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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • Hi @shian,

    Though I bought ColorGHear a long time ago, I didn't have a chance to use it because my PC wasn't fast enough for color grading. So I would appreciate if you could answer the questions from a newb in color grading:-)

    I'm a PC user!

    1. Do I need to convert native GH2 MTS files to 10-bit DNxHD or other codecs (ProRes?) before importing them into AE 5.5 or should I import native MTS files? I didn't find an answer to this question in your tutorials (or I missed it...). I also plan to edit (in the future) my videos in Premiere but for now I only want the existing footage to be color corrected.

    2. In case you say I should convert MTS files to DNxHD or ProRes, what advantage will it give me?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @SAS : As Shian said memory is king. I was on a W7 PC and 4GB was clearly not cutting it. I upgraded to 8GB which was faster and about 10x more stable, but it still wouldn't allow me to activate all 8 virtual cores of my i7 for rendering... Needless to say, I had to reach for my wallet (my micro ATX board has only 2 mem slots so I had to shop around and go for 8GB sticks) and stop at 16GB.

    That's my experience from the PC world.

  • @MikhailK it's not necessary. But by converting in 5DtoRGB there is less aliasing in fine detail. But it's not a major issue.

  • @shian - How much additional latitude do you feel you gain with 5dtoRGB? Is EOSHD's Premiere fix sufficient?

  • like i said it's nominal. I've yet to see any MAJOR improvement from it. BUT I am going to see if translating the new AN 444 hack to prores444 has any improved quality over 422. I'll let you know what I find.

  • @shian - AN 444 hack, care to elaborate?

  • Apocalypse Now 444

  • I've been out of the loop!

  • Part 2 of the Intensity and Falloff series is now live in the CGFS section.

  • Thanks for new tutorial @shian Great as always!

  • Graded with colorghear. Major props @shian!

  • Hey all, love this tread. Got a question for you all, im currently looking to get a Pana cam, i was wondering how big a boost there is from GH1> GH2 Video wise and for post work AF/ColorGHear. Footage is gonna be use Web wise only, so Youtube, vimeo ect, basically is the GH1 worth it vs the money saved on a smallish budget? is so what are the big drawbacks if any

    thanks for the great read and videos guys.

  • Can't speak on that, I never owned or shot with the GH1. But I love my GH2.

  • @simple - huge difference. I've owned both, both hacked. The noise profile on the GH2 is far more granular and less bandy. Check out this video that I shot a while back. Major banding.

    And then here on the GH2 with Quantum 9b

  • Well I shot a previous video using Color GHear and wasn't pleased with my results.

    I then went back and watched all of Shian's tutorials and exposed my camera never going above or under +/- 2. I then went through each piece of footage and made sure they fell between 80 and 20 IRE.

    I'm pretty pleased with the results.

  • @shian thanks man! With Color GHear and a hacked GH2 you can achieve great results. Thanks for your hard work!

  • @johnhizzle What's that specific tutorial? Thanks.

  • It's the exposure zone one

  • @shian I recently purchased ColorGhear and love the site already. I'd love to see a tutorial that expounds on exposing in the zone using different tools. For instance what to look for using monitors that have false color such as some of the Marshalls and SmallHD (which I have). I'd also love to see a forum over there so us gear heads can get together and communicate. Again love the site!

  • @greglory every attempt at a forum has failed, but still working on it. And FC and WFMs are easy: 20-80 on wfm, and blue to mustard yellow on FC.

    192 x 348 - 12K
    480 x 320 - 33K
  • I'm not very used to AE. I'm just a PPro basic guy who wants to improve his CC skills. I've tried Colorista in PPro but doesn't like it very much. Do you think I will be able to manage AE and CGhear with the tutorials? And something else: I'm shooting a short film in a couple of months. Will the tutorials help me to set up my shots better for later postprod work? I love my GH2 and want to get the best possible results with it. Many thanks to shian and all of you!

  • @Flaaandeeers the sight is sweet. The tutorials are great especially the film school. @shian thanks for the reference on the FC. I think i'll attack from the meter side after reading through another thread of yours regarding the guy with the Red kit. I want to really nail down the ratio aspect of working with a meter. I do have a few questions which is why I asked about a forum especially in regards to the tuts that are not available for public viewing. I don't want to hijack threads, and I think your site could be the start of a great community where people aren't trying to peddle bullshit DVD's or pander to one particular brand of gear.

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