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Driftwood - Experimental Series 2: Low Rider, Cluster v8, V9, Intravenus II, GH3onaGH2, AN, Boom
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  • please, how can I disable Pasadena Audio Patch in AN?

  • @cam_boy I've been pulling sky keys a bit myself recently so your results are interesting. Personally I've found that both AN and Intravenus really aren't as good as sedna A for that kind of work. Both AN and Intravenus to my eyes are producing less detail (they are smoother deliberately after all) than the sedna patches, do you think this is making pulling a key with Intravenus easier ?. I'm finding edges are very difficult with this patch, though the skies I'm dealing with aren't blue. I'm pulling keys with primatte and creating my own despill mask from edge detection masks, so its pretty easy with sedna and AN/Intravenus. However, the results are a lot better with sedna. The reason why I switched to sedna was the shot involved a roof with small tiles and as the roof is quite far away in the shot I was getting bad moire with both AN and Intravenus that wasn't there with sedna. The other reason for switching to sedna relates to what driftwood said about potential blocking problems in shadows. Yeah, they're there, but they are only an issue if you want to lift them, which I think I might have to.

    I can say with pretty good confidence that there is no real, as in gobsmacking, improvement to the blue channel with these new patches, in fact I think its slightly worse than sedna.

  • @driftwood. Nick, we have not seen any comments from you recently. I just wanted to make sure you and the family are doing OK. The hell with the settings and hacks and patches. Cheers.

  • @stray: thats my observation aswell. Sedna still seems to be the best allround settings. I stick with them, too. You might want to try the valkyrie settings, especially 1.5b, which is not all intra, but excellent.

  • For those who have teted Sedna settings. I have tested a lot of different settings. In a moment my favorit is still CM Night, also Boom is quite awesome, but mainly sufer weak blue chanel. So what sedna settings would be best of Sedna series (do not want to test all of them, because you already have done that). Thanks advansd.

  • @Mirrorkisser Sedna settings are intra?

  • Yep. All intra. Very good settings, very stable and very well tested.

  • Here is a video clip i did with "Cluster v7 'AN' 12/15 GOP (DREWnet) with cbrandin/driftwood '444 Sharp2 Matrix" I used VIVITAR fd lens, and a canon 35-70. Watch it in vimeo so you can see it in HD.

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  • @otcx The different Sedna settings are for specific situations. However, I always go for Sedna A AQ1 these days. Great detail, consistent bitrate in pretty much any conditions and no vagaries that I've found.

  • @ splendidd - Moms Garden Page 2 (in case you missed my post on Vimeo)

    This video is smooth as hell and beautiful .

    First : Monitor ,Beamer, TV to 1080 24 p (its crucial : a Monitor @ 60 Hz/50 Hz will always introduce judder )

    Second : Right Player : Win : MPC- HC with LAV H.264 Decoder and MadVR as renderer ,Movist on Mac ( best option:acceptable but not as good as the Windows option , cause Apple has been sleeping for years (almost no support for Hardware acceleration (DXVA) of modern Graphiccards)

    Third :Do not play your Vimeofiles in Explorer or Firefox (way too much Overhead). Play them in Google Chrome (close all other tabs)

    Right now I played your video in Chrome on a calibrated professional Panasonic Plasma set to 1080 24 p and it was smooth. And believe me I am super nervous with every kind of judder and shakey movements.

    Sorry for my English , not my native language. Best Armin

  • Hey everyone! check out the new video I just shot with BOOM! Holds up amazingly well for 720p :)

  • Hi, This is a new test of slowmotion and keying shot with Intravenus 720p60.

  • @orgie18 impressive! Makes me want to go test this myself!

  • @stray I tested both sedna and Intravenus and Intravenus blows sedna out of the water in terms of keying. You are correct about the blocking, Intravenus is littered with artifacts in the shadows and on really detailed shots. I do think the edge softening is helping with the keying to a point, but I also think its the matrices that really do most of the work.

    Ill have to post some stills to illustrate what I get with the two patches.

  • @orgie18 Very nice man!

  • should sedna still be used with 3.65p tools or the newer 3.66 beta ptools?

  • @orgie18 You must shoot in 60p to achieve that nice slow motion in twxtor? cant be done in 1080 24p shutter 1000?

  • @danielvy yes 60fps and shutter @ 125 or higher.

  • @APA I do not recommend to use the patch "BOOM!", "Intravenus" "drewnet v7 444 'all versions except" sharp2 ", for video recording in 720p, you may not notice, but when zooming is clearly visible. In each GOP jump fine lines, and in your video, I noticed it right away.

  • @ Stray Thanks

  • @danielvy I think, it's possible to shoot in 1080 24p but the mouvement must be slow if you want a good result with twixtor.

  • @sch8mid

    Thanks for the info, i will give it a try... However i still prefer the motion like in the GTX video, its much smoother, the video's need to play smooth on all devices/systems ;-) So i will use the Canon for the crane shots, because of the HDMI issue.


  • Shot with Panasonic GH2

  • @DeShonDixon Skills. I hope you guys got paid - because that was professional work! Great shots, great editing, great choice to go black and white, great work on slow motion. Skills.

    (Do you mind sharing the hack/setting, in-camera settings, and lenses used?). Oh yeah, one other thing...skills. Rock on!