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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • gh2 has a crop factor of x1.86

  • If the G6 has a crop factor of x2 - I don't mind that as all my C - Mount lenses that just vingette a bit in the corners will be all OK on the G6 - No vingetting Pentax 25mm f1.4 and Wesley 24mm f1.4 both vingette a bit on my GH2

  • G6 looks very sharp and natural, some new samples here;

  • My G6 arrived this Thursday with the Oly 45mm as a starter lens. This is my first camera and I've found the camera satisfactory so far, and I've been shooting both outside and indoors. Now I just need to find another lens (12mm, 25mm) so I have something wider to shoot with.

  • 12-35 looks nice, but more than the g6 lol. It would of been really great that panasonic made a kit 12-60 f2.8-4 lens with no weather sealing but great optics for around £/$400! also while they're at it a 60-200 f2.8-4 too.

  • @Starsailor:

    If you want something fast the Olympus 17mm F1.8 is for sure quite nice (altough it´s not as sharp as the Panasonic 20mm F1.7 - But way faster focusing and it has a higher built quality). Or check out the Panasonic 25mm F1.4 - Which is also REALLY nice. But if you want a "always on" I can highly recommend the new Panasonic 14-140mm F3.5-5.6 Power OIS lens. It´s very well built, small, leightweight, has a good image quality (also at the corners) AND the most important - The built in Power OIS image stabilizer is noticable better than any of the Mega OIS stabilized lenses! VERY nice for video. And if you get it in a Kit (together with the G5 for example) and you resell the G5 it´s VERY affordable (I paid just around 500€ for mine over this way). Or if you just want something even smaller (which is at least equipped with the Mega OIS) - Check out the new Panasonic 14-42mm II ASPH lens. Also VERY good and cheap (the only con is the A LITTLE BIT lower corner sharpness at the lower end - compared to the centre).

    Just a few hints if you search for something affordable and good ^^.

  • @andy_lee

    yeah, i would like to know if it's 2,0x, or a bit more...

  • guys, about the crop difference in Panny Gx cameras, have a look at this nice article:

  • @Tscheckoff

    You say the new Panasonic 14-140mm F3.5-5.6 has a better stabilizer. Could you be more specific - exactly how is it better?

  • Well. I didn´t measure it (the OIS performance). But I recognized, that indoor shots (stills) are now possible which weren´t possible at all (by far) with my old 14-45mm Panasonic Mega OIS lens. The GH2 for example is now like a new camera for me (especially for indoor stills).

    AND also video shots are noticable better stabilized. With a shoulder support (like the Cullman Cruiser I use for quick and dirty shooting) there is maybe not THAT much of difference (with both hands used - And compared up to the 45mm of my old lens) - But it´s already visible. And handheld, without any support at all, you recognize immediately, that the Power OIS is working WAY better than the Mega OIS (even at 45mm and below). Too bad that I don´t have the old 14-140mm lens here to compare. It´s planned to review it shortly (the new 14-140mm lens) - Maybe I can borrow the old one somewhere to compare them (it´s for sure interesting to see the differences).

  • @Tscheckoff

    I'd be particularly interested to see if there's any improvement at the wide end when doing walking shots. In other words, how does the stabilizer function as a steadicam? The old 14-140 was very poor in this regard.

  • Hmm. I tested it out (with a few short shots @ 14mm) and compared them to a HD2000 steadycam shot I made yesterday with the 14-140mm. There is not THAT much difference inbetween the 14-45mm and the 14-140mm as a "steadycam replacement". The new 14-140mm is again noticable more stable against wobbling / jittering from your hands - that´s true and for sure the footage is way more usable. But the main problem is, that the OIS (both versions) are only 2-axis stabilizers (vertical and horizontal). So any rotation movements are not stabilized at all. You will ALWAYS see them. And also the steps you make are not stabilized. Unless you´re walking without shoes (also tested ^^).

    The only option is to stabilize the footage in post (the unwanted rotation movements and the steps which are also kind of always in your footage). But that´s also not always the best solution (and not always working as wished). Yes. The new 14-140mm is (kind of) better. But as a "real" steadycam replacement ... I think it´s still no option. Btw.: Don´forget: It´s also quite hard to move the camera as steady as possible over a longer period of time. For a short scene - sure. But for a longer shot it´s quite hard not to make any wrong movements with your hands (which are normaly compensated by the steadycam). Btw.: The best and steadiest solution was the cullman cruiser als a handle under the camera - Stabilized with both hands.

    Hope that helps ^^.

  • Has anyone with G6 noticed that the focus peaking is near non-existent in low light situations? (75W light bulb lit room for example) When I point it at a face, I see no blue shimmers whatsoever. Maybe a pixel here and there but it's near impossible to see. Same if I point at anything else such as my bag, chair, mobile phone etc etc. It's definitely not as prominent and visible as Sony Alpha cameras. Is this normal?

  • @jakiman

    Same thing on my G6. It appears to work only for areas that are fairly well lit and have enough contrast.

  • Yes I noticed the same is some lighting conditions the peaking does not show up at all

    Any how its all better than no peaking!!

  • From your experience it make sense to switch from GH2 to G6? How is the video quality so far, better hacked GH2, G6 or almost the same?

  • @jakiman & all:

    Yes. Too low contrast is always bad for the most peaking functions. It´s the same with nearly all the external monitors with peaking (Lilliput, Viltrox and also the more expensive ones like Sony V55, Marshall and so on). Only SmallHD is offering a quite good peaking function at such scenarios. That´s the point, why I am not THAT focused on the peaking function of the G6 (altough it´s helping in many situations with vintage glass - that´s true).


    Keep the GH2. The missing live-view HDMI out, the non existing 30 min. disable hack AND the non existing higher bitrates are just too much cons compared to a hacked GH2 in a good shape. It´s for sure better to get a GH3 instead (maybe wait for a hack to disable the time limit or if you want to change now -> Just get the special personal-view deal on a GH3 body without any time limit). At least the GH3 has the better sensor and already very nice stock codecs ^^.

  • Hello. I' am interesting in buying g6. I need live video out and remote video start/stop for distance about 3-5m(10-15ft). I'm planning to do it via wi-fi. Has anyone tried this feature? How is it? Is peaking available on wifi remote device? Thanks in advance.

    And one more: does g6 have live hdmi out?

  • Hi guys I just want buy camera and I cant decide which one...GH2 or G6. I would like G6 but i heard that GH2 gives a batter picture. I want make movie and sometimes a photo. Help me choose please. Booth are in same price in my shop.

  • I have had the G6 for two weeks now and I can assure you that the G6 has better picture than GH2! Actually, miles ahead. It's really a fantastic camera with a lot of features. I have compared my old hacked GH2 with G6, In my mind, the G6 beats the Gh2 in some ways according to video. With my own custom settings It really has a cinematic look!! HDMI out, I don't really care. The result is very good on my SDHC 85mb write.

    I sold my GH2.. :)

  • thx for answer. Do you think that G6 will be hacked ?

  • the G6 is very very good I would say better than GH2 hacked - no misquito noise in the blacks - its very clean

  • G6 wont get hacked until there is a firmware update , as no one has the code yet I asked Vitaliy when I bought the camera from him via the offer on this forum (which is a great deal btw)

  • Stock video compression on G6 might be OK for talking head interviews, documentary shoots where image quality isn't all-important, videos of your relatives, pets and so on. But for work where visual quality is essential and there is much fine detail and color gradients in the image, 28Mbps just isn't enough. For that kind of material, no way can G6 with stock video compression outperform a hacked GH2 with good settings.

    If you ask, I will try to film some material to make comparisons between frames that G6 saves in MP4 video and JPG shots of same view.

  • After viewing the latest G6 video samples posted on Vimeo, I still believe that the GH2 (hacked) is a better video camera than the G6 for fast moving and high detailed scenes. I would put the G6 about the same IQ as a standard GH2. The GH3 is a step up from both. Just my opinion BTW.