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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • @artiswar I've had lots of problems trying to import MTS files directly into FCPX, even with the new version. I have been relying on Clipwrap, but that's not looking very reliable now.

  • MTS import under FCPX is indeed not very usefull to say the least, importing in newest Premiere is loads better, but do try 5DtoRGB please.

  • @ahbleza - Sounds like a pain. 5DtoRGB sounds like your best option now if you're on 64bit. I've never messed with transcoding since switching to CS6.

  • Anyone have the link to download Sedna aq1. I am searching and cant find it. Thanks all.

  • Thank you so much Stray I looked everywhere and gave up that's why I posted for help. Im going to download it now and try it out. I want to see if it is better then Driftwood_Cluster_v7_'Apocalypse_Now' this is what im using now.

  • Are guys using Sedna A, B or C.

  • I filmed for 11 minutes to see if the Sedna would span on my SanDisk 64 gig 95mb card and it did. But I will not play back in camera and it will not record anymore. Says full number exceeded limit. Back to Driftwood_Cluster_v7_'Apocalypse_Now.

  • @AonAnderson After a span you have to record a very short shot (couple of seconds) before recording again. This is really the case with all the high bitrate settings when it comes to spanning (IIRC, someone correct me if I'm wrong, I never have to span because I never have shots that long so I don't worry about it). Also Cluster V7 is a long gop setting and the Sedna settings are GOP 1 Intra settings, which you need to know. This means larger files, less space on your cards etc. If its longer GOP settings that you're actually after then check that thread for other cluster like settings with other matrixes if you're not happy with the AN matrix.

  • Thanks for this great patch! For low-light, what would you guys favour : Canis Majoris Night or Apocalypse Now ?

  • Help! Please, what is the best/ most reliable hack? I am so confused! Please help me, thank you! :)

  • @jnphan: "Cluster v7 Apocalypse Now - DREWnet/ sharp2" and "SEDNA AQ1/ A" are the best settings for gh2 by far.

  • @jnphan or you try valkyrie, gopzilla or flow motion they are fine, too. In the end it depends what kind of SD cards you use and what you want to do with your camera. Without that its hard to tell which setting to use.

  • So between AN and SEDNA AQ1, which one would you recommend for 24p narrative films.. Would love some cushion when it comes to grading..

  • @Aashay: i would use Sedna all the way! They are known for their reliability, too.

  • @Mirrorkisser thanks.. Also, I use a 64gb 45mbps sdxc and luckily I havent had any problem with any patch (unless it's very experimental).. Does Sedna produce huge file size? My PC has just 8 gb RAM and Premiere starts to slow down during long projects,so I was thinking of dnxhd proxies but don't have TB's of free space..

  • @Aashay Sedna aq1 a writes file around 140 Mbps average to 146 Mbps it's maximum is 154mbps . so it will work well in any 45mb/s class 10 cards. It will work well in a 8gb ram system with a good dualcore processor system. Performance varies due to graphic card and nle. Sony Vegas 12 pro with red giant magic bullet is a good choice for u r system. Anyways try and write back to our members

  • @rajamalik.. cheers dude.. I have a quadcore AMD with 8 gig RAM and Nvidia gtx 460 1gig card that has CUDA enabled.. Still, it has problems even playing back single footage from the stutters in VLC and Media Player Classic.. I use CS6 and MB.. but Magic Bullet cmpltly brings the process to a halt so I use Mojo mainly. Could this be some codec error? PC is virus free and recently formatted.

  • Try Vegas 12 pro use mts directly for the edit @Aashay

  • @Aashay Are you trying to play directly from the card, or are you copying over to your hard drive first?

  • @sanzadez.. I usually copy my footage to hard drive first but while testing different patches, I tried playing them from card directly. It both cases, it stutters. If I apply Magic Bullet on my clips, then I forget about any sorta playback (a frame or two in 15 secs) regardless of clips being on HD or card.

    @rajamalik Aye aye Sir. I just hope Vegas has all the nifty plugins I'm so used in Premiere cause otherwise, even if I love Vegas I wont be able to switch.

  • boom is hot! sharpens up the old screw mounts nicely. heres a screen grab from something im working on. no grade. no color

    800 x 450 - 49K
  • Reminds me of why Sedna is SO nice.

  • a little short i shot the other day. Canis PM

  • *** NEW *** Quantum GH3 Matrix Test Setting for the GH2

    Low mem cost - Great quality 1080p24/25p/30p Intra utilising the new GH3 4x4 matrix scaling tables & deblocking simply inserted into the GH2. Plus 3 GOP PAL 50p and 6 GOP 60p 720 modes. cbrandin's AQ1 and AQ2 is back in use here providing avg 14-16 Q for 1080 modes and lower for 720p modes. Experimental Setting requires testing.

    • 24p =50-100Mbps avg
    • HBR 25p/30p = 50-88Mbps avg
    • 720 modes = 50Mbps avg
    'Quantum' Intra GH3 Matrix TRIAL