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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • @folyondar, there is a particular reason why you need to interlace a progressive clip? If you need interlaced just shoot interlaced.

  • Another video I put together with my G6 for most of the shots. I really do enjoy using this camera when hiking and fly fishing, small and light and shoots great.

  • I consider selling my Lumix G6 Asian PAL version. Asian PAL version means that it does not have 30 min time limit. However, when I saw on how low the price of this Lumix in Ebay now, I decide to keep it. This is a great camera! Tell me other system camera or DSLR camera which can do 1080p24/p25/p50 and 720p50 without time limit and can be controlled through WIFI around 200 Euro and below (2nd hand price), then I will sell my Lumix G6. Am I do a reasonable keep?

  • Keep it @yskunto its a outstanding 2nd or 3rd camera (Time lapses - Stop Motion - focus peaking) to may reasons to keep the camera.

  • I did this short film with my frends, just for fun)). The camera is Lumix G6. Original language: Russian with english subtitles.