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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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  • @monks19 get the Personal View G7 or get the GX85.

  • I think that Personal View is currently "out of stock" in regards to the G7. So, it would be nice to know the hack.

  • Just get the GX85, it's a great cam.

  • @DrDave

    Thanks for the tip on the GX85, but as you pointed out, the GX85 lacks some of the pro video features inherent in the G7.

    There is no 0-255 range for video (or it is not adjustable), no CineD, and the viewfinder and general ergonomics are not as good as the G7.

  • @tupp Takes pretty good photos, though....I guess if I had to buy another cam right now, I would probably wait for another G7, but not specifically for the video, I just prefer the grip, the extra dial, etc. I couldn't see a difference in the video but sometimes it depends on the scene.
    I'm doing an aliasing test next. I'm curious whether there is a difference--I'm definitely seeing some nasty stairstepping artifacts in the GX85 under certain conditions.

  • Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 16MP 4K UHD Camera with 14-140mm + 25mm F1.7 lens + $150 Gift Card, $998

  • It's a good deal, but no unlimited recording.....

  • I'm doing an aliasing test next. I'm curious whether there is a difference--I'm definitely seeing some nasty stairstepping artifacts in the GX85 under certain conditions.

    Please post the results of that test!

    When will the G7 be in stock again at PV?

  • Guys, just to stop this nonsense.

    Please with all your "smart" service mode ideas use PM.

    Why ideas are not smart? Because consequences are present. Such thing won't work soon if you will continue.

    You can ask Samsung guys for just last months example, where almost same thing had been disabled even by company who does not care anymore even (and I know personally another 3 examples only in cameras, and much much more outside). Thanks for smart people in Samsung case hacks work anyway. But always think first.

  • V2.2 firmware

    New functions are added in Fn button. The option "Wireless Setup(Flash)" has been added to [Setting in REC mod] on the [Fn Button Set] of [Custom] menu.
    The option "Wi-Fi" and "LVF/Monitor Switch" have been added to [Setting in PLAY mode] on the [Fn Button Set] of [Custom] menu.

  • I wonder if this round of firmware updates (G7, GX8, TZ110) is to address the exploit allowing users to switch PAL/NTSC frequencies and remove 30 min 4k recording limits.

  • @fahrenheit there was an exploit?? Where?

    edit: nvm, I googled & saw the YT vid how

  • Hi guys, thanks for sharing my film :-) It was shot with the G7 and 12-35mm f2.8 & 42.5mm f1.7 lenses. Graded with Magic Bullet Looks in Premiere Pro CC. I would say that there are mainly IBIS and 4K 60i/s missing on that body (that we should see in the GH5).

  • @Bichon welcome to the forums Bichon! :)

  • Thanks IronFilm !

  • Anyway to use the 4K photo feature for focus stacking?

  • Not sure if this applies? I have not used this software (requires a smartphone or tablet).

  • @jjj_ri_usa Interesting app. Works on my GM1, too.

  • @DrDave Have a look at Achim Kluck's work on Flickr. He uses the 4K Post Focus feature for a lot of his macros with impressive results. I notice he's also used the gsimplerelease app previously when shooting full res RAW files.

  • Quick Leeming Lut review for the G7: One of the main differences between the GX85 and the G7 is the fact that the G7 has CineD. I'm reasonably sure the GX85 could be "persuaded" to include CineD but so far no dice. When I got the G7 I messed around with CineD a bit and then left it as I didn't see a big difference. After reading LPowell's comments on the Leeming Lut for the JVC 4K cam, I decided to plunk down my 15 euros and give it a spin.
    Why log? And what is CineD? Well, log theoretically gives you some better grading options. The various logs are tweaked for different uses--the "D" in CineD is for dynamic--more dynamic range. But, in this case, it just gives you a better picture, depending on what you think is "better", of course. To me, it looks better.
    Why not Vlog? Well, some ppl don't like Vlog as it sometimes produces some weird banding. Different log curves obviously are going to work better for different types of scenes.
    To make a long story short, if you expose the G7 properly (histogram "to the right") and do not clip (Zebras at 105) you will squeeze more detail and more dynamic range out of this cam with CineD, plain and simple. Drop the custom lut cube from Leeming in the Lumetri panel (or your flavor of NLE), tweak the shadows, contrast, sats, sharpness and grey point, and you're done.
    I had to spin the hue wheel to get the skin tone line centered to what it is in "Normal" on the G7. After that, well, not too bad :)
    The fact is, it is all so easy in Lumetri, owing to the scopes, and the side by side comparison produced a noticeable improvement IF you expose properly. With the Histogram, blinkies & Zebras, exposure is really fairly simple.
    I wasn't expecting a big difference in dynamic range, but, actually, it is a real difference. The shocker is the overall detail. OK, maybe there's a teeny bit extra noise, but it's manageable and you can always Neat Video the noise if you choose. Gone is the smearing.
    Leeming's philosophy is to leave Saturation at zero. Although this may seem counter-intuitive, the slight overexposure makes the colors plenty flat. You can always experiment to taste, but it looks pretty close to ideal. Another plus is that if you have say a Sony cam, you can start out with a matching base between cams when you start grading if you get the lut for the other cam.
    Recommended, and not expensive.

  • Thanks @DrDave. This is great info. Very tempted to try my older Lomo lenses on this G7.

  • I have been using my G7 as the b-cam, unattended on a tripod, wide shot 4K center camera. This PV special G7 has no recording limit so with a 64GB card I can get close to 90 minute uninterrupted footage. I take the GH2 as the main roaming camera. Here is one of those concerts from this summer: