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Panasonic GX7 aka GX2, with IBIS topic
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  • I would buy a washing machine based on Consumer Reports, but not a camera.

  • The Consumer Reports just looks at the cameras from another angle, say the average consumers' point of view. Far from being experts opinions, but still it counts "something", and most importantly, it helps (or hurts if the rating is low) the US sales.

    By the way, many people complain the lack of the audio input as the most serious "con" of the camera. However it is a none issue for me as i always use a high-quality external audio recorder. The built-in audio circuits of all Panasonic cameras or camcorders are simply never good, sorry to say. Noise floor too high and harmonic distortions too high are the two major problems. Back when I had a DVC Pro type camcorder, and despite Panasonic's repeated assurance that the audio portion was also "pro quality", it was simly hopeless for classical concert recording.

  • Got one from Amazon - soon after the price was lowered to 898 (the kit version), it lowered even more for a brief moment (dunno if was a site glitch) an I got a silver one for $852,30. Will get it Thursday in the hotel.

  • I have two GX7 bodies and a GX1, mostly used for multi cam video shoots. Second system sound on presenters; on camera sound for reference. I shoot in the 720p/30 mode and the files are excellent for that (AVCHD; unlimited recording length, to limit of card). Touch screen focus while recording is excellent, and shooting M and using the ISO control, set to 1/3rd stop, while visible, is very effective. I don't use Continuous AF.

    I compared to EM-1, and the Oly IBIS is good for video no doubt, but Panny video (even at 720p/30) is visibly better to my eyes. I use a monopod and the 14/2.5 prime for moving camera images and these look just as good as the Oly IBIS-enabled video (again, to my eyes).

    Settings: vivid, -2 contrast, -3 saturation, sharpness standard

  • Can an owner of the GX7 give me an example of the sort of wifi outdoor range I might get with this camera? Right now I take a lot of pics using my Canon S100 using the CHDK motion detect hack for bird photography. I'd much rather be able to sit on my back porch with a tablet and take the pics that I want using the GX7's wifi feature. Do you think it would give a solid connection up to 30 yards (27.432 meters) distance? That would be the extreme end of my current setup. Thanks.

    Harold House

  • Do you think it would give a solid connection up to 30 yards (27.432 meters) distance? That would be the extreme end of my current setup. Thanks.

    Do not know about GX7, but you can check recent notes of Russian guy who are making animal shots, as far as I remember he used 30m with GH3 (check GH3 user opinion topic).

  • @paulhouston you will of course benefit from external audio, but the built in audio varies widely. Some Panasonics have crappy compressed audio, some have 16 bit PCM, and some have 24 bit pcm, like the AJ-HPX3100GJ. Panasonic has a long history of pro audio, they just don't always put good kit in their cams, and I can understand why ppl are annoyed by it. There's no reason not to build in good audio.....

  • image

    The Panasonic GX7 is one of the best compact system cameras currently for sale. The design is reminiscent of a much older camera. However, the Panasonic GX7 houses state-of-the-art technology such as built-in Wi-Fi. In terms of image quality (resolution, noise and dynamic range) the Panasonic GX7 loses nothing to an SLR camera with an APS-C sensor. Also in comparison with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 or the Panasonic GH3, there are no real differences in terms of image quality.

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  • @ragnar I was curious as to the distance each could maintain a usable wi-fi connection and did a very basic test to compare the two (GX7 and GH3). This was done pairing them with a Samsung Galaxy Note II. I didn't take specific note of the screen refresh rate, which is obviously going to be important for nature photography.

    I found the GX7's wifi reliable up to about 13 meters. Beyond that responsiveness became an issue and it would sometimes disconnect, with the screen's refresh rate plummeting. It would auto reconnect given 10 to 15 secs. The best I could do was to successfully take a photo at about the 28 meter mark.

    The GH3 maintained a solid connection till well beyond 50 meters. At 70m I had my first disconnection but was still able to change the camera settings and take the shot. I couldn't go any further back at that point because of the graves (yes I was in a cemetery).

  • OK, Vitaliy, I went to that site and used google translate. That was a very thorough review. What beautiful place in Russia does that lucky guy live in? Is that the Black Sea? So clear and beautiful. Anyway, I read his wifi review of the GH3 and he said that in perfect conditions it can do 40m but it can easily be broken by line of site issues. I didn't realize that line of site would hurt it so much but that's OK. Perhaps the next gen of GH and GX cams will be a little stronger in wifi for what I need it for. Most people aren't going to set it up like I would anyway. Also, too bad about the video not being seen during recording from wifi remote control issue but I guess that would be asking a lot of the cam/tablet connection. Thanks for that link.

    Harold House

  • Fahrenheit, thanks so much for that response. Sounds like the GH3's wifi is a bit more robust than the GX7's. I have a screened porch in the backyard and from there to my various bird set-ups it would be any where between 10 meters and up to 40 meters to my furthest perch. I wonder if the wifi would make it though my porch screen to the nearest perch 15 meters away. The furthest perch has a bench and a tree right in front of it so I doubt even the best wife cam would reach that, right?

  • The wifi reception is heavily influenced by the phone/tablet, I guess.

    About people asking about the GX7's internal sound: I've recorded this video yesterday in the Television's show in the Rough Trade NYC, using the internal mics, in the lowest setting. The audio in the venue was loud (albeit far from the loudest that I've attended), but very clear.

    A lot of disclaimers: my first video with the camera (only have it for 3 days), with the kit lens (only f/3.5 in wide), straight from the camera (without any post in video or audio), in ISO 3200, all the video settings at 0, standard profile - it's very far from a masterpiece. But the lack of audio clipping surprised me, considering how tiny the mics are.

  • Did some videos, and yes, the internal audio is "decent". But I'll bring mics for serious live recordings.

  • So i took out my Pocket Rig which has been collecting dust somewhere and slapped the GX7 on it, turns out the EVF is at a perfect height and position for my particular cranium. With the arm barely extended, its quite close to my body and feels very stable. Feels and works great - the PR always got way too heavy with a FF DSLR and accessories - GX7 fits just right.


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  • So I've got a GX7, and have been having problems with skin tones when filming, at the moment i use either NAT (-3 everything) or STD the same values - it looks fine on the screen until i hit record and then the faces just pick up reds I couldn't even see before- everything goes more saturated- does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks M

  • @tsim You need to turn off Idynamic.

  • @jobless AHA! thanks so much, now i feel pretty stupid! cheers :)

  • I am really loving the GX7. Here is a little Thanksgiving piece I made:

    And here is how I am rigging:

    Truly amazing little camera. I can't wait to add the GM1 to the GH3 and GX7 as a C cam.

  • Maybe this is to good to be true but:

    1. wifi tablet app
    2. manual focus with arrows

    Are these arrow opions also available in the app? Because then someone can remotely control focus on a tablet and maybe even with focus peaking available. Signal delay and low fps will mess this up probably.

  • Is anyone using an external HDMI monitor? Or is HDMI monitoring not supported?