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Beginners: Basic hacks questions
  • Starting this for people who have something to ask they feel is too dumb to ask in a complicated thread where you know you really should know the answer so don't ask!

    Here is a super useful thread for a guide to setting up stable settings.
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  • Me 2, so i use just 1080i/50 for now ...
  • Cool. Not just me then!
  • Also...what is ExTele? Is that enabling the HDMI port to use for external recording?
  • And...! When I have a monitor connected to the HDMI port I lose the ability to select 1080i or 720p and it records 1080i. Saw there is a video out setting which I have set to auto and wonder if that determines the way it's recorded in the camera rather than just the way it's sent to the monitor.
  • @belfryman
    ExTele is a feature it "doubles" your focal length, similar to digital zoom but not loosing quality,
    as it crops directly from sensor keeping resolution.

    HDMI it determines capability of your monitor or TV (or recorder)
    if you shoot 1080i but your TV is not FULL HD than output i converted to 720,
    it does not matter on your footage.
  • Cool, thank you. Glad I set up the topic!
    Ex Tele sounds great.
    Is that odd that I lose the ability to select 1080i or 720p for recording after I connect a monitor and it just automatically selects 1080i?
  • Also very glad you were reading! Thanks again, for the torch in the dark!
  • I think you must select before as camera detects monitor than detected resolution will be lockt.
    I suppose it is a normal procedure ...
  • Just to expand on ExTele, If I understand correctly, it records from the center of the sensor, pixel-for-pixel (1:1) in full HD, 16:9. Result? No Moir and significantly minimized rolling shutter :)

    Obviously, digital "grain" will be bigger, and from my experience, it is not always as "sharp" as a result.
  • Sorry, just meant 1080p, rather than 25p, have done my crying already. So assume people discussing 1080 50p.
  • Question for Ptools users on Mac with Wine: Where are the Ptools settings files stored (e.g., seta.ini)?
  • Disregard my question. I found the answer.

    I had used Winebottler to create a prefix. The Settings files were buried in the Users directory:
    \\Library\Application Support\Wine\Prefixes\\drive_c\winebottler\*.ini
  • Does the hack include support for mjpeg @ 24p 1080 or 720?
  • >Does the hack include support for mjpeg @ 24p 1080 or 720?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev:

    What does the "720p30-> 720p24" option under mjpeg fps category do? I am interested in shooting in mjpeg mode rather than avchd because my computer is an older powerPC that does not handle mts files so friendly..

    Where can I find a beginner's guide to hacking the gh2?

    Thank you in advance and for your hard work..

  • @eyeBOX

    from PTools topic....

    Noob Version / fool proof. your battery fully charged? ok mount camera on your pc. (use the provided cable)
    2, Run Ptools and load the firmware GH2 1.0E that you downloaded (looks like GH2__V10 after unziping)
    3. Now you have options... just check the first box for version increment and then under Patches for end users ... click on avchd compression and from that drop down check all of 4 options there while your at it. when you highlight each option it literally pops up and tells you type in this number instead of current number. it tells... you.. what to type in. type in that number for each of these 4 options.
    4.SAVE firmware. use same file name as original except change the last digit to anything else.
    5.Drag or copy and paste or w.e you want, you're new firmware that you made over to camera's card patiently waiting for you grow some balls, now unplug and restart that camera once its on the card.
    6. Once camera is back on, wait a second and push play/preview button. it asks you, would you like to update? hit yes!! DO NOT touch anything or mess with camera during update, that's the only danger... so press update and watch don't touch and guess what? Hardly a minute later you're set
  • @feha

    The odd thing I have is that if I set the camera to 720p before I plug in the monitor it still records at 1080i after I plug in the monitor.
  • There are two different settings one for recording and one for monitor, they do no relate ...
  • I have successfully, consistently gotten my MJPEG settings to give me
    125megabit/s(~15.5MB/s) peaking to even over 160megabit/s (20MB/s) @ 720P/30FPS
    on my Sandisk Extreme III 30MB/s card.
    (Example attached)

    I cannot manage to get even a mere 40megabits/s in AVCHD mode.
    I've used every patch there is out there for the GF1.
    AVCHD at those higher rates almost always causes a card speed write error.
    But why? If I can consistently record upwards of 160 megabit/s in MJPEG?

    Is this just that no AVCHD patch has been quite perfected enough...
    Perhaps due to the high amount of variables versus MJPEG's number of variables?

    I apologize in advance if this is the wrong place for an inquiry of this type.
    Screen shot 2011-07-21 at 5.30.11 AM.jpg
    608 x 297 - 60K
  • @aperturae: It seems to me that AVCHD is very processor intensive to create and while the camera should have ASICs to do this, the write speed error may be to the buffer in the camera not being emptied quickly enough by the ASICs or even that the camera cannot handle the intensive processing needs of creating an AVCHD conversion from the RAW signal AND writing to the SD card simultaneously.
  • @belfryman thanks for giving me credit on my instructions "Noob Version / fool proof" =(, out of context the whole grow some balls step seems really strange on here to post it that way! I would have reworded on request, It was for a particular user guys! i'm not just mean in general, i promise.
  • why nikon can do the mjpeg 24fps?
  • OK here's a stupid question but I was wondering , if you raise the bit-rates/hack etc...will the camera's potentially overheat like the other DSLR's do?
  • I know it sounds crazy, but wouldn't higher bitrate use less compression thus less strain on Processor?
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