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Panasonic DC-S1H Lumix Cinema Camera - S1 with fan and articulated screen
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  • Ass licking by bloggers and sites that are in the inner circle set new records

    I just watch this and I see industry deterioration. Where people just tell that marketing team expect them to tell. And panasonic (not Panasonic!) returning to worse time they had in 7-10 years ago where they used lot of fake accounts prizing the products. Now you don't need this, you have hungry bloggers.

  • Something is really weird in the IR video between 02:10 and 02:21. I give you a clue: blonde hair and blue spots... Another subject 07:02 What's the hype about Netflix and camera approuved list ? We saw this more and more but if you read camera requirements some lines later , we can see that even cameras like GH5/s or XT3 fit the requirements in theory.

  • @Faudel

    Most funny thing is how extreme is Netflix compression :-)

    And this guys due to big money shortage try to increase it as far as possible.

    best thing is not to require some weird things from cameras, but to triple the bitrate on delivery.

  • concept is good, but after needing to buy a Ninja V to support importing RAW(whenever that comes out, price comes up to about similar to a Canon C200, lol.

  • @hardimpact

    Such raw approach is again due to Red, as they made special agreement with Ninja maker.

    My understanding is that such way they hope to avoid inevitable end of their patents. As it limits number of users and hence management do not see the damage directly.

  • @hardimpact

    If you only shoot nothing but raw the c200 might be the better option - but the S1H gives you a lot more not speaking about the photo options

  • Not even a single mention of the terrible grip. I hold the S1's about once a week, hoping my hands grew to like them, and always shake my head in disbelief. dimensions of grip are almost good, but it's like they gave up before smoothing it out to actually be comfortable, and added chunky rocks under your pinky just for good measure. Considering the weight which many cannot accept, it seems making it as comfortable as possible should have been goal 1. They only need to look Olympus's $3000 offering to get it right...

  • About blue color clipping with VLog

    Maybe this happen even with the S1H?

  • Panasonic S1H interview

    Dave is good interviewer, but started licking ass of companies without any limits lately.

    Dave Etchells: We were curious in terms of just the timing and strategy, why did you wait until now to introduce the S1H? Was there a technology that you needed to wait for, maybe it was the improved autofocus? Or was it more just a matter of releasing the two products and then at this time later, the market responds?

    Yosuke Yamane: It's been eight years since I decided to develop full-frame cameras. And officially, we decided to develop the full-frame camera two years ago. At that time, we intended to develop both cameras, still picture-oriented and video-oriented cameras. But the most important thing for developing the camera is [to decide] which mount should we introduce? That's the point. And in order to decide the mount, we have to firstly develop the still-oriented camera.

    Eight years is complete myth, as during S1 introduction Panasonic did not have ANYTHING working and whole development had been in such hurry that engineers never saw such.

  • As it stands there is no way to adapt vintage glass to the L-mount, is there? @Vitaliy, do you predict the price tag on the S1H will drop highly as well?

  • "As it stands there is no way to adapt vintage glass to the L-mount, is there?"

    I consider my mint condition 1980's Nikon AI-S lenses to be vintage and there are Nikon F ---> L mount adapters.

    What glass do you want to adapt ?

  • @Pedro

    there's this new thing it's called google. Try it and you will find all flavours of adapters. Nikon, FD, C/Y you name it

  • Sorry guys, vintage glass was not accurate at all. I could not find adapters for my m42 lenses. @peaceonearth @Guy_McLoughlin

  • @Pedro The Pana/Sigma/Leica L-mount is the Leica SL mount or CL mount or TL mount, it's the same mount. Try M42 Leica SL ;-)

  • Panasonic is proud to announce the development of firmware for the LUMIX S1H full-frame mirrorless camera which enables the output of 5.9K/29.97p RAW and C4K/59.94p video data to the Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder. The firmware is scheduled to be launched in early 2020

    The LUMIX S1H is the world’s first camera to combine professional-level video quality, the high mobility of a mirrorless camera and a Full-Frame sensor. It is currently capable of video recording at 6K/24p1 (3:2 aspect ratio), 5.9K/29.97p (16:9 aspect ratio), and 59.94p 4K/C4K.2 *3 The LUMIX S1H will be introduced in late September 2019.

    Panasonic has a long history of collaboration with Atomos. This relationship will deliver new RAW video functionality for the S1H. 5.9K up to 29.97p and C4K*3 up to 59.94p in RAW delivered over HDMI is in development. With this firmware Apple ProRes RAW can be recorded on the Atomos Ninja V.

    A LUMIX S1H prototype with this firmware will be exhibited along with the Atomos Ninja V in the Panasonic booth (Booth No. C45, Hall 11) at the IBC2019 (International Broadcasting Convention) to be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from September 13-17, 2019.

  • They just announced 5.9K 30p ProRes has to the Atomos Ninja V recorder. Now that has to count for something!

  • For the french members, in France, the Atomos Ninja V recorder is offered when you buy the S1H until october 15...