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ColorGHear TOOLKIT- color grading SYSTEM for AE
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  • Simple colorGHear today!

  • @psywhisper - that fucking rocks!!!

  • @psywhisper I love it ;-D

  • @shian Any update on CGT for PP CS6?

    AE CS6 is still missing integrated scope viewing of waveform and vector. Launching Color Finesse 3 feels so awkward after learning how FCPX and PP CS6 handle the secondary color correction.

  • @stonebat - How do they handle it differently? Curious.

  • @psywhisper Very, very cool! Were those lanterns actually different colours near the beginning or where they treated in post? Anyway, loved it!

  • @artiswar They have real-time display of waveform and vectorscope during result screen playback.

  • @psywhisper Those awesome cuts from 0:34 - 0:38 totally sold it! Really nice camera movement and editing.

  • @Shian

    hey dude, just posted on vimeo a film commissioned by a govt agency. pls have a look. I used ColorGHear for some aspects of the grading. Cheers

  • @kazuo I like the humour. and it was also a good "watch" from beginning to end. Nice sound levels and easy to listen to, in what must have been difficult acoustics. This sort of film is REALLY difficult to do well, and I'm sure it will do the job for the client and target audience. Thanks for posting!

  • @shian @peternap @Aksel @Mark_the_Harp @MarkV Oh, guys, thanks a lot! Your opinion is important for me. @Mark_the_Harp that create in post, in AE. ^_^ @MarkV oh, yeah. I'm cool stedycam guy :Р

  • @kazuo that's awesome, dude. Excellent work. Very proud to have been involved, even if indirectly.

    I don't know if you guys can understand how it feels to create something that is being used all over the world like this - I've seen videos graded with CGT from France, Turkey, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Amsterdam, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, UK, USA, Argentina, and Brazil (and I'm sure I missed a few). It's quite humbling. It never occurred to me that something like this would happen. I never even dreamed that CGT would have this kind of an impact.

    If we consider that ColorGHear is my little brainchild, then thank you, all of you for giving me an amazing Father's Day Gift.

    (I now have to go share this on fb)

  • @stonebat it's pretty slow going. I have to essentially build each GHear by hand, and find way to do things in those other programs that match the AE version so there's some semblance of conformity between using a Dense Night in AE and using it in PP or Resolve. While the initial toolkit took me years to develop, the actual GHear creation took me almost 2 months of building, testing and tweaking, and was at a time, when I had absolutely nothing going on. Now, every time I finish a gig, and sit down to work on the PP and Resolve versions, or the tutorials, the phone rings. It's like the work equivalent of hopping in the shower.

  • @shian I tried to mimic a couple of simple presets from CGT, but PP can't save a preset for multiple effects. Arrrrrgggg

    For simple grading, I'd use PP. Change curve, level, 3-way color corrector on adjustment layer. Export. Done. PP renders much faster than AE.

    For more complex grading, I'd edit in PP without any color effect, import the project from AE, and use CGT. My impression is that CGT can't be a final product. Just initial settings. Basically... it's about using AE as color grading tool regardless of CGT. AE is a pretty cool tool... except the aging Color Finesse 3.

    When importing PP project from AE fails, I guess I must export from PP then import the file from AE. Can you please recommend export setting from PP for the case? Thanks.

  • @stonebat

    Have you tried "Dynamic Link"ing from PP to AE, use CGT and then rendering from PP? It's worked for me.

  • @IndianaPete Yes, but that doesn't take advantage of adjustment layers and pre-compositions.

  • @stonebat - My workflow has always been dynamically linking each clip in the edit or groups of clips. That way I can apply each adjustment layer to only that singular clip or group of clips. I save the PP project and pump it through Media Encoder for final output.

  • @shian, hey thanks for the generous comments. Thanks so much for your inspired product, and the great tutorials that you lovingly placed online week in week out! I know the amount of time you have put in, we all only have 24 hrs a day, so hats off to you!

    Some pp have written to me asking if they should consider buying ColorGHear. Let me say here, that it is a powerful software, and it can do ALOT if you understand the basics of colour grading. I highly recommend it!

    @Mark_the_Harp Thanks dude for the comments. Yeah, as with all location shoots, the conditions were less than ideal. But luckily, the guys working on set have done broadcast and film for many years, so they really helped circumvent those tricky bits.

  • @kazuo That was a great piece of work. The grading was spot on. GHears is so much fun to work with, I tend to overdue. That was very professionally edited!

  • @peternap

    Thanks for the comment. Hope to work on long form now, hopefully using the same tools to finish a feature

  • Shot and graded in a day. Thanks @shian for a great tool. Excited for the DaVinci version.

  • @shian I expect you already knew this about GHears, but I'm working on a particularly long Doc that's been 2 years in the works. I have a lot of cameras involved including GoPro's.

    The GP's are great little cameras as long as there's plenty of light and I don't expect much in the way of color depth, Etc.

    I used GHears on a clip that was shot in the rain, hidden from a TSA Agent, and was pretty dull and lifeless. GHears turned it into usable, decent video. The Spectral Enhancer is magic.

    I'm loving this more all the time!

  • @shian I can't thank you enough for this tool. It's seriously making this wedding work a breeze.

  • Just a curiosity i think many of you, could find it intresting.

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