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Official GX1 hack development topic
  • I got the dump. Initially all looks pretty good.

    I hope to start to work on hack soon.

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  • @XISO

    Yep, it'll be cool to make.

    Thing is that it needs really big time to refresh all past knowledge and also find proper places.

    May be we'll go the GH2 way.

  • Hi, With manual lenses, I can control the f-stop. With flicker reduction mode, I can somewhat control the shutter. However, without some way of locking the ISO, even moderately low light video clips are unusable due to the high levels the camera picks. I don't need PASM, just some way to lock the ISO while shooting video. It is so close. Thanks, Vitaly, for all that you have done

  • Hi everyone,

    I owned a GF2 since 2012 and bought a used GX1 recently for video shooting.

    I hacked my GF2 with settings with over 100 Mbps in MP4 and the gear worked well with my Sandisk 45m/s card (U-1) Then I hacked the GX1 with the same setting (for example, driftwood's MOON T9) and used the same Sandisk 45 m/s card. Surprisingly GX1 always showed writing error due to card speed, which never happened with my GF2! I tried several lower mbps settings at around 60-70 mbps with my GX1, no writing error came up, but the video became very unsmooth when played in my computer. The unsmooth playback is obviously caused by the insufficient writing speed during recording.

    Quite confused that GX1, a camera supporting SDXC U1 card, could have insufficient wrting speed problem which never happens with GF2, an older model without SDXC card support.

  • Japanese only GX1 now set to English. Thanks Vitaliy!

  • Any small incremental improvement that you will bring in the new PTOOL is very welcome, Vitaliy!

    I am sure that even a hack that will release the PAL/NTSC switch and world language of the later Lumix cameras is a great news.
  • Vitaly will update ptool? PASM mode for video. Thanks

    I still did not made update, my big fault. As for PASM - this one I am not sure about.

  • Vitaly will update ptool? PASM mode for video. Thanks

  • Thanks Vitaly. I just bought a G3 really cheap on EBay to play with anamorphic, I guess that is my best budget option for now (I have a Sankor 2x anamorphic lens.) Now I don't have to think about getting a GX1. ;-)

  • Hi all,

    Can GX1 MP4 480p mode be hacked for anamorphic correction, like MJPEG of previous models? If so, GX1 + hack + LVF2 would be a great little kit. Since I have never heard of this being done, I am afraid the answer is negative...

  • The GX1 outputs video when taking photos but not recording video, I understand the Panasonic only enables that feature on the GH range. The GX1 also allows remote shutter triggering from the radio control system

    The distance I need is up to 500m, I didn't think WiFi would operate at that distance also I would be worried that using WiFi on the Hexacopter might interfere with the radio control which also operates on 2.4ghz

    Camera like the Sony NEX5 will output video while recording but my preference is to stay with Panasonic as I have a range of lenses and like the results better.

  • All Lumix is capable outputting photo and video through HDMI and video composite output on playback but not during photo and video taking. I do not understand well what your need is but if you only need photo and video playback during short range hexacopter flying, then all Lumix are capable through build in WiFi or WiFi SD-Card. I think GF6 is a good candidate if you need a lighter Lumix with build in WiFi to monitor photo and video taking. In my opinion, the codec on GF6 should be better compared to the stock GX1's codec.

    As the possibility of GX1 outputting lives video through hack, only Vitally who knows it. For know, GX1 is incapable to do so including the newer GX7.

  • Thanks yskunto, that's unfortunate, I currently use a GX1 on a hexacopter for still photography and a GoPro (which I don't like) for video.

    The GX1 provides a composite video output for photos which I feed back over a 5.8ghz link and it would be great if it would do the same when recording video.

    The GH2, GH3 & GH4 are bigger and weightier (and more expensive) and the EVF or articulated screen have no value in this application.

    Do you think is it likely that a future hack would provide a live video output on a GX1 when recording or is it technically impossible


  • Currently, there is no hack that will enable video output from Lumix G2, G3, GF1, GF2, GF3, GX1, and GH1. The only Lumix capable of doing HDMI video output during recording through hack is the GH2. Only GH3 and GH4 that has HDMI video output by default from the factory.

    Most modern Lumix such as GH3, GH4, G6, GF6, LX100, and FZ1000 are featuring WiFi connection. You might able to monitor video recording through WiFi connection from your Android or iPhone. You might also able to control the video shoot through your smartphone. If it is the case, then your onboard mic will not pick up sound during changing camera setting since you do it through your smartphone.


  • Hello, can anyone tell me if this hack will enable video output when recording ?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev thank you for a hint of the new PTOOL in progress. I hope your unfinished second method could solve the GX1 stability problems. I really curious on what would be offered by the new PTOOL. It will fuel more interest in this community definitely. Success Vitaliy!

  • Thank you for trying Vitaliy, really appreciate the efforts

  • First I want to say thank you sir Vitaliy, my gx1 just being moooore awesome with ptool. I hacked my GH1 too long time ago, and it's super duper sharp in daylight, although it was dead when i accidentally drop it to the saltwater last week(phew)

    I'm not be able to donate for you since i dont have paypal or cc. I just can say thanks a lot to you, and hope you always healthy and far away from any trouble in your life (okay that makes me like an 8yr boy)

    but seriously, thank you sir. If you travel to my city Jakarta i would like treat you Beer just like jakartaguy :D

    sorry for my bad english.

  • @grim7

    I have no date. I tried to fix GX1 issue two times, one failed and another did not finished completely.

  • Dear Vitaliy Do you anticipate releasing update for GX1 and G3 patch anytime soon? Thanks Grim7

  • What is the best settings for GX1 (AVCHD 1080 29.97)? Galaxian 2? Camera is NTSC (Japan), but I am live in Russia. I use Sony Vegas Pro 12. Anybody use converting to 24p from 29.97? How can I switch PAL-NTSC in GX1(options not active in camera past hacking)?

  • "I have been reading the different messages everywhere and come to the conclusion that the now extremely cheap US GX1 NTSC version for the moment cannot be hacked to PAL?? (PAL/NTSC is greyed out) Is there any work done on this? or news on the progress of this issue? Hans" news for this problem?

    where can I download version 2 Galaxian? Please thanks

  • Please forgive a silly newbie question. I'm looking to get live view video out of the HDMI port when I am not recording or taking pictures. Any bit rate or frame rate will do, I just want to be able to get an HD image on an external monitor to assist me in setting up a telescope.

    I tried this with my Oly EPL-5 and it's dumb. As soon as it sees the monitor it goes into playback mode.

    I'll buy a GX1 to replace the EPL5 if this is possible with either the native firmware or one of the hacks.

    (I've tried googling various camera reviews and have not found an answer if this is possible)

    If the GX1 is not the right camera for this, I'd appreciate suggestions for any other micro 4/3 camera to try.

  • thanks @intrinsic3d I thought it was done, I sold mine and thought I was gonna have to get another one, I really love the size it's just the video issue.

  • djhessler: nope