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Official Panasonic G5 topic
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  • Bloody hell, only 50% of the cameras allotted for the deal were claimed! That was less than the camera costs in pounds (I am from the UK). You're all mad.

  • If the G5 will work with the video full manual controll the gain would be greater than the high bit rate. The G5 would be the best micro4/3! If only...

  • I hope there will be a patch soon or the G5, electronic shutter needs to be addressed, under certain circumstances it is useless. I have a USA version of the camera, but using it in Europe, and under some lighting conditions I have horizontal black bars on the pictures, because of the 60hz-50hz differences, and tis way it's useless.

  • @huzsolt,

    I have similar issues: darkish bars on photos that were made with the electronic shutter in artificial lighting. No black bars though, just a little darker. Do you really think it has to do with the different versions of the camera? I have a European model and haven't been able to try the camera outside of Europe. If your pictures have indeed really black bars than it seems the USA model is indeed different and its electronic shutter not suitable for use with 50hz bulbs.

  • I don't think that's something that could be fixed with a patch. A CMOS sensor does not update the whole image at once, but line by line. This is also the cause of the 'rolling shutter' effect in video capture. This is just a limitation of the hardware really. It is a nice option to have the electronic shutter for stealth shooting, but this is with the caveat that the shutter curtain is not perfect, so it can't be used in all situations unfortunately.

  • Hi all! As to electronic shutter - try to use shutter priority mode and 1/100, 1/50, 1/25 or slower shutter speed in Europe and 1/120, 1/60, 1/30 in the US.

  • @ stacid

    Great idea! Why didn't I think of that? I ran a quick test and it appears that, here in the Netherlands, the bars are gone when shooting at 1/50 and 1/100, whereas these bars are definitely there at 1/60 and 1/125. (unfortunately the camera has no 1/120 shutter speed)

  • Are there any plans to buy a G5 trying to hack it in the near future? I would be happy to donate...

    In my opinion the G5 is a very attractive camera for a hack - stock video quality and AF performance is better than on a GH2 and it costs less than 50% of a GH3!

  • ready to donate also.

  • @izzy

    Nope, we need to work with ones we have already.

  • You mean not any chance ever, or not in the near future? G5 is more capable camera than G3, and because of it's ergonomics, can be more powerfull if hacked... just asking.

  • @huzsolt

    May be in the future, but right now answer is negative. I just have no time for another camera.

  • I see. Just update this thread when donations needed :) BTW. is there any chance for G3 manual video control in the future, or the first hack covers all the modifications planned for it?

  • is there any chance for G3 manual video control in the future, or the first hack covers all the modifications planned for it?

    I am working on it. Again, requires time.

  • I'm really enjoying my recently bought G5. Ergonomics is much better compared to G3 imho. Sadly there's no external mic option. I'd be happy to test any G5 patches should they be released in the future

  • Has been awhile since I tuned into this thread. The G5 has interested me more than the GH3 from the get go. Maybe you guys that have these cameras should start some video comparisons and hype up this camera a bit to get some more users on board with this little beast. I would love to see this camera Hacked, and may very well get one as a B camera before that. Maybe I am crazy, but I feel like if the GH3 and G5 were hacked tomorrow the G5 would create more of a following than the gh3, perhaps if nothing else for the sheer economics.

  • +1

    ... not to mention the greatly reduced size and weight of the G5. Until Panasonic addresses some of the hardware problems of the GH3 (especially the disappointing EVF, not to mention the moiré and aliasing that keeps cropping up in videos posted on the web), I feel it would be a more pressing priority for our community to develop a hack for the G5 permitting manual video control.

  • Agree totally. The G5 should have top priority for a hack.

  • Maybe we should run around with little stickers that say GH3 Lite, and re-lable all G5's. I think then the masses would come begging for this hack =)

    But seriously, yes, it seems to have better potential in some key areas! It also looks cooler than the GH3!! (especially in white IMHO). I wish I had the skills to do the hack, cause I hear a little voice crying out, hack me!!!!

  • The other big thing the G5 has is the ability to shoot 1080 60P. No other micro 4/3 camera can do that except the GH3 (and it has all the issues with aliasing and color moire). The G5 doesn't have those problems.

  • And unlike the GH3 the G5 has a multi-aspect sensor waiting to be unlocked!

  • And can share batteries with the GH2 !!!!

  • But G5 hasn't a mic input, or not?

  • I suppose Vitaly can't do anything until Panasonic release a new ver of firmware for G5, is it so? So we need to find bugs in current firmware and report about them to official panny support to speed up the process.