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Beginners: Basic hacks questions
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  • @TraumManufaktur ClipWrap-deal: "We're having a 50% off holiday sale right now", means $25, that was divergent media on the 25th of november, contact Colin
  • @driftwood @alcomposer @WhiteRabbit use google with multiple or single word search plus "personal view", works fine
  • @gameb
    Best idea is to use Google:
    replace 'search' with your query

    This will return ONLY P-V... big plus...
  • Hi, all. I saw another topic where someone recently (December 11) asked this same question. The topic is now closed, but I never saw the question get an answer. I hope this is the right place to reframe it...

    Like the original poster (Ewstrobel) have a brand new GH2 (purchased from B&H during the recent rebate) and I am trying to apply a firmware hack. Near as I can tell I am following all the steps correctly, but when I get to the point of turning the camera on and pressing the "green play button" I see half a second of the hourglass and the screen goes right to "no valid picture to play." That's it: dead end.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Sorry for being a newb.
  • Just One Question! A brand new GH-2 out of box with original FW onboard!
    When I’ll save the new FW version after the modifications I've done can I also leave the “v” away from the file name for eg.. I’d like to save it like GH2__112.bin instead of GH__v12.bin!

    many thanks
  • Pardon, maybe just me, but this link (referenced above) is just going to the start of forum, not to a thread. Would like to get to this thread, thanks.
  • I`ve noticed that videos shot with Helios-44 lens look much sharper (especially in corners) wide open than stills at JPEG maximum quality (16mpx). Is it because of the smaller resolution of video?
  • have others seen significant noise above 640 iso using driftwood's quantum gop1 aq4? i haven't tried any noise reduction in post, i'm wondering if others are getting usable images above 640. specifically, some horizontal line streaking, especially in the shadows. shooting on a smooth profile -2,-2,0,-2. should i be overexposing in camera and fixing that later, to avoid some of the shadow noise? also, does the gh2 produce more noise on the blue channel? should i bias the light i give it and then balance to a card?
  • Hey there, I got my GH2 a few days ago and I installed the SpanMyBitchUp Patch by Driftwood.
    I bought my camera in europe, so it's a PAL camera!? I checked the Pal->NTSC box.
    But I tried to record 720p60 and I only got 720p50. What could I've done wrong? I used the H and the SH-Mode.
    I hope you can help me and as you might have noticed I'm totally beginner with the GH2 :P


  • hi, Fritzlimo5, did you set the video out to NTSC mode in the setup menu on page 3 ?
  • The ISO Limit removal patch is driving me nuts. Under Creative Movie Mode, I can select any ISO up to 3200.
    When Exposure mode is set to S, I can dial the shutter speed to 1/50 and set ISO to 800 for example. When I hit the shutter button picture looks fine and movie is recorded with the right exposure. Now if I switch to Exposure mode M and use the same settings (1/50, ISO800) picture looks fine until I hit the shutter button. Then the movie is recorded very underexposed (3 stops?).
    Using the same firmware (75Mbps Peak Reliability Patch V2) without the ISO Limit removal patch doesn't show this issue and M exposure mode acts as it should be.
    Is this a known issue?
  • @alphazo
    I think you refer to GH1.
    ISO Limit removal patch do not work properly on GH1.
    I am looking for a reason.
  • Yep, it's a GH1 "old" body. Do you think that shooting in Shutter Speed priority (S) mode at high ISO is safe for the time being?
  • Hi!
    I've the GH-2 running on the original 1.0 Software (until now) and I'am using it for under water videos most of the time with the nauticam housing!
    Does anybody has some experience with patches should wark for under water filming or can somebody give me a recomendation which patch could/would/should I try for under water enviroment!?

    many thanks all the best
  • @herronhill , sorry about that, here is the correct link dealing with people who have issues hacking newer GH2's
  • Okay, I've never seen a definitive answer on this. (BTW will there ever be a page with definitive facts about any of the things discovered in this forum?)

    OKay, I've hacked my GH2... and it works great. I went from __v10 to __v11. Now the camera still says 1.0 (As the instructions said it would). Do I have to name the next firmware version __v12 to hack again, and, then __v13, and so on? OR can I just name the new hack __v11 and use that?

    The reason I ask, is how do you keep track of the last version number you installed, if every time you wanna update the firmware you have to increment. What if you forget which version is on the camera at the moment?
  • @shian

    You can use "v11" an infinite amount of times it doesn't matter.
  • Would it be possible to include an in camera crop with AVCHD? For example, could we tell the GH2 to not squeeze but re-frame the image from 1920x1080 to 1920x817?
  • @ Driftwood. I just tried Quantum V5, as requested, on "L" and it says the card is too slow.
    Just wanted to report back and check again:

    So far, I have used (with success) mpgxsvcd's 42mb hack. Just wondering...

    Is there an Intra patch that works on Class 6?
  • I appears cbradin's 66 hack is working on class 6... 7mins and running. That is a significant step up from stock and might keep me happy until I get a new card.
  • @anybody, on the Patch Vault there is a:

    GH2-X Patch

    Driftwood's SeAQuake + AQ3 Slow Motion Burst
    Highest quality currently available in all modes

    **Must use 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC card to shoot GH2-X**
    -Will allow spanning at 24fps
    Burst Chart:
    24fps - 1.9K - 57 minutes
    30fps - 1.9K - 9 seconds
    40 fps - 2.4K - 1 second
    50 fps - 1.3K - 9 seconds
    60 fps - 1.3K - 7 seconds

    What is this slow motion bust for?
  • to get slow-motion? GH2 has no "slow-motion" frame rate available unless you're using this patch afaik.
  • Just got my GH2, been trying for 2 days to get the hack to work. If I put the firmware (unmodified) on the SD card it will let me update. However, If I take that firmware into pTool with Driftwood Aquamotion settings (or any other) and save firmware, change filename to GH2__V11.bin (original is v10), i put it in the camera and get "No Valid Picture to Play".

    -Card formated
    -32GB SanDisk Extreme
    -followed multiple sites instructions and video (all the same step by step)
    -Increased Increment from 1 to 2.

    Any ideas?

    UPDATED: SOLVED! For those having the issues...I bet you did the same thing I was doing over and over again (for downloading premade patches such as Driftwood).

    When you open pTool and load the firmware, at the bottom you should see a letter somewhere between A and J in green, click it. This now loads the presets. NOW click "Version Increment" (first option in the option tree). Then change the Increment to something such as 10.

    The key issue here is that I was changing the Version Increment BEFORE clicking the presets. So as far as the camera was concerned, no new firmware was on my card.
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