SLR magic 25mm for most of the handheld stuff. Overall i am impressed what nice results you get with the GX7 like in Manu4Vendetta post from the" zanyjazz" vimeo clip. Or some of the Videos 16pads was releasing some time ago on this threat. I got some issues with the timelapse mode, sometimes a jump of 10 pixels on the X axis occured i had to stabilized this in Post. I hope you like the video.

  • Dude! This video is insanely amazing. Love the creativity and the concept plus I also think it fits the artist and style very well. @chromatic

  • Camera : Panasonic LUMIX GX7

    Lenses : LUMIX 20.7 / LUMIX 14-42 II