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Official Panasonic G5 topic
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  • Willing to donate for a G5 hack :)

  • @yskunto Thanks for your answer! It is nice to know that at least it would be possible if the hack where here.

  • Was just wondering what radioman meant by locking the exposure by pressing ai and turning the wheel? No matter what I try exposure always changes automatically in video mode. Any insight would be hugely appreciated thanks

  • @Molehill, have you tried first setting the Flicker Decrease setting on page 3 of the Motion Picture settings Menu? Once you do this you will lock the Shutter. After that from my experience the camera will automatically adjust the gain in order to try and get the right exposure, but it's a rather smooth speed so that it's not very jarring as it changes.

    If you use manual lenses it's even better since you can then control Aperture and then the camera does an auto Iso thing for you. In most situations that works fine for me.

  • Hi thanks Aria its probably due to the kit lens I'm using, cant wait to purchase a manual lens. The only reason I was asking about the iA button is because whenever iA is engaged the shutter control via flicker decrease becomes unusable so radioman's comment intrigued me somewhat as I figured that when motion blur is less important I could have more control over exposure....Thanks for the tip on the manual lens :)

  • Also really appreciative of any other tips or advice that anyone may have in regards to filming with the lumix g5 as this seriously was here in Finland the only interchangeable lens camera I could Afford so an upgrade is completely out of the question.....looking to do some videos for my music at first but hopefully can afford the switch to a gh2 before trying my hand at some short films, (in the hope a stable hack is still available) in the near future :)

  • @Molehill, you should also try to set the Metering to the entire image as opposed to Spot or Center. I find that the camera adjusts to changes in brightness much smoother.

  • @Aria, Thanks will give it a try :-)

  • I've been reviewing this thread to figure out what are the possibilities for video, not too bad if you use a manual lens and anti-flicker to lock shutter speed. And I guess it is possible to lock exposure too with the iA+ trick. I also felt compelled to comment on an old post by @AltairZ

    "I'm video recording in AVCHD ([PSH] 60p) - is the highest quality available. Yesterday I recorded a video in a room, the room was installed fluorescent lamps so in 60p mode, it could be seen flashing video, then I turned on the [Flkr Decrease] - 50 and then blinking stops. But why no honest 50p???"

    If I am reading right, he is trying to shoot 60 FPS but with a SLOWER shutter speed than frame rate which is impossible for the camera to do. So instead it is doubling frames to 'catch up'. Anyway, just wanted to comment on this, at first I thought there was a camera bug.

  • Is it possible to use external mic with G5 anyhow?

  • @flyaway

    It does not have external mic input, so fix and adjust internal one levels if possible and use external recorder and sync in post.

  • Looks like its impossible to start recording video immediately after switching camera on. Its saying 'Please wait ...' for a few seconds. Very annoying. Can it be fixed somehow? Is it the same in G6/G7?

  • I have G6 and GH1. It is instan on both. What SD Card you use? It might be because slower SD Card?

  • @flyaway, why is it so important that the camera be ready to record as soon as you turn it on? I think it's just a slower camera. It didn't seem to take longer than a couple of seconds on mine. SanDisk Ultra Plus 40MB/s SDHC U1 Class 10.

    I've gotten used to the need to double hit the record button on my G5's. It's a bad design but it's not the end of the world.