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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @matt_gh2 Haha thanks! No I did not get payed :( The hack I used was Boom v1, I had the iso at like 160 the whole time only went up to 2500 for the shots in the room, and I used an old Olympus Zuiko 35mm f/2 lens I got off ebay for cheap.

  • Sorry for being away from here recently. Working on some new ideas.

  • Here's the vimeo version

  • @driftwood, welcome back from the storm.

  • @DeShonDixon, great work! The 720p60 stuff looks just as good as the 1080. Smooth -2 on everything? Really like the whole vibe of that video, production on the song's nice too.

  • @Oedipax Thanks man! Man yeah -2 everything

  • @DeShonDixon I heart B&W/slo-mo/film grain so that was supadope! good work

  • orgie18 -

    That was great work! Fun to see some keying work off of GH2 footage. Were you keying blue sky? I imagine so, since setting up a cyc for that type of work would be nuts and very expensive! Were you using keyLight in Ae, or ultra key in Premiere?

    There was one point where the key heavily eroded the actors' hand, (it is a stump that "melts" back into the shot) but other than that, decent work! Looks like you preferred the matrices of Intravenus- my friend has purchased a gh2 and neither of us has had any time to work with it much yet, but we have a nice big single back-drop green screen that we did a previous project with a JVC consumer HD-cam which was a nightmare to key, so looking forward to a hopefully better experience with the gh2!

    I have some great old Pentax glass since my still system is Pentax, so we picked up and adapter and I'm looking forward to doing some work with the gh2- both key work and real on-set work. But your clip was truly inspirational!

  • @Jizzyjones thanks you soo much man!

  • expected release dates for cluster 8 and CS matrix?

  • @GravitateMediaGroup everyone is expecting cinema smooth matrix.

  • Expected release date for new settings of Cluster-Long-GOP series ?

  • cri..cri...

  • In the midst of filming a short film and here are two quick grabs from our rushes (1st one straight from camera, 2nd one is corrected)

    We used Intravenus and we're so glad we did!! We also used a 5DmkIII for about half the short but so far it's intercutting quite nicely. I'll be sure to post the whole short once done in the coming weeks!

    Thanks again Driftwood for your hard work

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @rajamalik yes, we all are expecting it but "when" was the question

  • @GravitateMediaGroup it's a million dollar question? Ask sir driftwood ;)

  • @jhero How's that option? In what genre is the movie?

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • @shon it's A genre ;) just kiddin @jhero

  • Looks good! However for this psychological introspection, we will probably keep nearly the same contrast levels as in SS1 from the camera. Well, I'll see what my colorist thinks!

  • PS: intravenusV1 w/sedna matrix and no deblocking spans on 30mb/s C10 Sandisk no problem. intravenus is a very stable and beautiful setting. Just experimenting different matrices on intravenus this week. works great.I'll post some pics grabs.

    first two are smooth all -2, last one is cinema -2-2-1-2.

    2012-10-20 02_42_04 (id).png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
    2012-10-27 11_11_29 (id).png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
    2012-10-27 11_16_52 (id).png
    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • I opted to go with Apocalypse Now Soft for my little film, I hope it was the right choice! lol

  • Anyone have a link or footage comparison of Apocalypse vs. Sedna?

  • @Rszanto Sedna A AQ1 always,..

  • Looks good Jhero, what did you do with the lighting?

  • This video was shot using Cluster v6. I'm not very happy with the night shots; I'm thinking I'll get Neat Video for the next night event shoot. Any other suggestions or recommendations?