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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • @psywhisper .. is that the twitch plugin?

    Film looks really interesting .. I request you add subtitles in English

  • @MarkV thanks! You really should try to get there someday - it's great experience :)

    @shian Oh, that's great news! Is it going to be a plug-in or presets?

    @kavadni Yes, that's Twitch (slider RGB split and blur ON) Ok, I'm going to add subtitles on pop-up in youtube. :)

  • @psywhisper .. great thanks .. three people here who are looking forward to the subtitles.

  • For those who saw the broadcast Friday night, withhold judgement till you see my reel. Something must have gone wrong in the conversion for broadcast. The footage I saw projected at Comic-Con, and in the color session looked fantastic. I still haven't heard what went wrong, but I think it was the heavy grain we added in post to make it look like a 16mm Grindhouse movie, whatever compression scheme the network used just turned it into a macro blocking nightmare. We are attempting to replace it with a file of our own for future broadcasts and online streaming.

  • Done with colorghear after finishing all the tutorials to practice. Definitely had to go back and review some things!! Over all i'm fairly happy with it. a bit of a conservative grade, wish I had pushed it some more. But not too shabby for my first try I think.

    Also my first upload in 4k, how do you compare the quality to vimeo, @shian?

  • Nice work. I recognized Andrew's footage almost immediately.

    I'm allergic to u toob

  • uploaded a version to Vimeo for you, I don't like that vimeo doesn't support 1080 anymore

  • What are you talking about?! I can still upload and render 1080p videos on Vimeo and view 1080p on Vimeo..

  • I attended a hill climb race last week. Took my GH1 with me and made a short clip using ColorGHear for grading.

  • @seb3000 nice dude. Did you use twixtor on that at all?

  • @MarkV when I upload 1080p files to vimeo they get downscaled to 720.

  • Thanks @shian ! No Twixtor, only some 720/50p footage for the slo-mo shots.

  • @shian and others.

    I'm ready to buy ColorGHear, I have a few questions first...

    I have a weekend "job" that I make aerial photography (90% videos) of mostly nature or sports (like mountain bikes, skate etc) I use magic bullet looks but mostly the presets and some customization of these presets. But I want to do better.

    My first problem is that I don't know WHERE to start. I mean, what is the first thing I have to do? What I have to change? Is this enough? What is wrong with the picture right now? Do you think your software/tutorials can help me on these matters?

    Example, the image below was recorded using a NEX5n its a direct from camera image. Can someone tell me how to enhance the image? Or if some kind soul can enhance so I can see what is possible to achieve.


    1680 x 922 - 899K
  • This took me 30 seconds to punch up. Minus Blue, CineGHamma, and Spectral enhancer. The main problem I see, is that like the canon cameras, the image seems a bit soft, I fixed the blue cast, and punched it up a bit, nothing drastic.

    1680 x 922 - 6M
  • @shian, is it possible to render out your generated film grain as an overlay? Whenever I use the generator my render time shoots through the roof

  • I did warn you that it would happen, well, not you specifically, but in general. I'm working on an overlay.

  • @alkasber
    I suggest you take the leap and jump on board. Color Ghear is well worth the money. Don't feel hesitant because you don't know where to start. The great thing is it comes with tutorials. These tutorials will teach you everything you need to know to get started. As for how to enhance your image, that depends on each person. Everyone has there own style, you will develop your style after using it for a while. Best of luck.

  • OKAY THAT'S IT! My Magic Bullet Looks has been on the fritz now for 2 months and after constant going back and forth with RG technical support. I've switch my new looks app to Color Ghear. Why? Cause it doesn't crash on me.....ever!

    I've been using it now as my finishing/look builder but I'm thinking about switching my whole CC process to just use Color Ghear.

    Thank you Shian for your hard work and making Color Correction fun and yet challenging at the same time.

  • &Thankyou for the film school!!

    It is fantastic

  • @johnhizzle One of the best endorsements ever, thanks! Now plaster that all over the cyber-verse. :P

    Thanks, @christianhubbard the next tutorial is a 3 parter. I hope to have part one up this weekend. And part 2 sometime next week. Part 3 is the grading portion of how I graded the footage. It'll be up not long after part 2 is everything goes according to plan.

  • @shian,

    Hi, I have been reading this thread for a while and am considering buying your "toolkit" for colour grading etc as soon as I have bought my first GH2 with the necessary accessories..

    I have a few questions first though:

    I am running on a 2012 Macbook Pro, the model that came out just before the Retina Display ones. I have After Effects as part of Adobe CS5.5 Master Collection (student/teacher edition). My Mac has 4gb RAM.

    1) WIll I be able to make the most of your toolkit with my current hardware/software?

    2) As a free bonus that came bundled with AE, I was given a plug in with a ton of presets for colour correction called "Synthetic Aperture SA Colour Finesse 3"... With that in mind, do I need to buy your tool kit?

    3) what does this toolkit and tutorial set offer me that SA colour finesse does not do already?

    Thanks for your time. I like the look of the footage I have seen that has been graded using your toolkit.

  • @shian

    Ok, bought it and right now I am watching the tutorials. I have a simple question, I recorded some material on GH2 nostalgic mode, that has a yellow tint in it. Which is the easiest way to correct the white balance with the toolkit?


  • @shian Hi, any news on Premiere Pro and Speedgrade version? I like your tools very very much. Helped me in a lot of projects in AE. BR and thanks a lot. Uli

  • @sas If you can, return the retina mbp and get the 8gb ram version. AE eats lots of memory. Personally I'd get non-retina mbp and diy 16gb.

  • @alkasber right now I don't have a quick yellow fix, I suppose I should create one. I always suggest when shooting Nostalgic to add a little blue and a tiny bit of green using the adjustment feature in camera to offset the slight sepia tones.

    @SAS there are uses for Color Finesse - it is a fine color correction program, but CGT is incredibly fast, far more flexible and renders faster. Like @stonebat said memory is king when working in AE, so the more memory the better. You don't have to leave AE to use CGT like you do with CF. CGT operates more like Davinci in terms of modular grades, and mixing. No one "NEEDS" CGT, but the results speak for themselves.

    @uliman still working on it. Premiere is not cooperating. And SpeedGrade is essentially useless until Adobe gets around to including a true roundtrip workflow between it and PP and AE. I only use it now for secondaries, and WB, and then export the LUTs, and import them into AE. I only find it useful for tech grades.

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