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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @Splendiddd

    First and foremost -- your work is better than 98% of beginners -- both in terms of composition and your technical implementations. The Cinema 4D and AE camera tracker work in that car video was outstanding and inspired me to mess around with the new camera tracker in AE CS6. So, you've got an outstanding eye, and you've got the brainpower to make stuff work. Stick with it and in a few days you'll blow away anything I've ever done.

    Regarding your questions and my initial answers -- the two videos you posted are examples of everything I wrote. When you get that flicker/strobe -- it means the camera is moving too fast for the frame rate and focal length and distance to subject. That's it -- that's why it's happening -- you're moving the camera too fast. At 24p -- pans/moves need to be really, really, really slow. Look at the mom's garden video -- you'll see in some camera moves you don't have that flicker/strobe, yet in other shots you do. The difference is the camera is or is not moving too fast.

    I assume you've got a slider (and if it's a manual slider it's tougher to learn) -- so run some tests. Keep your shutter speed at 1/50th, have your subject not too far away (three or so feet), use a wide angle (that Tokina is fine), and do a bunch of slide at different speeds -- way too fast through to way too (outrageously) slow. Then, examine the footage in post. You'll see the flicker disappear when you get down to some very, very slow speed -- and that's the rule at work -- that's the speed a pro cinematographer would know to use.

    And, the higher the frame rate, the better motion will be handled.

    As a long shot side note -- if you're using high bitrate patches for the GH2 and comparing it to the standard (from memory) 38 Mbps 7D footage -- your video card may be more challenged by the high bitrate stuff during playback -- especially if your video card isn't wonderful. But -- that's only a playback thought -- and has nothing to do with the rules I described and the issues in your sample videos.

    So -- you're good -- and if you stick with it you'll be beyond great. You've got talent. The problems you describe aren't yours or the camera's -- they're the issues of the business. Stabilizer work should be done at 60p with the widest lens you can use. Slow that to 24p in post for the stuff that pleases normal audiences. Camera movements at 24p need to be slow, or you need to be focused far away and have the quick motion stuff be not in focus in the foreground.

    I could go on -- but I've got to run. Filming stuff today. Good luck and enjoy the journey!

  • @onionbrain

    Thank you for the kind words! You cleared some stuff up, i will remember the movements versus framerates next time i film stuff. I need to learn one important thing: I have a lot of patience when working in the studio in post, but when filming i am too rushed, i need to slow things down, thats also the reason some shots are crap because (as you described) are too fast :-)

    Regarding the C4D and AE tracking, i learned a lot from this tutorial:

    Only i used the new camera tracker and not a rendered picture but an animation (I turned global illumination and ambient occlusion off because of the insane render times). AE has a steep learning curve, but the results satisfies me so, that i love the program. However C4D is even more difficult, but with a little patience and the search for good tutorials like from Nick, you can come a long way :-) In fact i learned everything from youtube/vimeo tuts and the Philip Bloom DVD's. I never worked with real pro's before (sadly)

    BTW i use a 2008 Macpro 8-Core with 16GB ram and 6TB of internal storage. (I have a semipro music studio for over 2 decades) I customized the mac with a NVidia 570 GTX (pc spec) card for the cuda power, its a real time saver, all the CC, motion and other effects in PP can be done without any render time and at full resolution playback. This system does not have any issues at all mixing high bitrate GH2 footage with other codecs, in fact this is THE reason i turned my back on FCP/X, a bonus is that Adobe is much more pro, and more versatile with other adobe programs. I use a 64 95mb SD card in the GH2.

    I do have a slider, and i did a DIY motor config on it, but most of the time i use the manual mode. (because with the motor i need to drag the battery and cables around)

    Regarding the GH2 Hack, 720p does not work or is not available when attaching a field monitor, can anyone confirm this? this is annoying because i will not be able to shoot higher then 24p with the crane and on a tripod... for now i will be using my 7D @30p for that like i did in the car video.

    Thanks again for the tips, and compliments for motivating me to work harder ;-)



  • @Splendidd, i dont know what chu talkin bout... that GTX vid is great.

    The Garden one is better...


    maybe try out some intra patches on that crane?

  • Just finished a small interview of someone that a couple people might know :) Anyways, it was shot with AN Nebula 6, 1080 24P with my Tokina 28-70 2.6-2.8 lens at 1/40 shutter. ISO 640. I had a wrong call time and showed up late with only enough time to set up two kinos at 3200k. Not very ideal but the talent only had a small amount of time. Wish I could have lit the background because it was awesome!! It's underexposed and that seems to be my MO here lately, dammit. Here's a screen grab after the transcode in 5DtoRGB to ProRes 422HQ

    1080 x 635 - 592K
  • I'm very happy with the GOP6 444Soft matrix, low light is sharper, better grain, and less macroblocking than I have seen on other settings. I'm going to edit up a few clips from this show after I get a friends wedding video done, just a raw preview:

  • hi guys, the new improvements on the new settings are far beyond expectations. at the moment GH2 glows with the work, sweat and the most with the deep thought has been put on it. same wishes to GH3 adventure!.

    my question is how do we make or create crossfire settings? Does copy/paste thing work on an .ini. file? or do we do it by using ptool, could not find info in the forum, but I know in some treat I read the instructions, some how, I could not find it now. Thanks. any help is appreciated. (intravenus for 24p,25p,50i+cluster for 720p+ '444 Sharp2' matrix. cause ı really like Driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' - 6 GOP Nebula '444 Sharp' matrix but nothing beats gop1 in 24p so , I wish ı have intravenus 24p on cluster V7 and V8 that would give the best of both color and motion reading with any Lens.)

  • Hello all,

    I've got some issues with AN Cluster 7

    I use CineMode 1080/24p - Smooth -2 -2 -2 -2 with SanDisk Ext Pro 32 GB class 10 95MB/s

    But it always fails after 4 or 5 minutes. Do you know how to fix this issue ?

    Regards, D.

  • Quick test outdoor of my nex super cinelux anamorphic 2x mc schneider kreuznach with the Driftwood Apolcalypse now Intravenus hack and canon FD 50mm 1,4.

  • @orgie18 Looks promising ;)

    Could you please render that out as 2160x1080 square? to see the whole potential:) (someone correct me if thats not correct resolution)

  • @strancali Sorry I was out for a few days, but is like @nomad says it all depends on your shot. I love my 25mm but some day I'll buy the 17.5mm for more wide angle shots. They did another thing different with the 17.5mm and is the de-clicked aperture ring. The patch depends too. .095F to 3.0f i use sharp2 for other apertures I used soft.

  • does this patch work with the 30mbps SD card? actually, what is the lowest card it will work with?

  • also.. what is the standard bit rate / mbps supposed to be with the AN patch? it just feels really low when i look at my file sizes!

  • @driftwood what setting I should use for wide shots/fish eye/ultra wides? Using 12-35x Lumix lens, boom or intravenus?

  • @thepalalias why there is no all iframe setting in 720p on 60fps mode?? Is it not possible to reach with gh2?? Hai I read an article about hobbit. You are rite higher frame rate production improves motion and detail on moving object. Watched some scarlet 3k 48p footage dsam on YouTube. They are good. I never tried much on 720p in gh2. I would sure this time. Waiting for the most amazing intravenus cinema smooth matrix ;)

  • @getmezzy use cluster v7 for these sd cards.

  • Cant wait to test the new patches... i recently recorded a video clip, i´ll post in a while...

  • I have noticed Nebula v7sharp2 in HBR 25p sharp edges(box corners etc) have a jagged interlaced look. In 24 , FSH, and 720 it is fine. PAL mode.

  • Tell your NLE that it's progressive, many program s treat this as interlaced.

  • This thread is going dead it seems :(

  • @driftwood I´ll come alive with the new settings coming...

  • @rajamalik: Yep, this time it seems it's a dead thread.

  • people are looking to the new cameras too fast. There is way less activity in all GH2 hack threads. But people dont realize it might take months till the gh3 is availabe and hacked...

  • Enough whinging. Sheesh, what's it been, a week since Nick announced his next rev? Relax, hummingbirds. You can survive on such substandard, barely adequate patches like v7 till Nick slides down your chimney again. Or we can form an angry mob and go stand outside his flat and all yell "FAIL!!" in unison because he announced a patch before he and his betas were ready to share it.

    I don't know. I've got some important shoots coming up - walking around in my backyard pointing at shrubbery, a "spec" rap video, and yet another montage of tourists walking down the street (man these never get old) - and I can't bear the thought of shooting them on such unwatchable crap as AN v7. It would be an insult to everything I - nay, we as a filmmaking community - hold sacred.

    So I will WAIT, and I will WHINGE with the rest of you. Nick!! NICK!!!!! FAIL!!! FAILY FAIL FAILWHALE!!

  • @nomad yeah that would make sense if FSH showed the same characteristic but its only HBR that shows this....just an observation. wonder if anyone else is seeing this maybe

  • I have been testing out both "Apocalypse now BOOM" & "Intravenus v1" for a few weeks now and I am really liking what Intravenus is doing with the blue channel.

    I tested the performance of the two patches by filming trees from wide angles and close up, which I would then key out the blue from the sky in the background. I was floored by how easy it was to pull a clean matte, specifically with Intravenus! While Apocalypse Now BOOM did a great job with a key, there was still a bit of jaggies and blocking around the edges, where intravenus had virtually smooth flawless edges.

    I then attempted to do the same thing with footage from an earlier date that was using sedna, the matte was okay, but nothing in comparison to these recent patches.

    Bravo driftwood and Cbrandin for the great work with the matrices.

    I'm sure Driftwood will build on top of the performance that these two patches bring to the table. I just hate having to check back in every day to see if a new one has been released or not! :)