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BlackMagic: Official $2,995 raw cinema camera topic
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  • @johnbrawley

    Thanks for your 2 cents but you haven't told me anything beyond what I already know about 422 colour space yada yada.

    Great that you clarified you are friends with owner of BM. Right, that explains alot of things.

    Two, you dun have to get defensive now, and post your resume here. Many of us have used the equipment u handle, perhaps on bigger projects, so I think we can stop this dick measuring.

    At the end of the day, we dun expect you to answer on BM's behalf. Bottomline is, and it has been repeated ad nauseam here, we are not against BM. We have used their products and respect what they do, otherwise we wouldn't bother giving this cam our precious time of the day.

    But business is business, and we are their clients. And as paying customers, we have the fucking right to know what is happening to our orders. Don't you?

  • Come on, folks, there is a difference between a critical attitude towards business practices of a company (like Vitaliy's position) and making an individual fellow filmmaker not feeling welcome to our forum (like some others seem to do).

    To me you are very welcome, John, since it's great to have someone on the forum who knows a lot of other cameras in and out to be able to compare once you are allowed to speak up and show more.

    I've been in the same situation like you several times (tester under NDA restrictions) and have been treated bad even by people I considered friends – just because they were so curious about the 'next big thing'. But if you give in and start to leak, you'll never be a tester again (other than for public betas). That would be bad for all of us, since testers from the profession can influence the development of the next product (version) and inform us all with a lot more experience before we all can buy into something new (or decide not to do so).

    IMHO, John wouldn't do us any service by leaking, but he can serve the whole community by staying!

    May I ask for some courtesy and some patience? These are wonderful human virtues…

  • @nomad

    Think before you play mr nice guy, you should chk his tone in some of his comments as well. Calling others "hysterical" when they are genuinely trying to understand a business decision on BM's part is uncalled for. As mentioned, no one is expecting John to speak on BM's behalf. If he volunteers, then the onus is on him to be diplomatic. He is not representing BM, like he said, and we already know that.

  • I think we just have to wait and not get personal with anyone on this matter. BM has decided to market it in a certain way. But I think they don't not comprehend exactly that marketing a cinema camera and some capture card are very different. They might not understand that the emotional background is very very different.

    Now it is perhaps not there fault that people have pre ordered in droves. Perhaps it is the fault of the resellers. But not showing footage before launch could bite them very hard if it does not meet the insane expectation that people have put in it. People won't look at resellers etc, if anything is not as what most preordering think it would be. They are going to turn on BM. One possible pitfall could be the rolling shutter etc. You never know.

    For now I will just wait an see. I sincerely hope this camera is as good as it seems on paper. If it is not, then BM will just have suffer the consequence. It will be utterly there fault.

  • @johnbrawley That's what I've been saying as well but don't let them bother you at all, everyone has their own issues here. Please do keep us up to date whenever you can. I for one cannot wait to see an extensive review.

  • I think the main problem here is many people are acting like they know for certain BM wont ship out on time. They do have 5 days left. Whether it is likely or not that they will ship out within these 5 days, I don't know. I just think people should wait until they are actually late on their shipments before making claims that it is bad business to not inform their customers if it will be shipping late. Because if it is going to ship in the next 5 days, then they have no need to. Now if they don't, then there is a problem. I have nothing fore or against BM, but I just feel we should wait until they are actually late before anything. I do understand the concern though, I have pre-ordered many items before, and if they ship late, it does make me mad, but I until it is actually late, I can't say a damn thing.

    To those of you who pre-ordered and are waiting for it, best of luck. I hope it arrives on time, and hope its all its cracked up to be.
    To those who are waiting like I am, lets see what they can do once they get their cameras.

  • @sanzadez I'm not concerned about shipping. What for me is very strange: BMD showed this at NAB months ago and announced shipping in summer. Since then: quite nothing. No official footage no official statement, just one person seemed to have had his hands on this camera. Strange policy but there must be a reason.

  • Pool Shark (Footage)

    This is the moving footage for the little test shoot I did with director Ben Phelps. He wanted to try out some visual ideas for another project he’s doing so it was a chance for me to steal some shot for you guys to see !

    As mentioned previously, I kept lighting very simple. It’s a Kino diva in mixed grill, and a 1×1 Litepanel in daylight mode.

    I also had a few pracs on in the background.

    Lenses were the lovely Zeiss Compact Primes supplied by my good friends at Lemac. The 18mm for the wide, 35mm for the panning shot of Casey at the table and most of the closer shots were the 50mm or the 85mm.

    Exposures were mostly T2.8 or T8 for when I was looking back at the windows. Shooting at ISO800 to ProRes 422 (HQ) in film mode.

    Post on this was that I pulled the clips into FCPx. I threw a quick edit together of some shots, then XML exported to Resolve V9. In Resolve, I did a grade using single nodes and primaries only. Rendered ProRes 422 (HQ) back into FCP and then exported to 264 for upload here to Vimeo.


    Source: &

  • Damn... I don't know what's hotter... that chick or the footage. ;)

  • @bwhitz

    Yes, it's a bit distracting :-)

  • When I stopped looking at her, I looked in the shadows and out the windows. I am looking forward to mine.

  • Okay, I'll be John Lennon to your Paul McCartney:

    Am I the only one who sees the noise? Granted, it could just be the vimeo compression.... hard to tell.

    And peep the crazy Moire on that black box near the window @ 0:21 (Turns out it's a computer chair)

    But good news: Doesn't seem to be any crazy rolling shutter issues. Then again, he didn't really shake the camera in this. And the DR is very nice... not spectacular, but nice. So far, so good.

  • And peep the crazy Moire on that black box near the window @ 0:21

    Lol that's a computer chair. Love to see the ProRes files to tell for sure though.

  • I see the noise .. it's quite fine in texture. I didn't see the moire until you pointed it .. I'd love to know what the box is .. looks like the moire is a reflection of the couch or something on it, or in the room. It would be good to know what the surface of that box is.

  • Lol that's a computer chair.

    Hah, yeah it does look like chair in first shot .. I thought was another printer with a chromy/silver front plate .. obviously the moire has taken lots of detail from that object.

  • DR is better than even a hacked GH2, but yeah, crazy moire on the back of the black computer chair. It means there will be busy lines on screen if actor puts on wrong shirt for shoot.

    Would like to have a look at the ungraded footage.

  • Man, this footage looks like Alexa. Might not be able to pull this off in low light conditions, but damn... this is unreal. I'm actually going to own this beast. This is pretty much all I needed to see to quell any uncertainty.

  • The noise is pretty accurately represented on the vimeo clip. So is the moire. Currently the prototype doesnt have an AA filter and they're thinking about if it should have one. What do you guys prefer ?


  • What do you guys prefer ?

    I think most prefer to have option to remove it :-) Or two camera options.

  • Ability to turn on and off would be nice.

    Otherwise half the population will be dissatisfied putting it in, the other half dissatisfied if it's left out.

    The ability to turn on for the SDI would be nice .. record clean in RAW .. AA compressed for client rushes previews.

    Perhaps they can develop their updater similar to Vitaliy's pTools .. so we can 'compile' in filters

    Hah .. edit .. I never realised the cameras have a physical filter .. I thought it was refering to post processing

  • I guess we aren't really shipping in july unless that is an elaborate joke. but yeah, I think removable with the option of an internal nd would be popular.

  • my vote is to put it in, it's hard to say without seeing comparison, but I think the camera has resolution to spare (at least if its to eliminate that moire)

    Edit: furthermore, after seeing the before/after tests eoshd did with the olfpf removal, I don't see a reason not to have it!

  • @johnbrawley. I learn to not take commons online personal. As like the site said, this is personal view. I think the timing is not a problem regarding orders, as from previous experience, the result is what matters most. I think the sample footages are decent but not great. Not as sharp as I like it to be. I think the resolution is not up to the GH2. But I'm not particularly interested in the sharpness, but ability to do raw image can means alot. It does have the film look quality. I'm a 3d animator and do a lot of green screen so raw file is awesome. But for the price, I think this camera will be a big hit. I'm going to place my order now.

  • So the news is that the camera won't ship with an AA filter. They may make a user install able one later. For now you get all the resolution.


  • eoshd test is done with canon 5d3 and it can't be used in this case...what canon does is pixel binning from 18mp to 2mp... bmc record pixel for pixel and aa filter makes dereference (about 30% of resolution )... but there is a problem sensor has 6.5 micron big pixels so there will be some moire and aliasing problems ....leica M9 has similar size pixel and no aa filter so go to leica forum and ask is there big problem with moire...

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