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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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  • I got an unlimited NTSC G7 from PV deals. Very good purchase, fast delivery and responsive seller. It came with two original panasonic batteries.
    Coming from a G6 and a GM5, i'm very happy with the cam so far. It kind of enhances both previous cameras strengths: The good ergonomics of G6, grip, articulated screen and customization (but more possibilities and overall better build quality) and the good sensor of the GM5, color and noise (but better engine). The natural setting seems quite accurate color wise (just an impression, i didn't test it very seriously...).
    With a nice EVF, good 4K codec (not mentioning the unlimited recording of this particular model :-), i would say it's kind of a perfect budget camera. If i had to criticize something, i don't understand why Panasonic doesn't let the user record focus positions and control speed of motor (since it's all electronic) to pull focus accurately and smoothly in controlled shooting situations. They added this "snap movie" feature (limited to 8s!!) just to let us know that it was perfectly possible! To be able to have marks on the touch screen (like on a follow focus) would be very nice, and would address the main flaw of contrast detection focus in video (ugly hunting...)

  • Hey G7 owners.

    I don't know if you are into LUT's but there is a guy asking g7 owners for help by testing some setups to create a LUT to match GH4 and DVX200 cameras. With the most natural skin tone possible.

    If you want to help, just contact him on:

  • I've noticed that the version 9.7 SE of the Photofunstudio software which comes with comes with the G7 is much quicker and more effective at trimming clips (edit video/delete partially) for both 4K and HD. This helps a lot with storage.

  • Hi everybody,

    One reason I did not immediately jump to get the G7 was because the 4K video is limited to 29 minutes. This is similar to my LX100 (limited to 15 min). Earlier this month, I was shooting multicam and borrowed a GH4 for the 4K wide-angle cam and it was simply wonderful. I really want a long shooting 4K B-cam. The one from the PV Deal deal (G7 NTSC) fits the bill. I ordered one from Vitaliy and several days later it arrived via DHL. It works as advertised: unlimited record duration for the 4K video.

    Just to test this, I set the G7 in front of the TV and recorded away into a 64GB Sandisk card. Figure 1 shows that it created 15 files each 4GB in size (the last one being a bit smaller). When I dropped them into the NLE timeline (Figure 2), the total recorded time is 1:29:59:23. Almost 90 minutes of 4K video. I have had it for 1 week now and so far like it it very much.

    Vitaliy, do you have the same trick for my LX100? Thanks!

    766 x 377 - 153K
    1920 x 1036 - 531K
  • For those with a unlimited recording 4K G7 from here, is it ok to update the firmware to 2.1 without removing the unlimited recording? I'm on 2.0 that shipped with mine.


  • I did. No problem at all.

  • Lately I have been using the G7 from PV Deals more and more for HD as well as 4K projects. This one was recorded in 4K but output as 720p24. No issues at all.

    On this project, each talking segments was way shorter than 30 minutes, but on others, I have been able to record 4K video for up to 90 minutes on a 64GB card. Very nice indeed.

  • I've just got my G7 from eBay for just $511. It's Japanese international version so it has 30min limit on 4k but no limit on AVCHD. It's not problem as I'm using it as b-cam for details, so each take is just few minutes long. If there was hack it'll be superior cam as bitrates could be a bit higher. I think 150Mbit for 4k should be enough but 100Mbit is sufficient if downconverting to HD.

  • Anyone have any issues with 30fps on the G7? Thinking of switching to 30fps for filming in Europe.

  • @santo_w awesome production value! lol. Nice stuff: good narration, Image and sound.

  • @DrDave I'm a fan of 30fps, so I almost always use 4K30fps. Never had a problem. It works the same as 24fps.

  • Hi,I have a europe g70 and I think it's great for photos and videos. I have a few problems with it. Is less stable in 4k than full hd? I also noticed that audio is mising 0.10 sec aprox..when it creates another file when recording in 4k ( When i put the files together continues exactly but audio is missing that external audio needed when recording in 4k. Each file is 3,96gb every 6 min have to remember, if we can, just stop and start again if possible ( for ex when recording some live music ). Japanese version has 30 min limit in avchd if we suitch to pal? thanks

  • Thanks @bnt. I get flicker when using anything but 1/50 shutter with fluorescents in Germany but the quality seems good. Will check for audio dropouts.

  • @bnt What method are you using to combine the files? I'm not getting any audio dropouts, and I use either Avisynth or ffmpeg to combine. Try one of those.

  • just put them together in a video editing software and you will see ( like premiere). Did not try with external mic conected to the input..I'm about to buy an external recorder. Anyone can recomend sony px333? I want tu buy zoom h4n but the sony is the fastest and affordable one.

  • I got a Zoom h2n. Wonderful M/S recording, and great sound quality.

  • Shot with the Panasonic G7 and the SLR MAGIC 12mm T 1.6 and Canon FD 50mm 1.8

  • Do you think that Panasonic will put to sale V LOG L for panasonic g7? It would be great By the way, I'm looking for a wide angle lens for my G7 (not very expensive). Any recommendations?

  • Depends on how wide it should be.. I use Samyang/Robinson 12mm/f2 and it's great. It's not fisheye but it's about 95 degrees wide. Great for video and stills too. And best of all its very affordable.

  • however I think the Lumix GH4 always the best and that's why I just bought one too, who knows when it will be released the Lumix GH5.

  • Anyone find that the picture is slightly better at 30p vs 24p in 4K?

  • Hi. Does anyone knows that if a hack have been found for the G7 to bypass the 30 men. recording limit ?