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Official Panasonic G5 topic
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  • I've been trying to figure out from posted videos what the actual detail/sharpness level of the G5 is in comparison to GH1/2 but I haven't seen anything definitive. Can anyone who has shot with both cameras attest to the actual detail/sharpness level of the G5 footage?

  • Just adding my support for a hacked G5 software, happy to donate etc.

  • +1 for a firmware hack; new G5 owner, happy to donate.

  • Would love to see the hacked G5 as well. Happy to contribute.

  • I am also waiting for the hack and willing to donate ...

  • Guys, as I said, no firmware exist, plus I really have no time.

  • Regarding manual video on the G, GF and GX series: I am wondering if there is an alternative that is more easily accomplished and provides a similar level of control? For example, is it within the realm of possibility to have the AE lock hold mode respected while filming? I.e. if I start a video while AE lock hold is set, would it be possible to have the video mode not engage AE? Even better if iA+ mode can be made to respect it too. And while I am positing hair-brained ideas, is it possible to have the flicker reduction mode respected while filming in scene modes or iA+ mode? This would allow the retention of the 180 degree shutter and coupled with the AE lock hold would provide enough control to make these cameras quite useful. Or am I hallucinating?

  • pretty silly firmware update is available

    1.Correction of wording on [Motion Picture] menu

    Correct the wording "60p/60i/30p" of AVCHD frame rate on [Rec Quality] menu to "50p/50i/25p". This update is for PAL broadcast regions only, and you don't need this update if wording is already "50p/50i/25p

  • Haaaa. OMG. Vitaliy, Are you interesting this ?

  • Vitaliy, Are you interesting this ?

    I do not have G5 and have no plans yet. May be in future.

  • I like to think that when Panasonic gives out such small trivial updates as like this for the first firmware update release it is because they're trying to lend a hand to Vitaliy by getting out a firmware update early for him ;-)

  • I do not have G5

    Vitaliy, if the G5-community is ready for "crowd-funding", would you be able to find time to extend the PTool? Thanks!

  • image

    The Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 surprised me a bit. This is the first m4/3 from Panasonic that I've actually enjoyed using and would endorse to other users. Be it known that I haven't used them all, but I've tried plenty of them. It doesn't come without some quirky design decisions but overall is a very mature product that offers a shooter on a budget a massive array of tools to make images and videos alike. It does so with fast performance, and very good image quality overall. My time with the G5 has overall been pleasant.


    This is a camera that you could explore for quite some time and still find new ways to tweak modes or customize a good couple years after first purchase. It's that loaded.


    800 x 582 - 98K
    800 x 587 - 84K
    800 x 553 - 72K
  • @ihunter

    Vitaliy, if the G5-community is ready for "crowd-funding", would you be able to find time to extend the PTool? Thanks!

    Let's move forward with GH3 and existing bodies first.

  • Dear G5 users I have a severe problem with image storage on my G5. We wanted to use several G5 to take time-lapse series of animal colonies. Time lapse should be taken with 1 picture / minute. To save energy, we turn the camera OFF after every single picture, and back ON before the next picture, by cutting off power supply. So far everything works. After the first folder is filled up with 999 images, the camera makes a new folder, but this time only stores one image in that folder, and then makes again a new folder. This goes on and on until there are 999 folders with only one image, limiting the total amout of images that can be taken to 1998. This is rather disappointing. I suppose that is a problem that the "current folder" setting is only stored if the camera is turned off properly, and not by cutting power.

  • which one would be better for an entry camera for a beginner in photography, the g5 or the canon t3i? thanks so much!

  • I can wholeheartedly recommend the G5! Great budget camera, with good ergonomics and great image quality. I also have a GH3 but actually prefer the lighter and more compact G5 for taking pictures, even though the GH3 offers a slight advantage in image quality...

  • Hopefully if G3 is eventually hacked then a future G5 hack could be easier. I just picked up a used G5 for around $200. Depending on what features could be added, a hacked G5 could approach the GH2 for less than half the cost.

  • G5 with kit lens on Amazon for $299...

  • @trevmar

    All such posts go to Deals topics only. We have such deal info present for quite a time :-)

  • A test video shot with Panasonic G5 and Samyang 7.5mm Fisheye f3.5

  • Very beautiful skin-tone! Seriously, JPEG out from the camera really great, better than GH2.

    P1010026 small.JPG
    1366 x 2048 - 167K
  • Hello Vitaliy. I want to hack the firmware G5, interested in adjusting the exposure when shooting movies, share your experience or where to start? Thank you.

  • From a technical standpoint how different would the hacking process for G5 be different than the others already done? GH2, GF1 etc. Is there any R&D notes that could be leveraged and shared for others to attempt? Seems the potential of price/performance for G5 would be appealing to many.

  • Hello to all I use g5 for aerial Video and Photos I really need live preview from AV or HdMi. I want to know if G5 hacked can support the live preview or i must change the camera. This is test flight