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Panasonic DC-S1H Lumix Cinema Camera - S1 with fan and articulated screen
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  • Why to wear white in mid day for a video review

  • so this vs a7siii vs z cam f6 which one for video

  • I feel s1h is still a better camera from the bunch. Better product design, better thought after specs, even without the ultimate sensor.

  • Panasonic has announced that they will be releasing firmware update programs for the LUMIX Digital Single Lens Mirrorless cameras S1R, S1H and S1 to enhance functions and usability by the end of 2020.

    The new firmware enables the S1R to record 5K video, making the most of its high-resolution image sensor. Also, LUMIX’s state-of-the-art AF technology and performance of the new LUMIX S5 will also be available on the S1R, S1H and S1. The upgraded AF notably excels in detection of human and its movement. In addition to the eye, face, body the head is also separately recognized by real-time detection technology to provide even more precise focusing. The camera keeps tracking the subject person even if he/she moves quickly, turns his/her back to the camera, tilts his/her head or moves far away from the camera. On the other hand, improvements to the DFD technology has enhanced AFC, which also enables users to keep tracking small or fast-moving subjects to capture them in crisp focus. Users can take these advantages in both photo shooting and video recording.

    Panasonic further addresses technology development and its achievement shall be applied not only to the new products but also to those already released via firmware update.

  • New firmware

    1. Improved AF performance
      • Tracking and recognition performance of AF have been improved with an addition of head recognition.
      • Recognition performance during video recording in V-Log has been improved.
      • Human/Animal recognition can be set ON or OFF when the AF mode is set to [1-Area] or [1-Area+].
      • [AF+MF] can be used during video recording.
    2. Added video functions
      • It is possible to play back vertical videos vertically.
    3. Other added functions
      • 4K video files can be transferred to a smartphone via Wi-Fi.
      • [Horizontal Image Flip(Monitor)] / [Vertical Image Flip(Monitor)] enables to reverse or not to reverse the monitor image when the free-angle monitor is rotated.
    4. Improved operational stability
      • There were cases low contrast images were not properly saved. This bug has been fixed.

  • LUMIX S1H Firmware Version 2.4 upcoming

    Release on 31st March 2021

    S1H will offer 5.9K Blackmagic RAW video output via Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR, in addition to Apple Pro Res RAW recording via Atomos Ninja V.


    • RAW video data output over HDMI to Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR monitor-recorder
      • [5.9K] / [4K] / [Anamorphic (4:3) 3.5K] 12-bit RAW video data can be output over HDMI to Blackmagic Video Assist 12G HDR, to be recorded as Blackmagic RAW.
    • V-Log or V709 is selectable on Live View monitor during RAW output.
      • Shooting assist functions including WFM (Wave Form Monitor), Vector Scope, Luminance Spot Meter, Zebra Pattern can be used during RAW output.
    • Users can choose to add or not to add the camera orientation information in menu [Vertical Position Info (Video)] to prevent unintended image rotation in playback.
    763 x 91 - 33K
  • I noticed on the first post that Vitaliy Kiselev spoke about Panasonic looking at CinemaDNG files out of this camera. Why didn't they do it like Sigma on their FP camera. I know the file size is huge, but the latitude it gives you for grading is second to none (according to Sigma FP users). It could be routed via the USB C that is already on the S1H like Sigma FP. That would bypass the RED litigation problem and a super extra bow to this camera. I just bought it for £2,799. /noticed the last firmware update was nearly a year old. Vitaliy is the man to talk about this

  • Showing all the recording modes/ratios/crops for the S1H:

  • It says 8K is this the Mark II?

  • In open gate mode, the vertical resolution is 3968p while in 8K videos, the vertical resolution is 4320p. Basically, the vertical resolution is pretty close so I can see why he decided to call it 8K even though the horizontal resolution of the S1H is only 6K. With an anamorphic lens, you stretch it to 8K in post. Still not as good as a sensor doing 8K to begin with.

  • Sure, my GH6 will go 8K with an anamorphic.