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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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  • @andy_lee You don't have to "prove" your opinion to anyone, least of all a stranger who demands you abandon your own test methodology for one he arbitrarily decided is superior.

    Nobody is declaring indisputable fact here. It's just personal opinion. Or personal view, if you prefer.

    I for one feel Andy did a decently rigorous test, at least as far as high ISO noise performance goes. There are lots of other metrics to look at when comparing cameras, and everyone has his or her hierarchy of importance. Sharpness matters to some, filmic motion matters more to others. It'll only be when you get the G6 in your own hands, shoot with it, and compare the footage to your GH2's that you'll know definitively which camera looks better to you. All Andy did was share his test and declare his favorite. No need to insult him by parenthesizing "test" - any test anyone else might put forth could be just as easily picked apart if that's the game we're playing.

    Well done, Andy. I'm envious you've got a G6 in hand already. I look forward to getting one ASAP.

  • Very impressive for iso3200, both in above and this test, G6 might be better IQ than GH3?

  •'s another test by the same guy ...24p....getting impressed more every day !

  • I only remember one occasion when a director went on the stage of a cinema and told the audience the story of his film - this was because the print was burned in the projector just some minutes before

    But normally it is always moving images. Same here. Nice to hear of 3800w Tungsten and color charts, but where are the videos / images? Did I miss some attached video in this thread?

  • G6 af in video? impressive stuff.

  • @frame - just buy your own G6 - they are cheap - then you can do all your own tests!! - bingo

  • LUMIX G6 = The best camera for US$750,00.

  • Used the g6 for a shoot today - very nice experience and footage looks great.

  • Panasonic=much better than Canon for video in equivalent prices. this is fact. Canon T4i, T5i, EOS 100, 60D... is far worse in my opinion...

  • Mosaic consisting of footage from the G6. Shot with different picture profiles (Vivid, Standard). Iso 160 throughout the video, 25p

  • What lens did you use ?

  • Hi there I did some more test with G6, please notice that I am not a professional tester, trying to do my best IQ and grading

    Slow motion anf flycam nano

  • @digitalamator

    I used the Olympus 45mm 1.8

  • Assuming I'm buying the G6 and I have no lenses, is the 14-42mm kit lens worth it? I would get some fd and later some m43 primes too. I've heard that it's nothing too much but it's rather good for video.

  • Hmm I will go tomoroow and buy G6 but i will buy lens too. I decide on Panas 20mm 1.8. I hope that will be good set. Tell me pls what kind of sd card will be best ?

  • Panasonic 20mm has f1.7, not bad to start!

    About the SD card, take a Sandisk, and today even the 45mb/s it's not so expensive. To sleep nice dreams, i would take 32gb 45mb/s.

  • This will be ok ?,id-151829

  • Yeah, very good.

  • @imrx:

    The old 14-42mm is not THAT good (if you want to get that G6 kit). The new 14-42mm ii ASPH instead is a complete new lens and noticeable better all in all. Way sharper, better built quality and it´s also equipped with the HD aperture feature.

    So IF you want to have a good standard zoom - Get the G6 and the new 14-42mm model. (But there´s no kit available. So you have to get them seperately. Btw.: I used both models already.)

  • ...right now in the states....the only kit so far available is with the version 2 of the 14-42mm ...and it's gotten good reviews. I with the mkll ...or wait for the new 14-140.

  • Oh. Ok. That´s new for me. Here in europe only the normal G6K kit (with the "old" 14-42mm) is available. Not the G6KK (with the 2nd edition). So get the G6KK with the 2nd edition 14-42mm lens.

    Btw.: I actually use the new 14-140mm Power OIS (as already mentioned earlier here). Also a VERY good option if it´s in your budget (@imrx) - I can highly recommend it. Especially the new stabilizer is really nice. Maybe the 14-140mm Poiwer OIS G6 kit is available soon and you can wait a little bit. (Because: The price of the 14-140mm is btw. way lower in a kit ... about 20->30% here in europe compared to the retail price of the lens alone!)

  • @andy_lee I am asking you again: Did you post any photos, stills or videos to proof your opinion? Or will you in the near future? @shaveblog Even a cameraman of a homeshopping channel would throw out of the studio for calling steady lightning for comparable test results "arbitrary."

  • Thanks.

    Just for fun I did a compare of the GH2, G6 and GH3.

    739 x 540 - 125K
  • so can you use an external monitor with the G6? I have heard that there is no live hdmi