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Official GX1 hack development topic
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  • So, Vitaliy, I'm quite amateur in that, I supose I must wait until final Ptool releases for my GX1, is that right? Thanks

  • You can test public beta now if you want... More beta testers are always good to find possible issues and resolve them. Curently there is some bug related to MP4 fore GX1, AVCHD is good as i know. For my G3 it seems that it's pretty stable at the moment...

  • I think I'll wait because my interest for my GX1 are MP4 recording and changing menu language from japanese. Is it difficult to install Ptool?

  • I have Cluster v6 ready to go for GX1 with higher bitrates in MP4 modes too - however, mp4 modes currently do not playback in camera. AVCHD FSH/SH does. Further testing is still being done before I release anything.

  • No, it's easy as a cake... :) Installation itself is a simple firmware update (copy BIN to SD and update). Only difference is that before install, you use PTool to modify firmware BIN file to your needs.. That's all.. All is on PTool wiki in case, you wouldn't know something...

  • First of all I want to change the japanese menu to a english or spanish one. Is that possible?

  • First of all we would like to say many, many thx to Vitaliy for the wonderful beta release, it really rocks ! Than i would like to ask Driftwood, if there will be a Cluster v6 release for G3 - that would be cool !!

  • Angel: yep, it's working right now... You can patch fw to multilanguage so then you can set any language (eng or esp). This patch is working, only some MP4 ICP (In Camera Playback) issues are present... Botha: you're right.. VK rocks and all my gratitude goes to him for his excellent work done...

  • Excellent! Thanks Vitaliy! Is this the best place to post feedback (what works/doesn't) or post in the topic for the relevant device?

  • Excellent! Thanks Vitaliy! Is this the best place to post feedback (what works/doesn't)

    Ptool topic

  • Hi all, I hope testing and debugging is going well. Sorry for being a total lame brain when it comes to this hack but what does it actually do? So far I understand that it: 1. Can give you additional language options, if you need it. 2. Gives GX1 the option from 1080i to 1080p 3. Gives other MP4 options that are not available now.

    Those are three great attributes and I don't want to sound ignorant but I was wondering if there was more like turning shooting video into fully manual, etc?

    Thanks, Jakartaguy in Jakarta (Indonesia)

  • I havent try but does gx1 can be use with LCD Monitor thru HDMI output? im planning to use one since its LCD is fixed.

  • Are multi-shot HDR and multi-shot hand-held night mode, just like NEX and EOS-M have, becoming possible in the final version of GX1'S hack????????????? I really want this kind of mode, and it is surely very helpful when shoot in night without a tripod.

  • @buckpago - stonebat is right you can not use a LCD monitor for live output (yes, I know it sucks) and Vitaliy has stated in an earlier post that this is because of a hardware issue, not software.

    @LO47 - I don't know about you but I feel kind of bad asking what is in the hacks or what they can do. Kind of like a child asking their parents what is inside their birthday present. But I am hoping that Vitaliy or driftwood can make a list of the things the hack will make possible (i haven't seen this list anywhere).

    Thanks all

  • @LO47 Let yourself be surprised...

  • @Jakartaguy The hack brings better quality quantisation which means less macroblocking on high detail like running water. Also the greater the bitrate the more information is preserved - in the shadows for ewxample - it also includes sensor noise but it gives it a more filmic look and you can always smooth out the detail/noise in post if you require. Just remember, Bitrate is KING. A lot of the stuff preserved is indistinguisable at quick glance to the human perceptual system - look deeper and feel it. If you don't want to - use stock. Its up to you to decide the trade off.

  • @driftwood - thanks man, that is deep. I look forward to trying out the approved hack and thank you and the whole team for making this happen.

  • if there are any Mac users here, what is your preference (shell, software) for running PTool?

  • @Kit_L

    Please, use proper topic for your question.

  • dear vitaliy, one more question; which one you recommend for video that can be better with ptool; gf2 or gx1 thanks!

  • Been messing with the hack on my GX1s. Neat stuff, provided you use fast cards. At least in terms of improving IQ by lowering compression.

    The "ISO removal limit" doesn't seem to do anything at all though. I don't see any difference between when I do and don't check it. And I've tried messing with the menu settings for ISO limit, but they don't affect video at all.

    Am I doing something wrong? Or is this just a feature that doesn't work in the current hack?

  • The "ISO removal limit" doesn't seem to do anything at all though. I don't see any difference between when I do and don't check it.

    It works, but it needs manual video modes :-) And this is not made yet.

  • Ahh. Well, looking forward to however it develops! Thanks for you efforts! Just made a donation. If there's anything else a non-programmer like me can do to help, just say so.

  • Could you make a rough estimate when could it be done? :) I'm just curious if it will take e.g. two months or two years :) Just thinking of buying also GH2 for video purposes only and if the manual video controls are on the near horizon it will be such a waste as I'm not pro yet :)