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Beginners: Basic hacks questions
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  • Anyone who knows the link to the thread which says about "cadence" problem?
    I always read the word in " the official low gop topic" but I don't know what the word means.
    any hint will help me. thanks in advance.
  • Patch question. I'm starting on a documentary this week and I'm looking for a patch that's a bit middle of the road because I don't want my 16GB cards to run out in the middle of an interview. Which patch do you guys recommend for 15 minute interviews recorded in a PAL country? Thanks in advance to anyone who bothers to take the time to answer this question. :)
  • What camera are you using?
  • I should have added that bit of info at the very least. I'm using the GH2. ;)
  • @marktottymy your best bet is to play around with settings from the patch vault and built up from there. Refine there settings if you can, but you're not going to reinvent the wheel at this point, so spare yourself the hassle and play around with existing patches.
  • @Zoke I regularly record documentary interviews on Driftwoods AQuamotion patch (100 mbps, and it spans). You should get about 25 minute record time on a 16 gigger. Find it in the patch vault. If you're not a GOP1 addict, you can also find some excellent GOP3 patches. That said, I'm in 24p land, not PAL so not sure if AQuamotion is what you need.
  • @JDN Thank you. I'm still pondering on whether I should go with 1080/24p or 720/50p but I'll give that patch a try.
  • @JDN Which mode are you shooting your documentary interviews in?
  • Hi,

    Noticed a closed thread while searching for an answer to a problem I was having, and didn't see this answer posted anywhere.

    Seems 100% battery isn't enough to get the camera to patch with certain batteries. I have no problem patching with my "official" panasonic batteries but can't get it to accept the patch with my two "off brand" batteries, even at 100% charge.

    The batteries that won't get the camera to patch are Power2000 1500mAh blocks. Using them produced the "No Valid Picture" screen instead of the option to patch.

    Just in case the person having this problem was still tearing their hair out.

  • @timK

    At least Panasonic it doing something smart.
    Do not even try to patch with such batteries.
  • Such batteries are not recognized since the camera has no way of reading if they are fully charged.
  • OK I'm very new at this GH2 hacking. I just got the cams last week and filmed with it stock this weekend and it looked pretty good. My only interest from the hack is to get my bit rate for 1080/60i up to about 24mbps from the stock 17. I don't really care at this moment about the 34 or 42 levels that others are using and I don't use, at this point, the 24p either. I have downloaded all the PTools and .bin files, made the bit rate changes like the "hack for dummies" posts here told me too and got the camera to load the file on boot. I record a short clip and it is still showing 16mbps in my file information. PTools shows the modified bit rate as 24. Did I go wrong somewhere.

    I am moving over from the T2i and have had it hacked with no problems so I'm not afraid. I just seem to be missing a step even after following the step by step guides in this thread. Any ideas what I have messed up?


    edit: I re-did the firmware upload with the additional languages option selected. The languages all got uploaded so the update "took." I filmed some footage for a few seconds and still got a bit rate recording of the stock 17mbs on FHS. I have the modified 1080/60i rate set to 24000000.
  • lost files/ file restorer... works with af101...i wonder if the gh2 works ;-)
  • @driftwood - can't wait until the GH2 has more features than the af101- (would be quite sad though if that were also true for the af200)
  • I hacked my camera with the cbrandin 44mbs patch. Amazing quality change, everything fine. The camera was spanning, sd card is lexar 16gb professional class 10. Then I changed the settings to the cbrandin 66mbs patch and it was not spanning any more. Today I set it back to the 44mbs version. I need the span. But the camera still doesn't span. Any ideas? Thank you so much for your work guys! Cheers!
  • The camera stops recording after 4.29GB (not spanning). But also the total recording time on my 16gb sd card has dramatically reduced . Before I changed to the 66mbs version I had about 70 minutes. With the 66 it was 38 minutes. Now back to 44 its only around 45 minutes capacity. Looks like may be the camera didn't change properly the settings back to the 44mbs version. Maybe I did something wrong with "version increment"? The 66 version had a 1 and on the 44 version I put a 10.
  • @gameb
    it sounds like you might have forgot to empty the trash the last time you put your card in the computer. There might be ghost files taking up space on the card still. Try reformatting the card.
  • @Brian202020. Thanks Brian for you answer. Yes I formatted it for sure each time I used the card for the patches, and I didn't used the card for anything else. What I am really still unsure about, is the "version increment". Like now if I want to try to redo the whole thing again, I understood, that I leave the 10 and don't touch it. Or do I have to put in a 11?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Is it virtually impossible to hack the GH2 in a way that it'll record at 4:2:2, 10-bits?
    Say with a "new" mp4 container coming in December, assuming it will come.

    And if not, is there any way of getting the AVC Ultra codec on the GH2?
    The answer will probably a no but I thought I'd ask anyways ;))
  • Hi Vitaliy, and all.

    Is it possible for these hacks to change the way still photo modes work, in the gh2, g3, or gf series? What cameras are currently hackable?

    Is it possible to get auto iso to work when in M exposure mode, so it will meter, and set the ISO accordingly?

    This is something every canon, and nikon DSLR allows, as does the oly PENs, but I prefer the controls on the bodies of the panasonic m43 cams, to those of oly.

    Also, is it possible to hack the longest shutter speed allowed in A mode, with flash on? Currently it is something horrible like 1/30 or 1/60 which is too slow for my subjects. If auto iso is on, it should bump it up, when it hits the limit, otherwise just give a low ambient exposure.

    Thanks you all!
  • Howdie comrades,

    (long time reader, first time joiner/poster)

    So I came back from London with 4 hours worth of lens-test footage - mostly night-shoots and hand-held. This was my first shoot with my Gh1 re-born as a Gh13 after I applied the hack with LPowell 100mbps settings, with Overall Bitrate set at 108,000,000. I shot everything in FHD AVCHD, on 32GB class 10 Transcend cards. As far as I can remember, my Gh13 never crashed or frose.

    The footage looks great, but it's not as "mind-blowing" as I expected.

    Once I came back I got a software called Mediainfo (free from SourceForge), so as to check bit-rates, fps etc (great simple software). And I was pretty upset to find out that most of my videos are in 25fps (NOT 24fps or 23.976fps as I expected) and have bit-rates ranging from 15 to 20mbps. Is this normal??? I mean where's the 100mbps? or at least the 50mbps? Am I missing something?

    So , how can I make those videos be capturing in TRUE 24fps with bit-rates as high as 40, 50, or even 86mbps, or even higher???

    Many Thanks in advance for your advices and suggestions.
  • @kronstadt with GH13 bitrate depends on detail in the scene. The more detail, the higher the bitrate can get. Low light and shallow depth of field have less detail, thus low bitrate. I thought the GH1 is 25fps native? If you want true continuous high bitrate, you need a GH 2 and hack it.
  • Just had a quick question. How to I save a Ptool setup as a ".ini" file. I have some setting I want to test out, but I dont want to have to re-enter all the setting everytime. So if i create a "setj.ini" file I will be able to just load the settings and make the change I need to. Sorry if its a simple question.
  • I've been trying to hack my GH2 for two days now. I've done all the steps. I first tried to put the patch/hack on my 32 Transcend card and that didn't work so I went a spent $17 bucks for a PNY 4gb Class 10 card just to try and put the patch/hack in that. Still nothing. All I get is the "No Valid Picture To Play". It's starting to get me heated because I want to get the amazing quality everyone else is getting. What am I doing wrong. I tried doing the patch with the PTools 3.63d. I've tried everything. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE?
  • @jazzwalker

    Make sure there's two underscores in the bin file. i.e. "GH2__V11.bin", NOT "GH2_V11.bin".
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