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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • @shian I have some serious thinking to do. If I should use it on all my tutorials, or do versions both with and without

    Either way, but I sure hope you include it somehow. I really enjoyed using the demo last night.

  • Coming Soon: Film Emulsion and Grain GHears.

    The biggest request I got from day one was a way to get a realistic film grain look. So for those who asked, and for all of us who love that film grain look, I have cracked it.

    The biggest problem I noticed with added film grain to video is that it just looks like noise. The kind of noise that you get from underexposed video. So after careful study, and a lot of trial and error, I've found a method that is very subtle and pleasing to the eye.

    Now keep in mind, you will take a pretty hefty render hit with this. But the footage just looks beautiful.

  • Can't wait!

  • Saves me from spending mad dollars on cinegrain I hope.

  • The vimeo compression pretty much kills the grain, so download the MP4 from the vimeo page. And keep in mind it looks spectacular on the ProRes file.

    password is: ghrain

    This is still a work in progress so any input is welcome.

  • My eye isn't trained enough to spot the improvements, i notice.

  • Mine neither.

    The heavier version is more noticeable but adding the grain alone IMHO doesn't change the character of the footage too my eyes.

    But I'm also sure that if I saw it combined with certain film looks it would really make the footage "pop". I'm also sure it might be matter of taste.

    Thanks @shian!

  • really not noticing a difference in the two grains

  • I like the rough grain so far.

    What I noticed: To me it looks like the grain is moving a bit slow, like it had a different frame rate than the rest of the footage. Don't know if that is intended or due to the compression (I watched the original MP4).

  • I did notice only something that I though was noise.

    Would love to see a way to generate grain as there is in Hobo with a Shotgun.

    1920 x 1080 - 3M
  • A screen grab on my latest short film 'A Day in 1951' using Canis Majoris Night.

    1154 x 649 - 506K
  • Re: the scopes

    I have some serious thinking to do. If I should use it on all my tutorials, or do versions both with and without.

    I think you should use them in tutorials .. all educator's have phrases they use over and over.

    I would rather here you say "if you don't have 'test gear' then you'll have to open colour finesse", then watch you opening up colour finess repeatedly :)

  • @tonalt that's Vision 800. Almost exactly what I'm using for the rough grain, only sharper (which can be controlled with the options you'll have)


    The trick is getting it to move right AND (this is the tricky part) film is back lit, so the grain has this luminescent property, and combined with the medium which is emulsion the matrix of grains creates a softening effect, and that's where I'm trying to get this. It's working in some shots really well, in others not so much.

    @seb3000 that was intended. I slowed it down so as not to be as distracting as noise, but to give it that subtle sparkle. There is an option to control the speed, so if you prefer it faster you can turn it back up.

    The final problem will be to solve where in the stack to put it. Cuz in the shot with the candles it looks like noise, and that heavy of a crush would squash that in the shadows, but in this case the effect went on last, so it just grains up the shadows.

    I'll get it right eventually. Just needed some new eyes, cuz I'm going batty trying to nail this down.

    Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 10.50.09 AM.png
    2557 x 1436 - 3M
  • Nice. What about adding a bit of random color noise, too? :)

  • @stonebat the trick is where in the mix and how to blend it, otherwise it goes pear-shaped damn fast.

  • check out the grain on this shian, I love it.

    He said he just used 1.5-3% of a light grain from MBL

  • With current cinematic style tending towards lots of black (or at least, very dark) sections to the image, its important when applying grain to keep it from brightening the dark areas too much if at all.

    That being said, the grain really should be applied very near last. Let us know how you sort this out, I'm very interested.

  • New Film School tutorial is live: Falloff and Intensity. I try to make sense of the Inverse Square Law, and put it into terms you can understand. I also show you why if you don't already have a light meter, you're going to want one now.

  • Did a quickie to enter Bloom's "The Sequence" challenge. Had to be under a minute. Didn't have anyone else to help so it's a one man band production...

    Colored with ColorGHear using Shadow Lift, Spectral Enhancer and Toner with Desaturation.

    No, I didn't really shoot up either......


  • @shian Looking at your rough GHrain example at around 58s right in that space behind the character's back of the neck, there is something strange that I can't explain. It's like the camera is shaking but the noise isn't... :(

    Is that what you mean when you mentioned that "The trick is getting it to move right(...)" ? BTW, are you applying equal noise to highlights and shadows?

  • @duartix yeah, I'm making it possible to have the user determine how much to apply the grain to various tonal areas. I solved the emulsion problem, but still playing with the grain itself. I feel like Khan in Star Trek II, "He tasks me.... he tasks me and I shall have him!"

    @all The Episode of Femme Fatales I DPed (The Grindhouse Episode) "Hell Hath No Furies" airs this Friday on Cinemax

  • Guys! New video from Chernobyl, Ukraine! Litl bit CGH ^_^

  • @psywhisper Really cool! I'd love to see this place in person! I'll definitely take a trip there one day...

  • @psywhisper I love the little registration glitches. I'm working on something similar with the Emulsion GHear.

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