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Panasonic G7 topic, 4K castrate monster or GH4 for poor
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  • @mrbill

    After all the discussion about the HDMI out on the G7, what are your thoughts on the matter (issues, tips, etc.) when working with the Ninja Blade?

    Thx in advance!

  • @roly - my circumstances are dictated by the edit software we use at work. We have 12 avid suites, and the software is spectacularly bad at downscaling 4k. As all we deliver is HD for UK broadcasters and corporate clients, I'm going to use a ninja star with my G7 set to 1080p, as the downconvert from the camera when it's set to internal 4k UHD doesn't appear to offer significant advantages. I might change my mind on that one, and record UHD internally as a back up, we'll see. I'll continue to record my GH4 to my ninja blade with the camera set to 4k UHD and 10 bit downconvert to 1080p over hdmi. The two cameras cut together really well. Hope that helps!

  • How is the 1080p60 quality at 28mbps? That is the max data rate for 1080p, right?

  • @mrbill

    Thanks! (somewhat tardy, but well-meant)

    At least I now have confirmation that it does actually, you know, WORK with an external recorder, after all those statements that the HDMI out goes black/blank as soon as you press the "Record" button

  • Well - The internal recording IS NOT possible as soon as you want to record externally.
    I have the same setup here - And the screen is going blank as soon as you start the internal recording.
    At least it´s the case with my PAL model (latest production from 2016 / latest firmware).

    Maybe "mrbill" meant his GH4 (with simultanious internal 4K + external 1080P recording) ...

  • It is true the video outs go blank as soon as you hit record on camera which ruins it use with external monitors as well. I guess they did not want it to be to close to the GH4 but such a shame as GH2 was not crippled this way.

  • Yes. It says "Now recording video". They for sure just made it to protect the GH4 sales ...
    But it´s still a good camera with a nice pricture and great handling.

    1885 x 1315 - 793K
  • My bad - thought you had questions about whether you could use the hdmi out period. No simultaneous output over hdmi if you record 4k internally. Sorry about the confusion - my earlier post made without trying that out.

  • Thanks guys. So, just to clarify, you CAN record on an external recorder.

    BUT, you see no image on it if you ALSO want to record internally (but it DOES record).

    If you ONLY want to record to the external recorder, do you see an image on it? Scopes? Waveforms too?

    It's all a bit confusing, frankly…

  • The G7 low light performance is not perfect but it is not bad. I did some tests using Cameralabs footage to denoise ISO 6400 and it works good.

  • @roly Yes, you can record to an external recorder as long as you don't record internally at the same time. Any image output, scopes, waveform, etc world depend on the features of the recorder, as the camera is outputting a clean signal.

  • after the sony a6300, now it is time for panasonic release vlog for g7 and gx8 and increase competition.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Is there any guide to hack this camera?

  • @apefos, this is the beauty of having competition. It puts pressure on these companies to keep up and leap ahead. I LOVE my G7 and was also curious about the A6300. Sony may force Pany to really step up the G7. The only issue is software since the G7 is using the same processing as the GH4. We shall see!

  • yikes that vimeo video shared by MikeLinn shows how the G7 suffers with its reduced dynamic range at high ISO :-(

  • Really considering upgrading from my GH3 to the G7. Would love to move up to the GH4 but kind of want to wait to see what a GH5 has in the future. I figure the G7 will be a good b cam to the Gh4/GH5 I get in the future. Once I get a G7 I will sell my GH3 to help pay for a big chunk of it.

    In terms of the HDMI output how is the down converted quality vs down converting 4k in post? I am planning on using a Blackmagic Video Assist to record externally and not record in camera internally and want to make sure the quality of the down conversion is very good, it actually is 4:2:2 and if a 23.976 video actually outputs as 23.976 through the HDMI to the recorder.

  • The G7 doesn't do 10bit output, and the BMD VA doesn't record 4K. I don't see the point in using the BMD VA with the G7 as a recorder?

  • Has anyone made 4K output (as opposed to 1080p) work with the G7 while in photo mode? I tried connecting it through HDMI to a 4K monitor today, and all I could get was 1080p output. However, I could get 4K output in playback mode if I changed the "TV Connection->HDMI Mode (Play)" setting to 4K. I didn't see any corresponding "HDMI Mode (Rec)" or anything.

  • @smetvid - don't know if the camera's 4k downconvert is 4:2:2 over hdmi, but I am getting very detailed footage recording it to an atomos ninja star in pro res LT. I think it will be a good B cam for some time to come.

  • @mrbill - Thank you. Good to know. Still trying to decide if the G7 is a good affordable option for now or if I should just get a GH4 instead. I like how much better the G7 seems in low light but the GH4 is a much more versatile camera. They never do make this decision an easy one.

  • The G7 also has a wider crop in 4K, so there's that. For monitoring during recording, WiFi to a tablet works fine, so HDMI out isn't really necessary unless you're far away from the camera.

  • FYI I tried recording at the 25p bitrate today, simultaneously recording to my ninja star - you still get the black screen 'now recording message' output to the ninja. So no simultaneous hdmi output to an external recorder in any mode if you wish to record internally.

  • Why do people want to record internally and externally at the same time? Wouldn't it be better to use the higher quality external recording anyway? And with external recording, there is no 30 minute limit ever. Is it just for backup?