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Panasonic DC-S1H Lumix Cinema Camera - S1 with fan and articulated screen
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  • YouTube is now displaying 5K footage when you upload a 5.9K file. My IBIS test above didn't always show the 5K until this past weekend.

  • New firmware update for S1H just dropped. This didn't include ProRes RAW, but did fix noise in some HFR modes. I'll test tomorrow.

  • @estarkey7

    Thanks for notice.

    Firmware v1.1

    • Expanded compatibility with Profoto wireless transmitters
      • Profoto wireless transmitters "Air Remote TTL-O/P" and "Profoto Connect-O/P" can be used.
      • All functions may not be available depending on the situation.
    • Performance improvement
      • There were cases where block noise increases depending on the subject in HFR (High Frame Rate) mode. This bug has been fixed.

  • With battery grip for list price on Adorama:

  • Rental thing they so much talked about

    Rent the S1H for $99/week.

    For now it seems like only way to move S1H bodies at planned pace.

  • I will wait until price drop significantly maybe 6 more months. And buy one

  • Wow, sounds like they're struggling to sell units.

    It's really hard to justify shelling out 4k when Blackmagic offers a great 6k camera for much less. This would be an easy sell at $2500. Hopefully, we'll see some decent discounts after NAB.

  • @Isaac_B

    We can see some big Panasonic reorganization in 2020, to cut people around the word and stiffen service.

    As for S1H price cuts, they'll certainly follow, but Japanese top managers are now living in the dream land, so can be awhile.

  • New firmware v1.2

    In V-Log shooting, the phenomenon that flickering occurs depending on shooting conditions during movie recording, this has been improved.

  • I still think the S series finally nails everything wished for in the DSLR revolution more than 10 years ago, now. Maybe the bright-eyed kits have grown up and the real industry never cared anyways, but we're talking about truly amazing cameras that tick a lot of boxes, but more importantly, create amazing images and can do so from the hand with no rigging. BlackMagic is also doing amazing things, but I don't feel their pockets hold up quite as well for the kind of documentary-ish things I do. Beyond that, you have to go to an FX9 or a C level to get anything close from Canon or Sony, in my opinion. As usual, Panasonic seems to have an amazing camera that is less widely embraced than less amazing offerings from competitors...but the only difference this time is it hasn't been embraced by this forum either. Because of price? Because no raw yet?

  • @kellar42 You're not wrong, but it is more complex than just price IMHO. Panasonic has made some pretty big miss steps beginning with the GH3 (arguably the GH2). Basically the only reason we are seeing the camera's we are seeing today, Today, is because of the work that was done from this forum to improve the GH2. Panasonic more than all others did take note, and the GH3 was a step in the right direction, but price was dramatically higher, as well as size, while lacking 4k. Then came the GH4, much better with 4K but price got really high compared to the GH2 which fit so manies budget and size concerns. Then came the GH5/GH5S and now the prices were extreme for many and cut them out of the loop of their film hobby/dreams. Word spread of an 8K global shutter Micro Four Thirds sensor. Global shutter was a whisper in the dark since the GH2, and many saw that perhaps it would be worth it to save their pennies for a GH6 8K global shutter beauty, and overlook their price and size concerns for perfection, especially since a now fully developed micro four thirds eco system existed, and undoubtedly the global sensor sweetness would trickle down to all micro four thirds cameras and soon we could all carry around little pocket beasts, give them to our wives, family and friends, and have awesome photo's and video be the norm for the planet. But then Panasonic Jumped ship, introduced some interesting but very expensive full frame camera's with very expensive lenses to boot in an attempt to compete with and declare themselves king of full frame. Then shortly after they said something big is coming, and speculation of a g6 rose, but it was the same full framed camera for even more money. Yep, it does great video, but it is very heavy, very expensive, and not intended for 99% of those that were waiting for something wonderful, compact, and much much less expensive. The short version, there is nothing wrong with a heavy expensive beast, and most of us would be happy to play with one, but we want what we always wanted, a camera to carry around with the family, that happens to also do some professional grade video. GH2 was $700 with a lens and so close to perfection for it's time. Economy is worse now, no matter the statistics say. We might all love talking shop, but most have modest budgets at best. To buy this camera and take full advantage the price would soon be 10K with lenses, monitor, rig etc.. and even as a carry around camera with nothing but a lens, it will take it's toll on most lugging it around all day. Youtubes serious downturn in quality of honest reviews is also another aspect...