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Panasonic DC-S1H Lumix Cinema Camera - S1 with fan and articulated screen
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    Consequence of killing their own LSI manufacturing and many developers:


    800 x 425 - 41K
    800 x 819 - 65K
    800 x 607 - 85K
    800 x 594 - 61K
    800 x 608 - 73K
    800 x 578 - 51K
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  • probably made more handycam crap . When will they get it that filmmakers had it right the first time....viewfinder on the side where you can watch the action with the left eye and the camera with the right, regardless what specs it has.

  • @kurth

    Situation with viewfinders change rapidly with new 1080p OLED panels and sub 1k viewfinders that use them.

    We will see even cheaper $500 ones if Trump won't ruin the stuff.

  • Oh, someone please tell me there is a possibility that it's not a new camera but just specs of the paid firmware update for the S1 (that I bought just a month ago)

  • uh oh...BMPCC 4K killer with CAF, 5 axis IBIS? :)

  • @Vitaliy ....waiting for a digital a minima...might never happen. There's a distinct difference in shooting film, when the camera doesn't block the pov. Add on viewfinders are bulky. I'd like an integrated sidefinder the good ole dayz !

  • @kurth

    I am waiting you "." key to break or in case of smartphone - this area of touchscreen to die. :-)

  • Price rumored to be at $3699-$4299 range for body only. And with possible $999 6K raw license.

    But reliability of this info is not big.

  • Panasonic USA Lumix Presents

    DATE: Friday May 31, 2019 TIME: 12:30pm - 1:30pm

    LOCATION: Paramount Theater

    Panasonic Product Announcement

    Panasonic Lumix has some exciting new secrets they are ready to unveil at Cine Gear!

    Join Panasonic and Director of Cinematography, Alicia Robbins for a sneak peek at something exciting and new from Lumix.

    Alicia will cover her initial thoughts on the new products and provide a screening that showcases what is possible with this top secret item.

  • Well if it is lumix then it is not a varicam

  • @pureaxis

    Of course, and it is consumer division that is in charge of it.

  • More rumours:

    I now got an updated info about Panasonic’s May 31 announcement. A highly reliable source told me this:

    It’s L-mount New Full Frame sensors And so much more… Cinematography dream gear. A second source told me: It’s built like a tank.
  • @jleo

    I can rephrase - no info available except announcement and that it is FF:-) Panasonic highly guarded camera info this time.

  • image

    448 x 522 - 45K
  • Slightly bigger than the S1-S1R for better heat dissipation

    Still no info :-) So some slow obvious data.

  • Sounds like exactly the opposite of what I was hoping for (mini bulletproof S1, organic sensor, 8K monster). Hopefully this is a prelude to that. I imagine the 8K organic sensor is on this thing though. My other hope if it is a bigger body, is that they did something modular with a light weight core unit.

  • Seems like the consumer division of Panasonic can push its boundaries compared to their professional division which seems to be pretty conservative since it has a line up to protect up wards.

  • @retrospective

    I won't be very optimistic on your place. :-)

  • I’m curious than optimistic, their GH line has features like anamorphic mode that’s not available on the EVA1.

  • @retrospective, same here. From my view, Panasonic left their core hobby/prosumer users behind with overpricing several years ago. G series is now 1K, when GH series was $700 just a short time ago. Maybe I am wrong, but I think we are going to see allot of people holding off on many companies next offerings as there are plenty of nice last generation camera's to get us through until prices get a bit more in line with true core consumers. I am not saying the S1 and S1R are not priced appropriately for what they are, but the market for them is very small. . GH and G line camera's have a much larger market, but pricing should come down at least 20% to stay competitive with lesser camera's that most will settle for since the core functions and image quality is close enough. Hopefully "Price rumored to be at $3699-$4299 range for body only. And with possible $999 6K raw license" is not the case for whatever it is coming out, I think it would have to be 8K with the organic sensor to have a chance at that price range. Still very curious of specs and features regardless of weather I can afford it.

  • image

    686 x 538 - 64K
  • No 8K

    Again no data :-)

  • 6K video (no 8K), full built-in log setting

    Still quite obvious things without any leaks.

  • Will this be it or is this just a big joke with „6 fucking K“ and "PRAW" :-) ?

    1224 x 677 - 203K
  • Need to wait pair of days.

    Most probably it is again $4000 niche thing.