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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • It seems it wont be possible to monitor audio while recording using hdmi out, do you think it could be possible using wifi and some wifi audio receiver ?

  • @Vitaliy I would likely be first in line for a body.

    We did tests projecting my GH1 feature doc on a theater screen and it looked very good. I almost want to buy another one of those.

    As for monitoring, that I haven't been able to do with the GH1, I wonder if the wifi would work for monitoring?

  • I'll cut to the chase and say the Panasonic Lumix G6 is one of the most enjoyable and satisfying cameras I've used

  • I am holding on to an other GH2 for sometime but I think G6 will cover my other needs like HDR, timelapser, stopmotion, wifi, mic input,etc. they use the same battery. They gonna be a good pair in my bag. until a hack comes planning to use it as a B cam on interviews. if the hack never shows up, heck I use it anyways.

  • @kurth

    Most reviewers seem to like G6 very much, yes.

  • @kurth Sounds good, have you tested if you're able to get live view over wifi when recording video? Thanks.

  • @belfryman.....sorry but I was just quoting from the cameralabs review ...that's what the reviewer said !

  • I know that's nothing special, but anyone had a chance to compare it to the gh3? Is it similar in terms of sharpness? and general IQ?

  • @kurth oh yes, if I'd gone as far as reading the different colour type...d'oh!

  • Sorry if this has already been answered, but can anyone tell me if the G6 has zebras? Also, does the screen turn itself off after 10 seconds in movie mode like the GH3? I believe I read that the GH3 screen will shut off if you don't hit "record", or something to that effect...

  • @jonpais

    GH3 screen info turns off because it is OLED screen. It can burn otherwise.

  • The GH3 screen does not turn off after 10 seconds, but the recording info does. If it didnt it would burn into the screen and leave permeant marks and over time would become illegiable i guess.

  • The GH3 screen does not turn off after 10 seconds, but the recording info does. If it didnt it would burn into the screen and leave permeant marks and over time would become illegiable i guess.

    yep, thanks for correction.

    but as far as I remember without recording it also lacks always on mode.

  • @Vitaliy @Sph1nxster Thanks guys, I think I can live with that then. I've been using aPanny TM900, and the recording info disappears too, but I haven't ever checked to see for how long recording info stays on. Actually, once I've made my adjustments, I'm glad they go away, because they only clutter up the tiny LCD screen. I read that some users like to monitor stuff like mic levels continuously, but I would never need to do so, as I record with an off-camera mic and only use the onboard microphone for syncing with PluralEyes.

    How about zebras? I'm assuming the G6 doesn't have 'em since I couldn't find anything about them in any of the online reviews...

  • @Vialily What do you mean by "lacks always on mode?"

  • no matter what you do with the settings, the screen cannot stay indefinately on without touching the controls

  • @calleb can you use your tablet as a monitor over wifi when recording video? Is there any lag or is it genuinely useful? Thanks.

  • Panasonic say...

    please note that you cannot watch live recordings on a TV screen (using the HDMi cable), this function is only available for camcorders, and not for cameras.

    But, you will be able to se live recordings while using the Image App installed on a smartphone/tablet. Please check the link below:

    So that's good news.

  • What's the first overall impressions of the new owners compared to GH2 & Gh3, does it definitely sit in the middle or does the hacked gh2 still resolve detail better? Looking forward to see more video examples!

  • I hope this is the correct thread for this question.

    For run and gun style video shooting, I would like to use the G6 the way I use my beloved GH-1:

    Use shutter priority automatic, set desired exposure by panning and tilting until overall scene brightness looks right, lock exposure and autofocus to prevent drifting, start shooting.

    Page 177 of the Owner's Manual for Adavanced Features states the following:

    •AF Lock only is effective when taking pictures in Manual Exposure Mode. •AE Lock only is effective when taking pictures with Manual Focus. •Only the AF lock is active during motion picture recording. Once you cancel the AF lock during the recording, the AF lock cannot be reactivated.

    I haven't been able to get my hands on a G6. Can somebody who owns one tell me if the G6 can be used in the manner I described above for the GH-1? I'm hoping the information in the owner's manual is just poorly translated.

  • Hi, guys. I didn't find. During the video record on a HDMI output there is a picture? On the external monitor will be as at GH2 and GH3?

  • Tested an european version G6, body firmware 1.0. HDMI output does not work in any photo or movie recording modes, only on playback.

    It seems that even monitoring through AV cable is not possible, but I cannot confirm this as I don't have the AV out cable DMW-AVC1. In advanced manual that comes with the camera it says "The viewfinder cannot be displayed when connected with a AV cable."

    I really hope there is a technical reason for HDMI output not working, that it isn't some disrespectful "market positioning" strategy…

  • @emory

    On G6 it is possible to set camera to manual video mode (called Creative Video Mode in advanced guide) and set exposure mode to shutter priority. In "Custom" menu, AF/AE LOCK button can be set to lock both focus and exposure, and function of AF/AE LOCK button can be set to hold settings until pressed again.

    With those settings it is possible to point camera at a subject, let it autoexpose, autofocus with half-press, then lock exposure and focus. A small green circle will be present in right upper corner of the screen when AF/AE LOCK is on.

  • neokoo, THX...