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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • Thanks Flaaandeeers. So, a little bit more time, but you can do it. Thanks, cause i've never had a manual lens such as the Voigt. I'm considering that, and it would be important to have the zoom and focus peaking during the focus...

  • One last thing: the PAL version comes "only" up to 50 fps instead of 60. It's what makes me nervous, no way to fix it? You say i'm too picky and 50 that's OK? The idea is to take me to 24fps, starting from 50, and having a fluid slow motion ..

  • @Renovatio It's very annoying. At least the PAL GH3 gives you the opportunity to shoot 60p conformed to 24p.

  • a few more video samples: @24p:



  • The Panasonic Lumix G6 is an excellent camera, with very few issues, although battery life could be better. The Wi-Fi features are excellent for remote control and sending images to your smartphone, but uploading to social networks should be much easier, without having to go through the Lumix logon website, which caused some issues. Value for money is very good, particularly as the introduction price competes very well with similar cameras, and we would expect the price to drop over time making it even better value for money.

    The Panasonic Lumix G6 delivers excellent image quality even when using the kit lens that comes in the box, and as its part of the Micro Four Thirds system, there are a large number of lenses available for when you want to upgrade, from both Panasonic, Olympus and many other manufacturers. The lenses are generally smaller than most other mirrorless camera lenses, making the camera and lenses a compact and portable system. With this, the latest Micro Four Thirds SLR styled camera from Panasonic, the Lumix G6, Panasonic has introduced an excellent reason to switch from your DSLR.


  • @Everyone: start complaining about the fuzz posting photos via Lumix app and not directly to social media. Firmware update guaranteed ;)

  • Or keep asking Panasonic to add standard ProRes support to G(H) series for modes that can handle the bitrates. Practical value for professionals' workflows and added value for enthusiasts, would attract positive reviews and more good reputation, as well as help compete better with upcoming BlackMagic cameras.

    We know hacked GH2 can do 150+ Mbps with fast SDHC cards. According to Apple ProRes whitepaper, this bitrate would be enough for 24p, 25p/50i and 30p/60i ProRes422. With UHS-1 cards, also 50p and 60p ProRes422 should be possible.

    Maybe they could sell some kind of "Pro Class" firmware updates. This would enable them to sell cameras with basic firmware at consumer prices, without format license fees, and for pros offer paid "upgrade cards" that would cover extra licensing and programming costs.

  • Hi I am doing some iso test with panasonic G6, I bayed some days ago in spain

    feedback very welcome, thanks

  • Could someone ask to panasonic for 1080p 60 fps (not just 50) for PAL version? Just an update, would be great. Step by step guys.

  • @mercant

    Those are fascinating tests. What mode were you using? M, P, A, S, IA ?

  • @Ralph_B

    I am using M mode, I have to say it's a very good camera, the banding problem of Gh2 it's much improved too

  • @mercant

    How is the EVF? The resolution is a bit lower than GH3, but I'm wondering if it's still sharper. The optics in the GH3 EVF soften the image and damage the usability.

  • @mercant

    So, when you approach an ISO from a higher ISO, the picture is darker and cleaner than when you approach it from a lower ISO? That seems to be what your test is showing. Is that correct?

  • @Ralph_B Yes it is, I notice some colours issues too whit the ISO going up,

    an other information I just found out the the external monitor does't work while recording, it works just in play mode!!!!!

  • @mercant

    Does the external monitor work when the camera is in standby?

  • @Ralph_B nothing the monitor says : NO SIGNAL it starts to work only with play bottom, all the rest is no signal hope there is a way to change it maybe something in the menu

  • @mercant I am considering to replace my gh2 with g6 but no monitoring signal is a total letdown for such a nice camera.. ah shame.. let us know if you find something about it.. It looks like I will have to buy gh3 or wait for something else :(

  • Hmm. So really no live feed again (like with the G5). Semms like a "no go" for me. Especially compared to the GH2. I am happy that at least now someone is confirming & checking this. I read it just in ONE Review. No one else wrote about or checked it. (Like its a feature no one needs ...)

  • Just received my G6 yesterday and I must say that it beats my old OM-D E-M5 and even my hacked GH1 in video mode. Still pics are also fantastic. Low light performance is better than on the E-M5. The AVCHD video in 50p is beautiful! It's going to be a KILLER if it's hacked with higher bit rate.

  • Btw, we added G6 kit to our Panasonic kits deals -

  • @Vitaliy: Nice. Without 30 min. limit?

  • @Vitaly: Is that kit the only one? Pal version? Which languages?

    Also, it would be nice 60p in pal version. Do you think it would be possible? Thanks

  • Without 30 min. limit?


    Is that kit the only one? Pal version? Which languages?

    Pal. English is present :-)

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Are you going to have body only deal?