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Official GX1 hack development topic
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  • Manual controls work fine on the GH2. This is the GX1 thread.

  • Yea I know that. That was the point. If manual video on GX1/G3 comes in near time, it will be a waste to buy GH2 just for video as the video quality will be very similar on GX1/G3 with manual... Just want to know if Vitaliy can make a rough guess how long will it take to unlock the manual controls on GX1/G3. For the start it would be great to have just only manual ISO setting to lock recording at paticular ISO level..

  • @JOFO

    Right now I am, kind of, on vacation :-) Manual movie mode is our top priority, but no one will give you estimate. WIll be ready as soon as we'll understad how to do it.

  • Yea, I know you're on vacation... I just wanted to know how long it could take. It's not urgent, I'm just curious if it's even possible for you :) As said It will be a great waste to spend about $600 for GH2 body only to use manual video occasionly. I'm not pro but want to play with video more to learn some techniques as I sometimes do weddings on my friewnds requests and they are satisfied with my work. But better quality with manual videos on Panys cameras would be a big plus. But I know that it's very hard to estimate. Just want to know your opinion if it's possible e.g. in couple of months or it could take year or two. :) Meantime, take a good rest and enjoy your vacation... Best wishes from Slovakia ;)

  • Hi

    Thanks for your wonderful work.

    I don't know if perhaps it is too late, but many people who shoot HDR would love to see the GX1 bracketing range jump from 1 EV maximum to 2 EV, so three shots +/-2EV in bracketing mode would become available.

    Right now the camera can get there but in 5 shots at 2/3 steps each. Not very useful as you shoot unnecessary shots, load up your card, and risk movement between shots.

    It's odd that Panasonic is so out of touch with HDR that they try don't already make this simple firmware change.

  • @JRtt

    I know about it. Just can't do it yet.

    Hope to try in october.

  • HI Could you please send me the latest GX1 hack I need to update PAL to NTSC Thanks for your helping in advance

  • Hi Vitaliy! First of all, congratulations for all your hard work. I just purchased a GX1, and I wanted to know if you where still working on the Manual Movie Mode hack. Thank you very much

  • and I wanted to know if you where still working on the Manual Movie Mode hack.

    Yes, I am.

  • Thanks! That's great news. I hope that you can find a way to make it work. I will make my contribution ...

  • Hi, just wanted to say Hello and Thanks guys. Just got my GX1-X in Japan, and the hack to unlock the languages worked like a charm! My camera came with the last version of both body and lens firmware.

    The device is currently available for 41000 JPY here, so approximately 520 USD or 400EUR. What a steal!

    Thanks again.

  • @vitaliy_kiselev, Thank you very much for your hard work. I just read all of the topic and it looks like you made allot of effort in order to create this hack. I'm now figuring out how to install it on my GX1. Thanks again and looking forward the Manual Movie mode....

  • Great job you did. Regards and many thanks so far. Using a GX1 Firmware Version 1.1. I checked Version increment, interface, 30 min Limit and most important for me Max Iso limit removal. The Camera did the update properly. The 30 min limit has vanished. But nothing happens with my Video. Still there must be a auto iso in M-Mode although Iso has been fixed to 200 Iso.

    Hope You enjoyed your vacation and are feeling well again.

  • @Cetacea: Max ISO limit removal doesn't do anything in this fase.. It will take place together with manual video controls when implemented... Vitaliy has stated this a couple of times... We need to wait until manual controls will be implemented to use this option.

  • Just got a japanese GX1 body for 400 USD on eBay.They're letting these go for a fraction of the original price now :) I'm really enjoying taking photos with it, much more than my GH2. Favorite color mode right now: Low key with +3 on exposure and tinted slightly warm. Looking forward to manual video!

  • @Jofo: Thanks for your comment. Haven´t seen these posts so far. Maybe had been to long sitting in front of my screen.

  • It was earlier, some month ago i think... I was curious about the same thing so I noticed it :)

  • So... Any news on the manual video controls? Is is still in development? I hope Vitality doesn't loose interest on this.

  • Yes, it is in works... Vitaliy had not much time in sept/oct and said that in nov he probably will have more spare time and will try to push on his plans... Better not ask too often as it gets irritating soon :) We should let him work on that and if he will have some news, he definitely post it... He never let us (comunity) down in the past...

  • Of course not! The current hack is great and I could use my country language on the camera! I'm glad there are people that do this. They are simply great.

  • im able to get a used gx1 or nex5n for cheap in los angeles... how would you guys compare galaXian gx1 to nex-5n?

    In camera playback is not that important for my use since it would be a b or c cam. thank you in advance.

  • ...not as good at high ISOs, but still pretty good. It's a bit unforgiving on lenses, so unless you've got top of the line glass, or want to invest in M43, it may not be as cheap as it seems. I've paid as little as $340 for a refurb on Amazon, so it's great for B roll. Or C, D, E! Even unhacked, there's no video limit with AVCHD.

    Also between the two, there's no 1080p/60 with the GX1.

  • *** NEW *** Driftwood Gala~X~ian V2 (with GH3 Matrix on AVCHD modes)

    Trial test of the GH3 AVCHD matrices on the GX1. Much bigger B frames for movement over previous setting. Tuned to the GH3 AVCHD matrix NOT the All-I Intra matrix. Test away. Don't be discouraged if recordings don't playback on camera. They work on the computer.

    AVCHD modes on the GX1 are identical to the GH2 except 720p is 25/30 scan, AVC Profile 100 level 4.0.

    NOTE: Before you ask - mp4 modes are constrained by the Baseline 66 profile so there isnt much that can be done to improve stock for the time being. Therefore there are NO changes over stock settings for mp4 recording modes.

    Driftwood GX1 Setting - Gala~x~ian v2 (GH3 Matrix on AVCHD modes) -
  • I was about to load the driftwood settings into my firmware but I wanted to see what this would actually improve. I have noticed in video, on stock firmware, the image looks choppy/jittery when panning is this something the bitrate increase will improve?

  • Thats probably down to the shutter speed on some of the recordings you've seen. Ive noticed few problems on recordings. If you do load up the setting: You may experience no in camera playback due to the deficiencies of the GX1 decoder.