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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • @Flaaandeeers I'm biased. But Once you get the hang of CGT, its is incredibly easy and fast. I use it for all my finishing work. And the Film School tutorials have helped others get fantastic results out of their cams. Just ask @apriori and see what he had to say about the tutorials

  • Ok @shian here is my big financial question....well not really. I have a Spectra Professional IV-A light meter. It has no EV parameter on it...should I get a digisix in it's place?

  • Some of the more expensive meters will have more accurate readings (in digital tenths of a stop) like the 500 and 700 series sekonics. But the Digisix is a very inexpensive solution and I use it all the time cuz it fits in my pocket. But because it only reads what we commonly use which is 3rds of a stop, there are times when I get a reading of 1/3 when its really a half stop. Not that it matters terribly. But for the price, I love that little thing.

  • @shian - Here's a little test of some grain I rendered out of AE on an 18% gray solid. Overlaid in Davinci 9.

    Also, recently scored a Digisix used from B&H for $100. Love it.

  • @artiswar what settings did you use to composite it? Multiply, Add, Overlay?

  • @shian - Overlay. The grain was actually fairly fine and still is apparent after major compression.

  • @shian - I should also add that when applying the grain over the gray solid, it was a normal blending mode. I used overlay in Resolve 9

  • artiswar thanks

  • I can upload the file for anyone interested.

  • new tutorial up

  • just signed up a few days ago shian. I've learned a lot already.

    when can we expect the second halves of metering, contrast and especially expose in the zone?

  • @dumile At the risk of sounding vague.... eventually? I have so much on my plate with gigs and development I'm finding it hard to find time to record tutorials. I have a mountain of stuff sketched out for the lessons, but little time to put it all together.

  • You need an intern (nudge nudge wink wink knowhatimean knowhatimean saynomore saynomore)

  • Hey Shian i just bought your ColorGhear. Great tutorials. Can you create a setting that resembles the old film look from Horror movies such as Dawn of the dead, Day of the Dead and Hell of the living Dead(the originals not the bad remakes)?

    I b.t.w got a board license which i am not using i can build you a board for your site if you want(i kind of never got to use the board software), you could create a few sections for user based tutorials and user ColorGhear profiles. Let me know if you are interrested(i can also set it up and host it on my webspace if you want).

    Best Whishes


  • Well, CGT isn't about pre-made looks. I'm sure I can create that look with the GHears that are there.

    But for the most part, those movies were the product of crappy film stocks and less than stellar lighting.

    If you shoot Nostalgic and light it like an inept student film - you'll be in pretty good shape toward getting that look. Lift the shadows, add some of the light leak GHears and mix them down, and then a dirty grain overlay. That should do it.

  • thx shian.

  • Because I have to keep answering this question - here's a simple pdf that contains the list of current and coming tutorials. I hope that covers it.

  • @shian
    I googled and found some fix-out-of focus ideas. One of them is use Unsharp Mask. Is any other solutions to fix out of focus from after effect? Looking to hear from you and experts in this forum. Thanks

  • Hello Shian. Im watching your video now Expose in the Zone-where you maintained Premiere version of ColorGhear around summer. This would be very good and handy solution which Im waiting for. Any realease date? Thank you for great work.

  • When I have concrete release dates I'll announce them.

    @tinbeo I've used everything from unsharp mask to sharpen filters in FCP X and AE. It can only do so much. If you're a little soft, they can help save a shot, but if not, get ready for a ton of grain and noise to be added while you try to sharpen your shot.

  • But it is in the plans soon? So it make sense to hold on little bit. thanks

  • @Shian Tutorial section looks pretty good! Have you ever considered offering that section alone for a lower price? I'd be interested. :)

  • Well, there's no way for me to answer this question and not seem like some sort of an ass, so I'll just be honest: No... never.

    In the grand scheme of things, considering you likely spent anywhere between $1000 - $3500 on your camera, maybe another $500 - $1500 on Lenses, and other gear, and that if you were to just take a basic photography class at the local Community College you'd likely spend 3 times as much on that, and not learn from somebody who actually does it for a living. Not to mention how much you'd have to spend on actual film school. I think in relation to the quality and quantity of the education, the price is ridiculously low.

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